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  1. WardedForbidden

    Defect of Montana, and Grober Kurfurst

    Who said Montana has bad armor? Montana angles and bounce well. I agree. GK, bounce all of AP shells hit except her superstructure. What I am questioning mainly is, again, she has unreliable citadel protection and gets unnecessary citadel penetration from weirdest angle on Main armor belt(except Yamato's cheek). Which T10 Battleships have this armor scheme like that; You do not ensure blocking any heavy AP from all range; slightly angled I bet it is not a concept that Montana was given.
  2. WardedForbidden

    Defect of Montana, and Grober Kurfurst

    I said, Montana does not have solid armor. Also SHS has very little pros then cons. It gains what like 1.1k more dmg/shell and loses shell velocity. you will find out little 263mm part citadel belt armor under thick 400mm part. That is what I pointed. Battlecruiser level of protection there. This unnecessary part makes her very vulnerable to long range AP shells and close range accurate shells when angled.
  3. I won't write all of pros and cons of Montana and Grober Kurfurst. Montana, despite of her lack of caliber, has very weird citadel protection. She has 260mm citadel belt located right under her 400mm(main upper belt) part. Iowa has thicker armor (270mm+38mm AT bulge) This thin part makes her very unreliable of protecting her citadels. Even moskva in 10km can penetrate her citadel in impact angle of 40' and Jean Bart's 15inch in 20km 20~30' (my experience when shooting montana) Every other T10 battleship(except yamasashi's cheek) can easily stop heavy AP shells when angled slightly(15~20' in long range, 30~40'in medium to close range) Does this unreliability work as concept of USN battleship line, or Montana? If not, I can strongly advise this part of armor is fixed in order to balance T10s. So how much? I hope 400mm(same as upper main belt) especially her armor is not inclined to 15'(like Iowa) GK is meant to take role of close range fighter. However,German battleship get their very bad gun arc in T9, T10. You can see turret stop rotating without any obstacles. This factor greatly limits performance of GK (which is meant to be charging.) The range and accuracy, are limiting factor due to her concept.(frankly, she needs least 21.6km range, same as Bismarck) But gun arc is different story. It is just irritating feature that does not accord to German Battleship concept. Thus, I greatly suggest her gun arc to be buffed to level of Bismarck.
  4. WardedForbidden

    Großer Kurfürst — German Tier X battleship.

    This German boat need her X,Y turret gun arc to be buffed. I'm not saying level of montana or yamato. Just buffing her gun arc like Bismarck would be lot comfortable to ride. Especially when she was thought to be in close range, but her close medium to close range(10~5km) fight capability is limited by her gun arc.
  5. WardedForbidden

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    Montana has the most unreliable citadel protection. Little gap of 260mm citadel belt exposed without bulge makes her being citadelable in moat absurd angles. When Every other T10 angles ship to 30~40 degrees within range of 10~5km even yamato’s shell have hard time penetration their citadel belt. This case is not for montana. Montana is citadeled by moskva range of 7km 40degree angle. More fun thing is, Iowa has thicker belt(270mm) + bulge = more protection compare to Montana..... This problem needs to be solved. Do you guys agree with my opinion?
  6. How to Farm EXP better?