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  1. Shallot_N_Cream

    Weser is a T A L L ship

  2. Shallot_N_Cream

    Voiceover Modifications Not Listing

    From the advice of another virtual captain, I have found that deleting all the files within "res > banks" except for the xml file will resolve this problem.
  3. I have an ultra sound quality for the audio applied. The voiceover modifications only list "Standard" as the only option although there should be more such as National Voiceover alongside others. I am running a vanilla client with no mods I have deleted contents within "res_mods" and ran a check using the legacy launcher I'm stumped.
  4. Shallot_N_Cream

    Italian Cruiser Milano Cuisine

    Tier 10 Milano looking delicious.
  5. I've seen the abusive, I've seen the salty, I've seen the angry, but this is the first time meeting a troll. Under what ticket do I report this to WG? Chat link; Context; Another Atlanta starts firing his guns at the islands right as the match starts and the pink status player shoots him for doing so. Then I kind of feed the troll and he shoots me. I am set on fire and he dies from self-inflicted penalty damage. He even sends some torpedoes on my way which run short because Gneisenau torps only go 6km when I was 6.3 km away. Also before commenting, that "ohhh, SRM is plebe [edited]and a snowflake at that who cannot handle trolls" blah blah etc, this is an active problem because I'm pretty sure many players do not want to put up with trolls shooting/teamkilling their own teammates. Also I would like to apologize to all the SEA and Aussie players who play on the NA server. I kind of get flaky on you guys by the end of the chat.
  6. Shallot_N_Cream

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    Hey there. Here is my youtube channel Channel Name: "SharonRoseMotorrad" or "SRM" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1knYoU2ZddKLcStyrXEfgg