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  1. BasedCoomer

    Why did clan names change??

    Interesting thread
  2. BasedCoomer

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Appreciate the code, thanks!
  3. A lot of players tend to focus on damage and I can't blame them, its fun watching that ticker climb. Map awareness, target selection and survival are the things I would point to for any player trying to improve their gameplay/winrate.
  4. Strings of losses happen to every player regardless of skill level. If you want to win more, play ships you know well and can carry in. Pay attention to the map and what your teammates are doing, and try to pick up slack where they leave it.
  5. BasedCoomer

    What ships do you hate fighting against?

    Not to say they're difficult to play against, because they're not, but slow compared to what?
  6. BasedCoomer

    Abused Reporting System

    I'm a salty smooth brain, and I still manage a positive karma of 66. Currently hoping to reach 69 and keep it there.
  7. BasedCoomer

    CVs good Subs bad?

    That's certainly an opinion. I just simply dodge in the one mode that I play, has worked fine so far.
  8. BasedCoomer

    CVs good Subs bad?

    We who?
  9. BasedCoomer

    How do clan leaders feel about superships?

    Yeah, no. Ranked is not a competitive format, you don't play test in a competitive environment.
  10. BasedCoomer

    Day one of random subs

    we can only dream.
  11. BasedCoomer

    Double dip no more.

    Better late than never. Hopefully the fix doesn't break other things.
  12. BasedCoomer

    Convoy mode is epic fail

    The player base is honestly just that bad, cant say I blame WG for the spoon feeding. Hopefully they remove it in the future and make the pathing more dynamic.
  13. BasedCoomer

    Sub Immunity fix proposal

    Beat me to it. I don't understand this take, would love to hear some elaboration.
  14. BasedCoomer


    Some yes. That KSE/KSC div more than certainly pulled their weight, some teams are heavier than others.
  15. BasedCoomer

    CVs are Overnerfed

    why do people interact with it?