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  1. KelStillz

    Fixing the armor on the Colbert

    It's not the model that's wrong it's the number value of the armor that's inaccurate. The armor for the deck which is 50mm and the belt looks correct at 80mm and 50mm the problem comes into play with the gun armor in game 10mm, in real life 100mm the barbettes in game are 15-12mm and IRL they were 95-70mm(that makes huge difference ), meaning in game any ship can pen the gun armor damaging are destroying the guns if it had the real value they would not break so easy. I don't expect everything to be just like Real life but if you make the entire belt the citadel( if it shared the DeGrasse Citadel design it states it was divided into 16 sections with 20-60mm bulkheads.) with weak armor with no internal protection at least make the guns have the accurate armor so every ship in the game can break it's guns. Why put real ships and give them fake values? They make fake ships most of the other lines with great values with much less obvious weakness.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if something could be done to fix the the armor on the Colbert? According to the records of the ship( http://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_cr_colbert.htm ) she had 50mm deck which is accurate, 50mm - 80mm which is partially accurate in game the, the De Grasse (http://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_cr_de_grasse.htm) had 38mm in the front of the belt but that was changed in the Colbert and added to the ship's stability. The two ships shared the same armament and that would mean it has 100mm turrets and 95mm barbette not the 10mm, 15mm, & 12mm it has in the game. The ship did exist unlike so many other ships in game so could something at least be done to make it more true to the once great french ship? Thank you for you time, Information Sources https://www.navalanalyses.com/2016/03/warships-of-past-colbert-and-de-grasse.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_cruiser_Colbert_(C611) https://www.navalanalyses.com/2016/03/warships-of-past-colbert-and-de-grasse.html
  3. KelStillz

    Colbert Fan Club Thread

    I Like the Colbert a lot but I do wonder why wargaming made the ship so weak compared to the real life ship. Everything I have read said that the Colbert had a newer armor protection than the Degrasse and they shared the same armament which the armor is completely wrong on. Specs for the De Grasse taken from (http://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_cr_de_grasse.htm) Ship protection (as completed): Torpedo bulkhead protected the hull between end gun mounts. Main 100mm belt protected machinery and command center under main deck, it was about 2m narrower abreast magazines. Transverse bulkheads had 60mm thickness between main deck and upper platform and 20mm between upper platform and double bottom. They were placed forward from fwd 127mm mounts, between command center and 127mm mounts Nos3 and 4, between machinery spaces and aft gun mount and aft from aft gun mount. Belt was closed by 38mm main deck. Steering gear compartment had 38mm crown, 26mm sides and 20mm transverse bulkheads. Ship protection for Colbert Machinery was protected by 80-50mm belt and 50mm deck The only thing that is said about Colbert is she had some modifications done not downgrades. (http://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_cr_colbert.htm) I know its a rant but with all the time spent on making imaginary ships great can you at least make a real life ship accurate? Good luck to all the other captains out there.
  4. KelStillz

    Can we PLEASE get a better Perma Camo for Henri IV?

    The Fleur d'acier camo would be a nice option in my opinion. If the French ever get the color change option like the IJN and US ships that would be welcome. I wouldn't mind the pattern off the De Grasse seems fitting for a ship like the Henri.