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  1. logane0616

    What is your lucky boat?

    Arizona I would say. Definitely had some luck in that one.
  2. logane0616

    Getting random FPS drops

    Apologies for the delayed response. I actually updated my drivers again, and it seems that 0.8.11 fixes the issue for me.
  3. logane0616

    Getting random FPS drops

    Thanks. I'll try this next time.
  4. logane0616

    Getting random FPS drops

    I was running mods with 0.8.9, but haven't ran them in this version.
  5. logane0616

    Getting random FPS drops

    I updated them after the first game like this.
  6. logane0616

    Getting random FPS drops

    Yeah, it's strange because WoWS is the only game with this problem.
  7. I've been away from my computer for a while to do Thanksgiving traveling, and I just got back a few days ago. I fired up WoWS and prepared to make up for a lost week. I've never had any issues running WoWS before this, and I've always been able to get 75 fps on 1080p with the maximum settings. However, when I ran the game just a few days ago, my PC could hardly sustain 50 fps. This was in PORT, by the way. I dropped the settings, but still got the same framerates. I would get short bursts of max fps, but then the client would drop to 44. This is causing extreme stuttering that made the one battle I played all but unplayable. I tried again on minimum settings and got the same result. This isn't likely to be a hardware problem, because I've never had issues before and my PC is only a year old. I updated my graphics drivers and the problem continued. The game is practically unplayable at fps this low because of the stuttering. Is this a bug, or an issue on my end?
  8. logane0616

    German BB Buffs Incoming!

    I don't think Accuracy was what was needed. These things are supposed to be brawlers anyway.
  9. logane0616

    Twilight mode.

    I've actually had a blast in this mode, especially with the DDs. I really like the Angler and the feeling of making my team even more OP.
  10. logane0616

    Jingles' misidentification - joke is on me

    IDK, sounds perfect to me.
  11. I don't need no specializations on Uncle Jingles. I'm just happy he's free.
  12. logane0616

    Aim for Achievements - 18th - 25th

    I just had a Mutsuki game where I got two Dev Strikes. Wish I'd screenshotted it.
  13. logane0616

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    I've only gotten one of these. Most times I end up getting a hundred flags. Still good, but coal is better.
  14. logane0616

    About updates.

    Probably a good guess. This, or the RN heavy cruisers?
  15. logane0616

    1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Bismarck's...

    Seems like there should be an achievement for this