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  1. FDG - with the newest buffs she can be a handful, the 22 sec ? reload, keep the guns hot and don't be afraid to fire HE, esp if you run IFHE Yorck - stay at range and rain hellfire, survive and thrive late game with some nasty AP Hood - consistent pen damage all day, don't expect to cit too many higher tier BBs at range but aim for the upper belt/superstructure and the damage will pile up, reliable, accurate guns.
  2. Beatty_10

    Duca D'Aosta just appeared in my port!?!

    Grats OP! Duca maybe isn't such a great reward but a free ship is a free ship I say!
  3. Beatty_10

    Abysmal at the game.

    OP, it takes many battles to become good at this game. Be patient, don't advance up the tiers beyond where you feel comfortable, stick to one or two ships for a while and get used to their characteristics. Play, play, play - and those rewarding top-of-the team performances will start to become more frequent. Be very self-analytical/critical, set goals, and work on your weaknesses. And yes, watch iChase, Notser, Flamu, Mejash, Flambass, The Mighty Jingles (for the lols and history but not so much on gameplay knowledge), Yuro, Rusev, etc. They all can help in one way or another. Good luck and have fun! It's an incredible game!
  4. Beatty_10

    I'm tempted to Quit This Game

    I was in your shoes once too. And I've learned the game over 5000 battles now and I've finally become decent. It takes time and a lot of great advice was given inthe above posts. Follow the advice, it will work. If I had to highlight just a few priority items I'd say 1) focus on your positioning big time, its hugely important 2) make a habit of starting your battles at 1/2 speed or 3/4 speed for a few minutes, this slows your approach and gives you time to see where your teammates go and make positioning decisions 3) stay with your teammates, they can support you and take some of the incoming fire 4) study the concealment mechanics 5) study what Youtubers and streamers do that you can incorporate into your game. Good Luck! It's a wonderful game and a challenge to be successfull at but so very rewarding.
  5. Beatty_10

    This is why you want Guilio C

    Will Wargaming ever put GC back on sale as she is? Is she still an XMAS crate reward? They tried her at T6, backed off that rather quickly. I'd find it hard for WG to justify putting a ship on sale that they all but stated is OP. But $$ is $$ . . .
  6. Beatty_10

    Think I've played my last battle.

    WOWS is still the only game I play that gives me a spicy adrenaline boost and leaves me buzzing like an 8th grader who just discovered whip-Its. Just not as often as it used to.
  7. Beatty_10

    Neptune's Inferno Author In WoWs

    I just finished Neptune's Inferno, loved it and just got a copy of Last Stand . . . Hornfischer is engaging and detailed and tells a good story. I dig he's a WOWS player, good man, and good ship taste, yes :).
  8. Beatty_10

    Your very first Premium was?

    Dunkerque - challenging first premium, but I learned to love the Dunk.
  9. Beatty_10

    I, I, I - saw a Claus....

    Good to see Claus getting back to Ships. He's an entertaining WoT CC, puts a YouTube video out every day. Not a unicum at Tanks but he's good and is very ehhh . . . . honest and pulls no punches. He's hilariious at times, IMO. Clearly he hasn't played WoWS in a long time, though - keep at it, Claus. But I say Welcome Back Claus! I hope there is more WoWS content to come.
  10. Beatty_10

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    The link below is a great resource for tracking your Snowflake progress. https://steel.in.fkn.space/ If this was already posted, my apologies, but I didn't see it anywhere.
  11. Beatty_10

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Kelorn and crew, I love your work. I've been a listener for over a year maybe more, and I've always enjoyed the podcast. You present very professionally, it's truly well produced. But I often find myself wanting to comment or give feedback or add to a discussion but there isn't, to my knowledge, a covenient and direct way to do so. Have you thought about starting a YT channel to allow for that? There are likely many other listener who feel the same. I also think you guys are really hitting your stride with Aeroon. It takes time and reps to get comfortable with a new co-host but it seems like you have a solid working chemistry now. On a sour note, what was up with Zoup in Ep: 109? He sounded bored and disinterested at times, particularly towards the end when saying goodbye. I did hear his intro when he said he was very busy and implied he didn't have much time for Warships lately bc IRL. Was it something personal getting him down or did he have an issue with another guest or host or something? He just seemed like he didn't want to be there and came across very negative, which is unusual for him. It was a distraction and contrasted with the positive tone everybdy else had. Keep up the awesome work y'all!
  12. 31 games, all solo. 58% WR. Saved a star 6 times. I started out in the Konig and blew straight to Rank 6 with 1 loss in 7 games or so, saved the star irrc. Recognized the Cesear was going to be more competitive and switched to her for the remaining battles. Got hung up on Rank 5 adjusting to the shifting meta, better gameplay but saved stars enough that it didn't slow me much. Went out with style with by sinking a Kongo who was backing around an island about to finish me off. Blasted him first and won it and Ranked out at the same time. Glorious I tell ya! I had a ton of fun. I liked the shortened format. It allows for a sense of engagement, achievement, and completion for those of us who can't play 25 battles a day. Can the two Ranked modes co-exist? I think so.
  13. Beatty_10

    hows the helena?

  14. Beatty_10

    Too Many Resources?

    That's what I was trying to say . . .