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  1. admscotty

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    No one is asking for players to be selected by skill to go into the match... what we are asking for is that the 24 selected to be equally distributed to both teams so that both teams have some good and some bad. Right now all the good go onto 1 team and all the bad onto the other.
  2. admscotty

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    The simple solution is this... the MM doesn't have to select players into a game based on skill... it just has to balance the 24 selected by skill onto two teams. This is VERY easily accomplishable.
  3. admscotty

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Wait... isnt that the definition of a balanced match? This seems like the desired goal.
  4. admscotty

    [ALL] ModStation

    Why is DamageMeter not up to date yet? I downloaded Aslains and the same mod by the same author is updated in the Aslains pack... Why the discrepancy? Also can MatchMaking Monitor be added to ModStation?
  5. admscotty

    Unique Upgrades and 9.3/9.5

    If they are only side grades, why are they called "Legendary" and why were they such a heavy grind? However 1 important FLAW in moving the UU's to the RB, is that the original way of getting them made more sense... BECAUSE it forced you to play the ship you are going to equip it on, thus hopefully allowing you to get better with it. Moving them to RB, means instead playing and getting better with the Tier X ship, you skip playing it to go back to Tier 1? Earning a Legendary Upgrade should make you better at the ship you are equipping it to, NOT worse.
  6. admscotty

    Skill based MM

    I think that what needs to be stated is that we are not asking to use Player statistics to say who gets put into a single random match... BUT to use the player statistics to balance the teams of the players selected. This would be very easy to accomplish and make games much more balanced. I wish this would happen as well.
  7. Please seperate the filter for ships type (not elite, elite, special, premium) seperate from the others(commander, no commander, daily bonus, primary) When I check 2 boxes in this area, I want an AND relation ship not an OR relationship. I only want to see my non-elite ships and still have a daily bonus remaining, not the combined list of ships that are not elite OR have a daily bonus remaining. This would make the filter much more useful.
  8. admscotty

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    Why would you spend 4 weeks grinding an eventual tier V or VI dd, when if you start the day the launch the entire new line you can be to tier V in about 3 days? A months worth of grinding should at least give a 7 or 8. if I dont get enough tokens through the course of normal play, im ok with sitting out this waste of a launch.
  9. It takes 4 Co-op battles to get the same base XP as 1 random win... so to complet ethe daily chains would be over 16 wins? Who has that kind of time? Just fix the damn MM instead.
  10. Watching matchmaker monitor shows me that the best ranked players are always on the same side, which pretty much determines the outcome of the game before it started... This is really aggravating to me because you can't complete daily chains without winning at least 6 battles... and if the outcome is predetermined, why even try? This is why the game is bleeding players...
  11. admscotty

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    This feels like a giant nerf to german cruisers 8-10 and all battleships with 406mm guns... and my Atlanta... DoubleYewTee Eff?
  12. admscotty

    Competitive Montana build

    The video doesnt show the captains build... where do you get it?
  13. admscotty

    Confirmation on Legendary Mod change

    I don't want to perpetuate the continual of misinformation, but the current IN-GAME expiration of UU missions still shows 3.11.20... unless this is modified with the next patch release. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but can we get some confirmation that is the actual intention?
  14. I made that picture. That was my text. Nothing as such appears anywhere in the game. As a software developer myself, I would consider a UI bug as such a top priority, since it can cause confusion within the user community.
  15. What fine print? (That is my text... it doesnt appear in game) And why would it NOT be addressed if properly reported?