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  1. Pocket_Yorck

    Transformers join the battle in World of Warships

    Not going to lie, when I first loaded up War Gaming Center and seen the Transformers/WoWs crossover I thought I was looking at an off-season April fools joke. Not really of fan of Transformers but not a hater either, will be keeping my eyes on this crossover. I read in one of this topic's posts that WoWs crossing over with anime/cartoons disrespects the history of ww2... ...I respectably disagree, indeed as some others have said, a lot of people have gotten an interest in naval weapons and ww2 history because of anime such as Kantai Collection, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, High School Fleet and Azur Lane so without these properties a lot of people would have never gotten into ww2 naval matters in the first place. As for me while it is true that I got into Naval ships on my own long before being introduced to anime it is also true that ARP not only re-invigorated my interest in naval weapons but specifically is why I got into WoWs in the first place... I got into this game because the of the ARP crossover and have stayed because of the Azur Lane crossover. If I was just looking for a navy game I would have simply continued playing P.T.O. IV, Naval Ops Warship Gunner & Naval Ops Commander on my PS2. My reason for getting into WoWs is because of the crossovers, it is the only game where I can control the Fleet of Fog heavy cruiser Ashigara with the ship's mental model as commander who let's me know in her native language when the ship is flooding, this is the only game where I can command H.S.F. Spee with Thea Kreutzer in command, the game even lets me put her on other German ships too, at the moment I have her commanding Bismarck. If players do not want to see Azur Lane or Transformers in their WoWs then all they have to do is press a button and filter them out I thank WG for making a naval game crosses over with so many Naval Fiction. If this Transformers crossover results in WoWs lasting a little while longer then it will have my gratitude as I still have a lot Azur Lane commanders that I want to get promoted to max rank
  2. Pocket_Yorck

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard.

    Hmm yes a similar camo on Alaska and Haida it would be at the very least tempting to me. Yes linking a free camouflage to a tier 9 tech tree ship is good for economic reasons as it saves 4000 doubloons (4000 doubloons costs about 20 dollars here in Canada) So yes a good decision that I would recommend. However for me my reasons for wanting a link able permanent camo on a Tier 9 premium is personal rather then economical, I wish to have a 2nd perma camo on my AL Sovetskaya Rossiya because unlike some of my other tier 9s the ship only has 1 at the moment with no alternate colors. For example my "Ägir" has the "Nordic — Ägir" perma camo and my Neptune 1944 has a "Type 19 — Neptune" that comes in 2 different colors, I want my newly beloved AL S. R. to have a 2nd option as well since I plan to play the ship a lot in the upcoming weeks. Being able to get more then one would be ideal. If I cannot link epochal on AL S. R. then I will most likely link the camouflage on the "Roon".
  3. Pocket_Yorck

    Pommern to be released for 228,000 coal

    I have found something interesting in the WoWs topic about British Heavy Cruisers, specially the section about the in-game "Drake": Source: British Heavy Cruisers History Imaging an Alaska-class CB but instead of Alaska's "12 inch/50 caliber gun Mark 8" the ship instead has the guns that "Ensign_Cthulhu" mentioned in an earlier post in this topic... 3 Quad 9.2 inch guns with very good ballistics. I imaging if said ship was added in-game the ship would have British consumables rather then US ones. As for Ludendorff/Pommern/ whatever that H-class with triple 380 mm turrets is, the ship at least looks like a blast in Co-op mode though with that said I have relatively little interest in getting the ship, mind you if I get the ship from a container I will certainly not be complaining
  4. Hello Volron, letting you know that I am feeling :cap_fainting: and do not see myself playing much if any WoWs tonight, my Canadian (and therefore authentic) apologizes.

    I wish you many good games and in be case I do not hear from you again tonight I wish you a good night and sweet dreams :fish_sleep:

  5. Pocket_Yorck

    ST 0.9.8, new ships

    Found the difference of Hit Points of a 10 000 ton CL & a 30 000 ton BB to be amusingly small. Note that this is not a judgment, just something I found funny. I too humbly request that Belfast 43 be able to mount Azur Lane — Belfast permanent camouflage. No complaints regarding USS Oklahoma (BB-37) directly though indirectly I humbly request serous thought be put into making it so some of the Tier 6 Operations in Scenario Mode be made to once again accept Tier V ships. My recommendations would be Operation Aegis, Raptor Rescue or Killer Wale. Being able to bring V Oklahoma into Scenario mode would be of great service to not only the ship the the mode as well.
  6. Pocket_Yorck

    ST 0.9.8, World of Warships birthday, dockyard.

    As someone who is of first nations ethnicity (From Canada mind you) and has an interest in indigenous peoples artwork, the National Anchorage looks incredible I like it even more then the Nordic paint job and I really like the Nordic paint job specially on the O-class "Ägir". This sounds good! I like having flags for each of my premium & special ships. Did "Odin" come with a flag? I do not remember. Looks nice, can this permanent camouflage be mounted on any Tier IX ship? For example can it be mounted on Azur Lane - AL Sovetskaya Rossiya?
  7. I mostly play Co-op mode. I got into WoWs for the Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio crossover and stayed for the Azur Lane crossover. With that said there are two tier 9 ships in the tech tree that I rather like from a game-play perspective. I like the secondary battery of the "Roon" more then "Hindenburg". I have fond memories of kiting poor T7 ships with the ships's rear battery. Shredding the planes of poor T7 carriers back when they where a thing was also very fun."Roon" also now has this cute gal... ... as a commander specifically trained for the ship while "Hindenburg" does not so this ship wins on the waifu & unique commander front. I like my Neptune 1944, ship has the same number of torpedoes as Minotaur 1947 a tier lower and unlike Minotaur 1947 has a secondary battery that can be used against surface ships, I have sunk more then a couple ships in co-op with them. Last but certainly not least Neptune 1944 has this gal... ... specifically trained for the ship with no need to retrain so like the "Roon", Neptune 1944 wins on the waifu & unique commander front. I do not have USS Erben (DD-631) aka Chung Mu yet but seeing as how the is the only South Korean ship in-game I plan to keep the ship. I also plan to research, purchase & keep Tashkent, Yuugumo-class, Fletcher-class, Jutlandt, Project 35, Mogador & Type 1936C. Lastly I wish tier 9 carriers would return, at least the 2 that where already in-game... the Taihou and the Essex. I regret not playing them when I had the chance.
  8. Pocket_Yorck

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    Ah this post was a nice refreshing read I know that what would become the North Carolina-class had many variants and that the ships where meant to be armed with quad 14-inch guns before the escalator clause was invoked. I also figured that the VII "Florida" was a pre-escalator clause version of North Carolina-class however what I did not know was the ship's exact design name. So the ships's real design name is "Scheme XVI"? Excellent thank very much for sharing this information, have a smile medal I do not loath "Paper Ships", in fact I like them especially the ones that came close to being built and ones that look/play differently then other ships. Scheme XVI looks like a lot of potential fun in Op Narai with the ship's fast speed, mixed secondary battery and quad main battery.
  9. Pocket_Yorck

    More Azur Lane stuff revealed by WG

    Thanks for sharing this news, Super_Dreadnought, have a smile medal While there are all sorts of praise I could sing for this news I have decided to simply show my feelings with this post...
  10. Yes, I heard that the tier 9 German BB has been re-named from Ludendorff to Pommern, specifically from the World of Warships Development Blog You can see for yourself in this page: [https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/33] That is a good point, the collaboration with AL has already gifted us Ship-Girls of Roon, Friedrich der Große and so many others, a future collab that adds more Soviet as well as European ones is a possibility and one that would please me greatly if it where to come true. For those interested every Ship-Girl of Azur Lane that originated from World of Warships can be found on this page: [https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/Research#Shipyard] I meant to say that am not from Austria, Netherlands, Poland or Sweden but if I was from any of those nations then their ships would appeal to me at least from a national perspective. I was not clear as I could be and I apologize for the confusion.
  11. I have around 200 ships at the moment. Just finished getting the Free Experience Points O-class "Ägir" and am loving the ship, exited about getting the Research Bureau version "Siegfried". One of my all-time favorite video games is "Naval Ops: Warship Gunner" that game had an entire line of German aircraft carriers which I played a lot of, so my nostalgia for that old PS2 game has me exited for German in WoWS. My hype for the Azur Lane - Littorio is real and my anticipation for the AL Littorio commander is even more intense, going to play the entire Italian cruiser line once she appears! I was exited at the idea of an H-class with triple barrel 380mm turrets + torps & named after the famous general "Ludendorff". However now that the ship has been re-named after small pre-dreadnought and had the main battery nerf-batted, my reaction is now 'meh'. Am meh towards Soviet Light & Heavy lines. Since most of the ships not only lack history but have no Ship-Girls in say Azur Lane it is hard for me to feel attached to the ships. Have not played Pan-Euro line of yet and have not plans to. Line has no cute commanders for me to ogle at and lack of amazing history or Ship-Girls means it is hard for me to get attached to the ships, maybe if I was Austrian/Hungarian, Dutch, Polish or Swedish the ships would appeal to my sense of nationalism however I am not and they do not. So there is the ships I am exited for and the ones I feel meh towards
  12. Pocket_Yorck

    Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou Take Command

    Insta-buy for me. Even if the voice overs are not necessarily my cup of tea, having 2 more cute unique commanders with their own voice overs allows me to add more variety to my Japanese ships. I assigned Fubuki Shirakami to the ... Fubuki Then assigned Marine Houshou to the ... Houshou Would like it very much if the next collaboration where to provide cute commanders for any/all of Commonwealth, Italy, Pan-America & Pan-Europe, that or more national variants of Dasha Perova. My thanks to War-Gaming + Hololive for collaborating and giving me a chance to have two more cute Japanese commanders
  13. Pocket_Yorck

    0.9.6 PTS -- Needs more participation, more comment

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention Kill Joy Cutter. I agree with GraySpirit of Wave Clan and Crokodone of Shoot Clan regarding the C-hulls of Nurnberg and USN DD. While I am okay with War Gaming adding more blueprint ships and even fantasy ships I do not think they should remove historical ships, refits or hulls. I also believe that they should be wary and very considerate when contemplating removing game-play options no matter how small said options are.
  14. Sounds like Garfield 001 has been busy lately, next time you see roquana of the EU please send my warmest welcome him. That unless roquana is browsing this very forum in which case I will say it myself... Welcome roquana
  15. The "Munchen" looks interesting Looks like one of the light cruisers known as the M-class, specifically the M construction number 263. if this is the case then the ship is neither a "fantasy ship" i.e. fiction or a napkin ship/"paper ship" i.e. a ship that only existed on paper because M's keel was was laid down at Deutsche Werke in Kiel in 1938 before construction was ending up being halted in September 19th 1939. This means that while the ship is uncompleted, M did exist at least partially in steel I have been wanting an M-class of Plan Z for a long time and being able to play one at the tier 7 Op, Operation Narai in Scenario mode will be quite fun