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  1. Saydzhi

    7.3 Nostalgia - Pre CV rework

    I liked them better.
  2. Saydzhi

    Low tier is for learning.

    Because most clubbers are generic bullies with no real life accomplishments, who think their e-pen is the most important thing in the world. So beating up and bullying players at a low tier who have no idea what is going on yet makes them feel good about themselves, while being anonymous behind a computer screen. Most though can't handle being in higher tiers, at least my experience in WoT, because it will ruin their precious stats. Like your game stats entitle you to a free Big Mac at McDonald's, or something you put on your job resume. Same in WoT as in working lines I've seen clubbers absolutely berate new players in chat for not knowing what to do yet. One to the point I fired back that it was a T2 game, what quality was this guy expecting.
  3. Groovy. If I play PvP an excuse to dust off the Konig Albert, to avoid the WoWs equivalent to wheeled vehicles in WoT.
  4. Buy from WoT if you want gold and a chance at a T8 tank. Buy from WoWs if you want signal flags.
  5. I don't support the bullying, but let's be realistic. What happens to scabs on a union picket?
  6. Flamu covered this very issue just yesterday, for me in Asia, in a video. As for me I'm not paying, nor stressing over the Puerto Rico as I'm not even going to grind for it. Do I care, not really. I have the Alaska which is enough for me. And there are some serious differences between what you can do with a pixel ship on a PC monitor, and what you can do with a woman.
  7. Saydzhi

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    As I said on the WoT forum a few times, hookers and blow don't pay for themselves. That said I could see the writing on the wall about a year ago in paying attention to details on the sales they were making. Currently WG seems to just be in a cash grab state when I look at things here, as well as WoT, and WoWp. Which in turn raises serious questions as to why. Is it simply out of control greed, or something more too it.
  8. Saydzhi

    Co op, best ship type?

    Try Atlanta. The thing is a close range sub machine-gun of endless HE spam. Though I used to make decent credits brawling with Scharnhorst.
  9. Saydzhi

    PVE, remove capping option

    A game is a game no matter what, or how it ends. Someone caps, game ends. Kill all ships, game ends. Same result after in picking a ship and hitting battle.
  10. Saydzhi

    Zoup the feeling police

    He made a video in the past bashing players he didn't agree with. I simply unsubscribed and never looked back. All you can do, since agree with him or not he has a right to his opinion.
  11. Saydzhi

    Saipan MM issues

    Yea, someone made my T7 ship a T8. The entire reason I got it was because it was T7 and would not see T10.
  12. No, the other main reason I left Console WoT is because the game is still held to the limitations of the fossil known as the Xbox360. Meaning, because of "ease of life," as Pain put it, XB1 and PS4 are held to the same limits. Sorry, but screw that. The other issue is tank balance and reworks. There is no way the OP Tiger 131 is getting transferred from console to PC. The US Sexton I would seal club players into the ground, as that arty makes the LeFH look balanced. The Pz V/IV everyone loves would have to lose it's 860hp it has on console. Players that have the Aufkl Panther would rage that their T7 LT is now a T8 LT to fit PC. The Obj252u/Defender are not the same tanks on console, they're nerfed, vs PC. Same with the Nameless. Etc. Plus there are too many [edited] tanks on console, outside the Mercenary Frankenstein tanks.
  13. How about no. I left console for several reasons, and this is one of them.
  14. Saydzhi

    BOTS In CO-OP (CVs)

    This make sense. I played a few games today and playing a CA I was spamming HE on the bots, until they started to go broadside to me. But if they had a chance as soon as I loaded AP they stopped and started turning into me again.
  15. Saydzhi


    I don't play all that much and understood rather well that it is a 10 point captain that is assigned to X ship (Nation dependent) and has no special skills. I picked up one of the Japanese captains for my CAs, and only issue I had was if it was a rental or got to keep them. Either way it was 4mil in game credits and not real money so doubt I'd really complain.