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  1. Well that seems awfully convenient, you guys couldn't match it with the top teams and suddenly you have all lost interest? All that effort you put into creating those plays, all gone to waste. keh.
  2. Well of course he is much more careful, he is a f-ucking runt.
  3. At this very moment, I'm enjoying mingling with you common folk. Reliving the good old days. And if i'm being honest, i cannot wait for the next Ranked Season!
  4. How was the temperament when you finished 5th in season 2?
  5. My testicles are functioning so playing "league" isn't really up my alley, you on the other-hand..i'm sure you thrive playing league.
  6. Who is giving me a tryout? Best player on NA reporting. owait.
  7. Have you mistaken me for the fairy godmother?
  8. I was sitting and playing with your clan leaders when you decided to have a tantrum at my expense, don't even attempt to twist it any other way. You hated the fact your own clan members (at-least some) wanted to play with me. You're a slightly above average player in a dead clan. Well done. Once again uppercut yourself. Like i give a f-uck.
  9. My perception is flawed? Your own clan mates said you're a whiney bit-ch for those antics you pulled, why do you think your TS rights were removed? Once again, uppercut yourself.