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  1. yo_nelson_

    7 games tonight

    I had issues with my mouse tonight as well. Cursor displayed as a double arrow cursor. Would turn my guns only if I went all the way to edge of screen and worked when zoomed in, but I couldn't even fire my guns when hitting the mouse button. Had to run for the border, restart the client and get back in to find half my team way behind. At least I was still alive, and my mouse did work like normal again after restart. Definite bug in the game.
  2. yo_nelson_

    Posts vs Battles

    This is the most pathetic excuse for what is essentially selfishness. Narcissistic behavior is nothing to be proud of.
  3. yo_nelson_

    The wonderful prizes of Wargaming

    Quick question. If you have all the ships for the T5 or T7 crates and you buy a crate do you get doubloons in the value of the ship you pulled? Or do you get something else?
  4. Thank you for posting this. I wasn't aware a calculator like this existed. Was this calculator released by WGing or is this developed by a 3rd party? I just want to know if WGing has verified its accuracy before I run my hypotheticals.
  5. yo_nelson_

    Picking a new ship, wanted to see what yall prefer

    Personally I would choose none of the above. With that being said. Given the choices at battleship you have I would choose Tirpitz. Not on your list that I'd actually choose is Massachusetts. Good all around BB with excellent long range secondaries and good survivability Given the choices at cruiser you have I would choose Prinz Eugen. Not on your list that I'd actually choose is Atago. Probably my favorite cruiser at T8. Deals excellent damage at its tier and above. Good survivability, decent torps. Excellent kiting boat with heal that allows you to disengage in situations where you are outnumbered and outgunned.
  6. Would it be possible for WGing to put out side by side examples of what current earnings versus rework earnings would look for a few games? As an example you could pick the extremes. 1. No camo, no econ flags. 2. All econ flags with spring sky. 3. All econ flags with all special econ flags and spring sky. Run all 3 scenarios and post side by side results for each scenario for finishing first, last or middle of the pack. Alternatively, allow members to send you current games they'd like simulated. Would be a great way to end speculation. So far the speculation is brooding because the comparison has been shielded by walls of text that I know have been put out in the name of transparency, but in actuality aren't conveying a transparent message (at least for me).
  7. yo_nelson_

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    I'm only a quarter of the way through the interview, so will reserve judgement until the end. But so far been quite interesting. Thank you posting this link.
  8. yo_nelson_

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    I think his question isn't is if it is influenced by players. At some level of course it is. I think the real question is if the direction of the game is influenced enough by player input and whether in the end player input really matters for crucial decisions. It's a valid question. WGing made a statement some months ago about increased transparency in regards to game direction and development. There has been increased communication imo. But that increase in communication has not necessarily translated into transparency.
  9. yo_nelson_

    Is WoW truly consumer driven?

    You sound like the money guys on TV trying to explain why the market went up or down the day after the market went up or down. The WoWs proverbially monetization "rock" began rolling down the mountain far earlier than the threat of the current conflict generated global economic conditions, inflation or the possibility of a recession.....
  10. yo_nelson_

    are there less xp in steam rolls?

    Simplest answer....yes the shorter the random game, the less you can accomplish, the lower the expected base xp overall. Why the unicum clan members in division give so many shout outs in their streams to guys on their team who die extending the game and their farming.
  11. yo_nelson_

    A one question survey

    Are you sure they don't represent the player base? I know I don't post much, but I check the forums almost everyday. I give my 5 thumbs up or down (ask yourself why they limit reactions....must be too many positive ones right?) to the posts that best represent me. I, like many, don't have time to write a novel of opinions/posts like many of the folks here apparently do. If I did it wouldn't be pretty. Been here since 2016. I had a game with 4DDs/4CAs/4BBs same tier game a couple of weeks ago. Would have rated that game well balanced and fun. 10/10 game. Reminded me of 2016. Those games are few and far between tho. State of the game right now in my opinion is 5/10 at best.
  12. I agree completely with this. Although recently I wonder if it is actually intended by Wargaming. In a time where WGing seems to want to throw the brakes on economy earnings, is it a coincidence that blowouts are occurring? If I'm not mistaking there is less xp, free xp and credits for both sides if a blowout occurs.
  13. yo_nelson_

    Tier 10 is too easy

    For what it is worth if people are ever interested in what your stats look like in the current meta the website https://proships.ru/stat/na/p allows you to see your stats for different time periods than na.wows. For instance if you want to know what you did last month, year to date, 2021, 2020, overall then you can break those time frames out and look. Not saying it is the best site in the world, but it does allow for some of us who have been playing the game a long time to have a better sense of where we are at with gameplay now vs overall. The website is in russian, so I view it in google chrome and translate it.
  14. Why was this post moved to the game support bug reporting thread? Just odd.........
  15. yo_nelson_

    Do NOT play Brawl

    Just because he can hear doesn't mean he actually listens. @Boggzy SBMM comment at the beginning of this thread and the follow-up nonsense on "respectfully" that's not what he implied is exactly the garbage many of us long term solo based average skill level players are fed up with. This mode isn't even close to a SBMM that many have been arguing for.........not even close.