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  1. Leslie_Reigart

    KOTS containers

    yeah, sucks for me. all stream times are during work hours and I really DO have to work, can't stream while there
  2. Leslie_Reigart

    Credit/Commander xp farming advice?

    economically speaking I find premium ships are the best bang for your buck as you save on the camo costs and it does eventually add up, all premiums have an XP bonus in their permanent camo as I'm sure you know and reduced resupply costs. to that end, hit up LWM's premium reviews, she'll show you the most consistent deliverers for your time. do NOT forget to factor in your skills however, if you suck at BBs it doesn't matter that Mass is awesome if you can't play it well. you can if you are confident use signals as well but unless you are playing the class of ship you are using the commander on I wouldn't bother with signals (unless you are wiling to burn real world money on flags and doubloons to respec the commander). I wouldn't move them to a different tech tree ship unless it's the next ship you earn because of the retraining costs and if you have the doubloons to spare do the Senior Command Course to skip those battles at half skill. You will get the best bang for your buck if your Cap is on spec for the ship class because obviously you are doing commander skills for increased effectiveness but you can't do diddly about it if you are trying to level your British BB commander and your only UK premium is HMS Gallant unless you burn the doubloons to respec, twice. battle type makes a huge difference, don't farm in Coop at all, lowest rewards of all battle types. and I wouldn't expect much for farming in Clan or ranked unless you are really good yourself because your opponents probably are as well, but if you need steel it's not like options abound. a good clan as far as upgrades helps, not much but every little bit helps. oh, and ALWAYS take advantage of that daily 1st win bonus, +50% is +50%.
  3. Leslie_Reigart

    Mouse's Take on the Proposed Skill Changes

    great write-up as always Ms Maus. one can only hope the WIP status doesn't neccessitate wholesale rewrites because they make massive changes to the skills. all I know is that running all 4 nations tech tree CVs I feel a migraine coming on. and I can see all the whining from my "teammates" already if i don't build for Patrol aircraft, then the reverse whining when I'm not doing massive number damage if I DO take the patrol build. whatever, they were/are going to whine no matter what so BLEEP 'em, get your own CV, if you have comments pay for my premium time, then you get a voice in how I use/build my CV.
  4. Leslie_Reigart

    ST, hybrids

    think you need either a partial RTS or a new system. it sounds like the mothership will be defenseless if it uses planes (well, unless it has the mother of all secondary batteries). think you need to be able to either set the planes to autostrike so you can control the ship or the ship needs to temporarily turn bot so you can strike with the planes.
  5. Leslie_Reigart

    CVs are ridiculous, and killing the game

    ah, the weekly obligatory CV whine post. if you know how to play your DD AT ALL then you are incredibly frustrating for CV players. our plane turning radius is such that you go unspotted every time we turn to keep you spotted and we have to reacquire you. you are extremely hard to hit clean if you just use your WASD. and if you smoke up we don't even bother spotting for a couple minutes because we can't see you at all in smoke. and if we aren't trying to shoot you even DDs with BAD AA are still whittling away at our planes' health pool. not to mention you can kill the mothership easily just by sneaking to us, staying just out of secondary range, torping us and peppering us with your main guns with impunity. well, here's the counter, what about your infinite torpedoes? historically DDs only had enough torps on board for 1 or 2 salvoes, instead every 45 to 90 seconds you can release a barrage strong enough to 1-shot a Kremlin, without him even being able to spot your exhaust to try to shoot back. if you are going to complain about [edited] you should be aware the game has a LONG list of it. now, if you want to make a VALID complaint about CVs, our DCP IS complete [edited], historically CVs burned/flooded quite nicely (well, nice if you were on the enemy ship at least).
  6. can't say about skipping BUT I have claimed the container before the screen finishes loading
  7. Leslie_Reigart

    World of Warships birthday and you

    Lol, I remember trying that in my old Ranger, both CVs trying and we kept missing because we were both over manuvering, it was hilarious, battle timed out with both of us as the only ships left having missed like 3 times
  8. Leslie_Reigart

    World of Warships birthday and you

    honestly, it was when I 1st learned of the report mode. I had never even searched for anything like it in the interface, after a battle I got both a plays well and good manners, and I didn't even have a good game. it was nice to see the guy who killed me say thanks when I congratulated him on a difficult shot to take me down.
  9. Leslie_Reigart

    Autopilot Needs To Be Fixed

    Idea, how about a new video series from WG called "How Stuff DOESN'T Work", Episode 1, "Autopilot" since we've all learned it has absolutely NOTHING to do with setting waypoints, those just mean "somewhere random on that side of the map". and the funny thing is it was announced a few updates ago that this was an "improvement". well, unless they were looking to address widespread complaints (no such complaints were EVER made) that autopilot made ships using it too hard to shoot so the improvement was for the enemy ships?!
  10. Leslie_Reigart

    Great White Fleet= Brain dead on WGing

    my complaint isn't about this event SPECIFICALLY but in general, nothing ever counts before tier 5 but with very few exceptions nothing tier 5 and above served in WW1, most weren't even in the planning stages. and yet, I enjoyed playing at tiers 1-4 against other ships at tiers 1-4. it's tier 5 and up where the game gets to be a grind (and it's not because of CVs so don't start in on that nonsense). it's because at that point the XP and credit grind to the next tier gets MUCH larger so progress is slower. but I'd like to play some tier 1-4 battles that actually count for something and if they have a historical tie-in all the better. no, this is most definitely NOT an endorsement of the Research Bureau (I'm still seriously considering quitting the game entirely due to the obligation to have to earn the ship twice for access to its unique upgrade), just that playing at lower tier can be fun in itself, and NOT for seal clubbing noobs
  11. Leslie_Reigart

    STOP charging us to play higher tiers

    all premium ships come stock with some of the best non-event camo you can get. as to premium consumables, I only use them on tier 9-10 (although if I ever get in to ranked or clan at a lower tier I'll likely use them there as well so I can function better to help the team). as to your earnings in battles it's a sad mathematical fact that for someone to be in the top 50% of earnings somebody else will have to be in the bottom 50%, depending on your play and RNGeezus there's a fair chance that might just be you
  12. Leslie_Reigart

    Basic CV Tutorial

    those. Note, the CCs making these do not remake them as fast as the devs keep making changes, however the Hermes has been largely untouched by them. when you start watching at tier 6 make sure to check the posting date, anything more than 6 months old is going to be suspect on some points due to changes on your damage, aiming speed, plane durability, the enemy's priority sector use, or effectiveness of their AA, etc. it's not "watch and learn", it's "watch, learn, then practice". one other thing, they usually only post their good games, you are unlikely to see what happened the 1st time they sent rocket planes from their Midway against a test Friesland and had their entire squadron deleted in about 1.2 seconds. in other words, learn the OTHER ships so you'll get to know the squishy targets vs. the AA monsters. and ALWAYS beware any ship you've never heard of-you still attack it but don't be surprised if you get a spanking. also, a CV is best against isolated ships, if they are together stacked AA is a whole other story. not at tier 4 mind you but I'm assuming you DON'T intend to stay there
  13. I notice the biggest shift in power between tiers on CVs, likely because they got rid of the odd number tiers. that said, none of the tech tree CVs uptier significantly well, you are largely relegated to spotting if the ships are mostly above you-if YOU are top tier that's one of the places all the whiney DD drivers come from. if you want fires or floods you will be wanting to use both flags and cap skills. keep in mind, unless the ship you are attacking is close to you (as in your CV is getting shot at) it takes a long time to get your planes back on target. so your 1st fire probably did little to nothing as they used DCP, by the time you get back to light them up again their DCP is almost ready again (unless you are getting support from your surface ships in which case your target may well be dying/dead). every nation plays a bit different, and it's not just plane HP or which ammo they are best at, ex. while IJN have the best torps the RN has the quickest aiming (and that really does matter), RN bomber aiming is much different than other nation's diving, etc. the RN actually made the SHIP tough (sort of). you get the idea. frankly, until you get the hang of dealing with AA, the IJN is easiest to play due to the fastest planes. USN planes are the most durable but that's not saying much, they are still easy for any player without a brain injury to shoot down. and don't expect to be doing allot of damage no matter what nation you play, between the time to get on station and the dispersion on your attacks and the anemic damage of your torps you simply don't hit that hard or for that much. you will see a HUGE difference as you upgrade planes. don't bother on the tier 4 CVs, just get through them to a tier 6 but then you DO want to upgrade planes-in essence you are starting with a tier 6 ship using tier 5 planes, the upgrade brings the planes to tier. now, tier 8 just sucks big, fat, sweaty, hairy donkey @#$% as it takes twice as long to upgrade as other ship types and you will almost always be bottom or at best mid tier, so try to make the best of tier 6, you will be there for a LONG time. as to damage types, it doesn't matter. assuming your ship isn't shot out from under you early in the match AA is going to cost you planes, to the point you won't be able to keep fielding full squadrons of 1 type. tip one, attack the water immediately to send 2-3 planes back to the CV. tip 2, use what you have a full squadron of, that means no matter the line you will be varying attack type. tip 3, your fighters are largely useless, if you can find a Dd keeping its AA off they spot nicely until the DD sails away but they are not going to shoot down many enemy planes (unless your enemy is a moron, and even AI CVs generally aren't that stupid). tip 4, pay attention to your teammates, because they likely are NOT paying much to you, friendly torp fire is a thing despite your torps lousy range. tip 5, don't expect many kills, your surface ships usually kill whatever you were working on so expect to go hunting for another target. tip 5, expect [edited], if you are supporting the guys on the west the guys on the east will generally be feeding you a line of [edited] about how you aren't doing your job because you aren't supporting them-you have ONE squadron and it can only be in ONE place at a time, no reason for you to feel ashamed that it isn't where the guy on the east thinks it should be unless the guys on the west you are supporting tell you to go east instead. tip 6, don't get discouraged if you can't find the enemy DDs, they are running concealment and smokes for a reason, because they are just as effective against you, just go to their usual hunting grounds (as it sounds like you play other classes you should have a pretty good idea where those are). otherwise, just like any other ship, PRACTICE.
  14. Leslie_Reigart

    Opinions on the London?

    simple, if the grind isn't bad she's well worth it because she's FREE. and the rewards from the grind can MAKE her worth it, especially if they allow you to progress something else in the process. if nothing else there should be utility as a RN captain's trainer. but it all comes down to the ship playstyle you enjoy.
  15. Leslie_Reigart

    P button for shutting AA

    simple, for DDs it's a detection thing, if you use weapons you are lit, be it Aa or secondaries. while you have manual control of your main guns AA and secondaries fire as soon as anything is in range (and within their arc if there is one). now, once detected you might as well turn them on, any planes you do take out cost the CV the time it takes to regen them (and some DDs actually have respectable AA to do it). but turn them off again afterwards. as to DD secondaries their only real purpose seems to be for decoration, anything within range of any secondaries you have is likely already surface detecting you. note, if your ship is one where your AA range is less than your detectability by air you don't really need to turn them off other than to be in the habit. note, if you keep it off even when aerial detected it can still help, strike aircraft do NOT turn on a dime, quite often they will overfly you and have to turn around to strike, but if you never fired they will lose detection and have to reacquire, often meaning they can't get their aiming reticle to close to get off an attack before overflying your again. as a CV driver I can tell you there isn't much that's more frustrating than not being able to get a bead on you to fire at all, especially if there are no surface ships firing at you while I do have you spotted.