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  1. Matchmaking shenanigans

    They also could have been T7 carriers, so they’d be in the queue with the Yugumo at T9 but not the T10 Mino.
  2. What Crucis said pretty hit the nail on the head for me. Though, I agree with the sentiment that it’s really the skill of the DD player(s) on your team that’s more important than the number. I’ve seen plenty of times where a DD advantage at the start swings to the other team in the first three minutes of the match.
  3. BoS or superintendent

    I usually pickup superintendent for my first 3 pt skill in BBs for the extra heal. CE is worthwhile in the USN BBs from NC on. It gives you a bit more flexibility to get closer before getting spotted which helps with accuracy. Also, you have a better chance to stealth up and disengage if things go sideways.
  4. I think there is probably a calculation like any other hit/damage roll that brings some RNG into ramming. Also, maybe the other ship had less health at the time of the ram. There is also a flag that inceases ramming damage done while reducing the damage taken that can be ran as well. You earn the die hard achievement for surviving a ram.
  5. Pay-to-Win? You decide.

    I think the idea of winning in a game like this is subjective. If you just talk win rate, I think there are a lot of people that are paying to lose as well. To me P2W means having to pay to have any reason chance at winning. I've seen this in other free to play games, but I really don't think of WoWs like that. Just because you buy premium ships, that doesn't mean you know how to play them. In this game if you don't know how to play your ship you're probably going to lose more than win. This game is more skill based, than it is gear based. I think you can pay to have more fun. Santa containers or premium account time to spend up grinds for example. Having more fun could be considered winning I suppose, so that would be kind of a P2W. But, at the end of the day you can make tier 10 with over 50% WR without giving WG a dime. If you do that, then the winning was free, especially if you had fun along the way.
  6. Slow BB in a fast BB world

    Once you hit tier 6 you can start equipping the propulsion modification 2 mod, which cuts down on your acceleration time. I think it is a 50% reduction in the time it takes to reach full speed. To me it made the slow speed of the New Mexico a lot more bearable. It helps in not getting left way behind by the faster BBs and cruisers at the start of the match. Other than that, what has been said by others already. You have to put a bit more planning in your early moves to make sure you are in position to fight.
  7. If you are looking at premiums, then probably yes the Tirpitz is your best bet right now. A couple of points to add. When you are up front with the destroyers, you will be getting the focus fire of all the enemy ships in range because: 1, the enemy likely can't see the DDs yet, or else the enemy cruisers would/should be shooting at them. 2, you are the closest visible target for the enemy. Your AA will become less effective as the battle does on due to battle damage from the countless HE rounds the enemy cruisers are hitting you with. This is made even worse if you are up tiered against T7 and even T6 CVs. Your AA really isn't going to slow down bombers above T5 that much to begin with. Any ship too far from team mates is really lunch for decent CV players in the mid tiers anyway from what I've seen, you really have to share AA by staying close to other good AA ships as long as the enemy CV poses a threat. With up tiering you are seeing gun calibers like 15" and 16" that your armor was never designed to handle. As others have said, angling won't matter a whole lot against the higher tier BBs, but it will make you a smaller target, therefore harder to hit. And, don't get too close to higher tier BBs, especially if they have bigger guns. It will give them easier shots to pen and possibly citadel you. For torpedos, you have to zig zag and change speeds, this will also help dodge shells. For CV torpedo bombers you have to turn into the bombers as they approach, and I mean inside 4km, not once they drop. You have to turn before they drop. If you are at full speed, cut back to 1/2 and turn your rudder full, this will give you a sharper turn. Just remember to speed back up in your turn or you'll end up almost dead stopped. Aggressiveness is good in a BB, but only to a point and at the right time. If you find you are always dying in the first 5 or 10 minutes, you're probably playing too aggressive. Push when your team has the advantage and hang back or even fall back if your team is out numbered. You fire slow, save your shots for broadside targets. If you can consistently land your shots midship of a broadside cruiser you will get citadels and delete them. Same for BBs, but it will be less citadels. As a T5 BB, if you are in a T7 match, make your living on killing the cruisers. Once they're dead, help your team with the BBs. A lot of information I know, but hopefully some of it helps.