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  1. hey i love the time and effort  you put  in to your work  truly astounding, well done lady 


  2. lol gotta protect your accounts lol no crates for this guy
  3. bahahah average laughs indeed thank you for the kinid words
  4. G_Finder

    Wrecking Ball Wednesdays - Fire Discipline

    Both options are very viable. for smaller guns like 15 inches the wait for the perfect shot is optimal nice post
  5. umm no skill floor is there if not lowish but the issue is rng factor 30% skill with positioning and putting the shots where they should hit 70% is rng luck is my diispersion gonna benefit me this game or not this is the hardest part to understand about this game so skill really means minimal i can fire at a dead still target least 3 days i have missed every thing because of dispersion that's not my fault when i put them where they should hit so it makes me look like a "bad player when i know i am not
  6. G_Finder

    Possible Solution to Radar

    i should have said its an issue not the biggest issue bigger problems than line of sight radar
  7. G_Finder

    Possible Solution to Radar

    the issue with radar going through isalnds is not the biggest issue.... stating that length and range...fixes few thing lower radar range and time if thats not viable 2 other things i can think of make radar knock out able currently there is no counter to radar make it a module my guns torps engine rudder all can be knocked out seems fair.... last fix i can think of counter radar not the entire length because radar still needs to be effective but maybe 20 second radar immunity consumable why not
  8. To be fair most of the bbs in the game go like this from least skill to most skill german/uk some of the easiest and most accessable to new players, then Japan soley on the rng factor then french because of the smaller guns you really have to be patient with your shots specially t8-9 15inch guns are meh but can do lots of damage if you pick the right time to shoot then us probably the best all around bbs in the game people have to learn how to angle correctly or you just get smashed strong guns through out the line t8 has a learning curve on lead but not terrible and montana best t10 bb consistantly.....
  9. G_Finder

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    pod cast what u guys stream this cast? if no u should sirvenomik