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  1. The bulk population within this game play with their feet, or atleast their actions in game suggest this.
  2. I'd rather WG teach new players how to play. And I'm generally an [edited]-hole.
  3. Are we talking to the same guy who escorts carriers in his shima?
  4. I hate everything about this thread.
  5. According to a reliable wows stat tracking site there are currently 6182 active clans in the past 2 months.
  6. Congrats guys! Surprised we have yet to see you guys.
  7. Something Something Snowflake confirmed.
  8. OP is a snowflake, confirmed.
  9. Wait are you saying that strapping a flag on a real Destroyer doesn't limit your chances of a detonation?
  10. If only the HMS Hood has a signal flag that stopped the chances of a detonation occurring.
  11. Im more of a dark purple type of guy.
  12. This warms my heart to see such positive vibes regarding SALTY members.
  13. Our concerns may be heard, but unless it's fixed prior to clan wars starting tomorrow, it makes next to no difference. Me personally, I'm tired of these thoughtless decisions, for me clan wars was the reason I stuck around (despite my many failed attempts to quit) and with the news of the limitations of Clan wars, that to me is the nail in the coffin. Alienating a good portion of your playerbase is an excellent way to kick off what is supposed to be your next big game mode. Sadly the long wait was just not worth it.