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  1. It is so obvious that the bulk of wows players are 40+ years of age, simply unaware of how the internet works, you need a thick skin to be a gamer. This will never change, get used to toxicity, it is here to stay, not only in this game, but all games.
  2. 122 games to rank out. Atleast 20 of those games were "having some fun" and that cost me 20 loses. But oh so worth it.
  3. Tldr. Bad players will continue to be bad despite how many of these player made fixes are posted on the forums.
  4. Conduct in chat

    Some people are just not built for the internet, go back to your life underwater, wouldn't want to offend your moral compass.
  5. Stop complaining you little [edited].
  6. You're good enough to rank out, just takes a bit of luck and a lot of grind, even for the best players.
  7. I welcome others sailing into my shells and torpedos.
  8. I've always been more of a Storm Grey guy myself, sadly our Navy is adopting Haze currently.
  9. All these play for fun players, poor excuse for poor stats.
  10. It's not hard to tell if your team is going to win or lose, the actions of your team mates can tell you in the first couple of minutes. Stop being so precious.
  11. Alabama worth it?

    I prefer the NC.
  12. Play chappy. Wait until enemy DD enters a cap, pop radar and get as many shots in as possible. Retreat to safe distance and shoot anything that is spotted. When radar is available, repeat step one. Congrats, you just won the game or saved a star.