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  1. StripperSalad

    German or Russian DD's ? USS PENNSYLVANIA suggestion

    i still think they could potentially add a second US BB line like suggested in the comments, and the PA could be the tier 6
  2. StripperSalad

    Tier 8 DD Kidd

    i did not pay for it but i did earn it, that why i was wondering is i got to keep it. but ty for the info, ill actually be sad if they decide to change Kidd, i'm actually enjoying her a lot.
  3. Simple question, which one should i go down and why please, thank you. also they should add the USS PENNSYLVANIA (BB-38) cause its my home state and it was a cool battle ship constructed in 1913 and she was a class of United States Navy super-dreadnought battleships... i feel like she would be a cool tier 5 or 6 US premium... Fun fact about the BB-38: she was sunk kwajalein Atoll because of a nuclear bomb testing in 1948
  4. StripperSalad

    Tier 8 DD Kidd

    im not really a bid fan of dd's really im a battleship and cruiser, right now im on the tier 6 american BB new mexico, and tier 5 french cruiser(which im in love with) but the one thing with the kid that i noticed about was that she fires really fast but her torpedoes are not the best.... only 5 i believe, but they i think go around 9.2 km
  5. StripperSalad

    Tier 8 DD Kidd

    ty man... and also i have other accounts with more games... i dont actually have under 100 games, this is a reroll
  6. StripperSalad

    Tier 8 DD Kidd

    I just recently got the kidd, is it like a limited time ship or do i keep it...?