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  1. Capt51

    CV Rework Feedback

    I love what I see with the new CV gameplay, but I don’t like that you can’t have more than one type of plane in a squadron. My sudgested solution would be to cut both the Torpedoe and bomber squads in half, and then fill both of them back in with Rocket planes ((getting rid of the rocket plane squadron by it self)). That to me would allow for a player to attack a Battleship with a torp drop, then go and attack a Destroyer with rockets.
  2. Capt51

    Tier 10 ranked, can you go back to tier 8?

    I’m not even going to play rank/clan till this T10 train dies. I’m tired of it, it’s become both boring and annoying. I don’t have any T10s, and tbh, I don’t want one. I can rank up once and then I’m done with rank.. that’s complete unfair in my opinion, I love T8, it’s the most balanced tier in my opinion, but T10 is a big fat NO!
  3. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like at Perl Harbour during the Japanese Attack.. and the Des have done a Awesone job on all of the Operations so far. What I’m asking for is that they, the devs, make a T6 and T7 operation of Perl Harbour.. with only Destroyers.
  4. Is this golf? No. I personaly don’t know your favorite ship, but let’s say it’s the NC.. how would You like it if you were only allowed to play the NC from 9 am, to 3pm.. and you work from 6am to 4pm.. not fair is it? Some of the CV mains possibly have this problem, they can only play at Night because of work or something else.. and you want to punish them for doing what they please?? No. They have every right to play the ship they want, weather it be a CV, or a Destroyer. They can play them all. They could be trying to get to a T10 CV with a crap work schedule for all we know. They have EVERY right to play the Ship THEY please without a punishment of any kind.
  5. What the crap? Yes it’s mostly the devs fault, no one likes playing CVs. But it’s Non of the CV player base fault because there is NO rule saying you cannot play the ship YOU please. If They Want To Play A CV, They Have Every Right To Do So!
  6. It’s NOT there fault!!!!!! If they want to play a CV, then let them! How would you like it if you were told you could NOT play your favorite class of warship anymore? Not fair is it? That’s what your basically doing to them.
  7. Capt51

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    For 240k coal, she isn’t worth it atm, she’s a des with a British heal and worse radar without prem economy. Not worth it...
  8. To the apples without seeds, and think it’s all the CV players fault for playing the ship they want.. your being a bunch of expired mean apples. I suck at CV, but if I wanted to play the midway, late at night, I’m going to do it, it’s what I came here to do, to play the ships I Want. I’m not going to get mad if your in a memetar, or Des Moins. But your going to get mad because I waited 5+ mins for a fight and caused a 3v3 match..really? It’s NOT my fault, I wanted a fight in the Midway, and I’ll wait 20 mins if I have to.. Stop blaiming the CVs for Something they cannot help. If Dave want to play a Midway and wait in the Q for 2 hours, then let him. It’s HIS choice to play that ship, and he has every right to do so. He should Not be punished for something He has every right to.
  9. I call that mean, I’m not a CV main at all, but they have to wait a long time to be put in match to only have a bad match? It’s not there fault that there are so few of them.
  10. Capt51

    Fix T8 MM

    He’s right, I’m tired of seeing t10s in my t8s.. the power difference gives me migraines.