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  1. chs4000

    Is the Anchorage worth getting?

    I suspect she's at least decent and probably quite strong in capable hands.
  2. Thanks for making this available, Synpax & friends.
  3. chs4000

    Did rank destroy peoples' brains?

    There's.... a regular sprint?
  4. chs4000

    Mouse's Super Quick Review of Yahagi

    As a tester of Yahagi, I wasn't impressed. With only six guns and only average cruiser dispersion, I found it rather unrewarding of good aim, and the AP is useless.
  5. chs4000


    I've got an opening for you.
  6. chs4000

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    Hi carrypotrick, In Randoms, it is very strong. In competitive, it is strong. Bayard should have a place in any reasonably foreseeable meta, in my opinion.
  7. chs4000

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    I'm not asking you to stop having fun. I link my Russian-speaking clanmates (on my RU/CIS alt account) to your articles, LWM. There's so much in there that Google Translate just doesn't do a good job at translating. Help me out a bit?
  8. Let's not confuse the noobs, ducky.
  9. chs4000

    Premium Ship Review #130: Bayard

    Thank you for doing these reviews, LittleWhiteMouse. They are much appreciated. Request: When you make your final judgment in a certain category or for the whole ship, could you use plain, commonplace terms that are more readily comprehensible? Intead of, e.g., Refrigerator, Alabamabote, etc. These terms annoy the linguist in me who just seeks efficient, clear communication. Question: Do you consult with unicum/superunicum testers to see if your opinion comports with theirs? It's turning out that Bayard is quite overpowered, e.g., ~30-35% more average damage/kills/higher WR from the top 50%, top 25%, top 10%, and top 5% of players vs. Kutuzov/etc. I wonder if testers were speaking of this potential amongst themselves, or did Bayard's performance surprise even them? It is decidedly not Alabamabote.
  10. chs4000

    Another T8 MM solution

    I think with such a change that smart people would leave queue after 29 seconds. The results from that are pretty obvious. At least in the case of battleships, they have heal. Bottom tier cruiser, however, is in worse straits. I think most bottom tier cruisers in a tier 10 match should receive a free heal, not something they would see in port but it would just show up in the match. I would of course try to find a way to exempt certain overpowered premiums. Whether or not superintendent would affect the quantity of those free heals is an open question.