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    I don't play all that much and understood rather well that it is a 10 point captain that is assigned to X ship (Nation dependent) and has no special skills. I picked up one of the Japanese captains for my CAs, and only issue I had was if it was a rental or got to keep them. Either way it was 4mil in game credits and not real money so doubt I'd really complain.
  2. The most absurd part to what WoWp did was they gimped even premium planes that players paid real money for, with WG now telling them grind the plane or pay us MORE money. I had to split from there and it was this choice by WG in WoWp that pushed me over to [edited] ([edited]) for my air combat. Well that an the fact that their community rep over at WoWp NA didn't care if I left and felt no need to address any of my comments, seeming to have the attitude I needed WG and WG didn't need me. As well as lied on things he claimed I said in the forums. Now I can't even play WoWp as the time to kill (TTK) is absurdly high for me. I'm used to the faster TTK from [edited].
  3. How I'm feeling with WG in general.
  4. Screw this. I left World of Warplanes because they pulled some rubbish like this and wanted me to regrind everything, or give them money (even on premium planes that real money was paid for already). I want a simple game where I pick a tank/ship/plane and hit battle. Not have to grind, then regrind, then regrind. I have a job already that pays me. I don't need one that doesn't pay me.
  5. Izgoy0899

    Lady Lex vs T10 in 8.5 AA

  6. Izgoy0899

    The right way to fix OP ships

    There was a saying in the Army, mid 90s, that if you think something is unbreakable give it to a bunch of Pvts. After all when we were told that the ASAS was uncrashable first thing we tried to do was crash the government super computer. The point is current issue premiums need to stop being sold, both direct and loot box lottery, as it is hard to make an argument that they are OP when they are still being sold or used as bait to sell loot boxes. In time player attrition should thin the numbers. Any new premiums need to be balanced before release, if need be put a rental period on them, which would also work as advertising. Say a week or 2 weeks for the general player base to 'abuse' them to see where adjustments need to be made.
  7. I selected the coal reward option since I am trying to get coal to buy something in the Arsenal, and ended up getting a Super Container that gave me 100 flags and nothing more. I didn't want flags. If I wanted flags I would have selected the flag reward choice. So can we at least have the rewards match the choice made.
  8. Izgoy0899

    Let's compromise on the Missouri.

    I'm from St Louis, Missouri so the New Jersey means nothing to me other than an unpleasant stay at Ft Dix with Uncle Sam as my travel agent.
  9. Well I have already watched my T7 Saipan get retired into a T8 Saipan, which is NOT what I paid for. I bought it, like the Belfast, because they were T7 ships that would NEVER see T10 but now it (Saipan) is just an xp pinata for T10 players. I hate T10 games, and only own a few T8 ships for when I play with friends. Too bad CV rework and take our virtual worthless in game 'currency,' even though real money was paid for the ship, or piss off. You might take responsibility and actually balance ships before release, not nerf them a year or so after they were sold or teased in X-mas loot boxes. If you do go through with this, you will most likely learn the lesson that World of Tanks learned when they nerfed the Super Pershing, or their most recent attempt at a "Russian Refund" on PMM premium tanks. You will as well destroy a large part of the trust that consumers have for your product, as this will be counter productive to consumer faith and security in what you are selling.
  10. And for the EULA chanters, there are other options....like a letter campaign to your State Attorney General's office in regards to this. I know in Missouri, back in the day, Jay Nixon put Ms Cleo out of business for charging people while on hold. As well a letter campaign could be started to that Congressman from Hawaii that is already attacking game companies over loot boxes. He might have an interest in WG putting these premium ships in loot boxes to market them, only to bait and switch. More than one way to skin a cat.
  11. Izgoy0899

    Giulio - why should I EVER buy a premium again, Wargaming?

    I stated my opinion in my thread on this topic, and anything else would just be repeating myself right now. I'll just add that WG did give me a 30% discount, which I just let expire. No need to buy or spend anymore if you're not going to have what you paid money for later down the road. I also stopped playing WoWp over this same crap when they nerfed all the planes in the game, including premiums, telling players to regrind or pay more money for planes that players already paid real money for.
  12. And this is what the white knight fanboys defending WG don't understand. WG doesn't care about balance in their game, but rather milking money. If players do not stand against this mass nerfing now, the precedent that will be set is that WG will continue to create OP ships to sell into the game, only to nerf them later for the new favor of the month. And the fanboys here are cheering this, or saying don't spend money on the game. Who do you think keeps this game going? Free to play players, or those spending money on ships? WG wants to change ships for 'balancing' reasons fine, but give players a CASH $$$$ refund on the ships, since CASH $$$$ is what was paid for them. NOT their worthless virtual currency. This is the ONLY way to bring balance and to stop OP ships from coming out. Make Wargaming PAY $$$$ not punish the players/customers/CONSUMERS that are financially supporting this game, because WG doesn't want to properly balance ships before release. And yea, I still have ALL my sales confirmation emails from ships I bought, plus my Paypal history.
  13. I have watched my Saipan as of right now go from a T7 CV to a T8 CV. This ship was bought because it was a T7 ship that would NOT see T10, as I don't like T10 games and the few T8s I have are for when I play with people I know. Otherwise I don't like T10 for my own personal reasons. OK, no money back and just in game currency. If ANY more of my premium ships are nerfed in ANY way I want REAL $$$$ back, NOT your stupid virtual in game currency. As they would NEVER have been bought, and I would have kept my money. This bait and switch tactic that has started and now mass threatened is a complete betrayal of the players that financially supported your game. You, Wargaming, put out a product for sale under certain conditions. That product was sold under those conditions. If that product is faulty that is on you WG, NOT your consumer that paid REAL money for said product. If you don't like the condition of some products, maybe you shouldn't be releasing them in a condition that you don't like, not selling them and/or putting them in loot boxes to milk cash from your players. This creates a situation where WG not only betrays the consumers/players that have been financially supporting their game, but now will set a situation of bait and switch to where they can release a product in condition A (strong) to get as much cash as they can, leave it on sale for x amount of time to rake in sales either direct or loot boxes, then after that time they change it to condition B (weaker) and hide behind the EULA. Yes, I know the fanboys will come and white knight for WG, but EVERY player should be taking a stand to this not only on PRINCIPLE, but also the PRECEDENT that it WILL create.
  14. Izgoy0899

    Spending intentions poll

    I know if my premium ships keep getting altered I'm not spending anymore money on this game and warning everyone I know not to spend money on them.
  15. Izgoy0899

    Premium ship nerfs coming

    I have already watched the Saipan that real money was paid for because it was T7 and NOT T8 as I don't like T10, get moved to T8 now. This is NOT what I paid real money for, and what I purchased was changed out of what was originally bought. I DO NOT wish to see anymore of the ships that I paid REAL money for altered or changed anymore. I have stopped playing World of Warplanes (WoWp) and started playing War Thunder for my air combat now, after they nerfed all premium planes, telling players to grind or pay more money for planes they already paid real money for once, and turned the game into a slot machine casino. I also stop referring people I know to WoWp over this and have told people I know not to play the game. I have no problem cutting my loses and doing the same to WoWs, if they continue down this path of bait and switch putting out premiums in condition A for X amount of time to milk money, only to then after X amount of time change the ship you paid for to condition B which is lessor than what you bought. This as well destroys consumer confidence, and shows there is no security in giving money for anything. Yes I know the fanboys will come and white knight for WG over this, and really to me they are what is wrong with gaming today, allowing companies to just abuse customers. Like the ships, or hate them, everyone should be against this action on principle.