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  1. Like any generalization, and calling out O7/OO7/QQ7 as a whole is one, there will be exceptions to the rule. The O7/OO7/QQ7 clan is just one that comes to mind because of a recent experience, but they aren't the only clan I could put into this category. I'm not going to deep dive into individual players in an open forum, but like any group there are good apples and bad apples. And there are some bad apples in those clans. I ran into a couple of them last night. Got team killed by one of them for a presumed "steal" kill. And yes I contacted the individual players (whom I will not name and shame in this venue) to ask what I should have done differently. I got the usual, you are a garbage player nonsense. No actual advice. I was shocked at how high these players are in the clan hierarchy. I get the "people writing off good players as toxic and elitist has become the hallmark of the forums" comment to an extent. But honestly there is a subset of top players that deserve to be labeled toxic and elitist.
  2. My comments are from the perspective of a solo player who is committed to a one man clan to stop the incessant asks to join a clan. So take my comments for what they are worth. Been playing the game for 4+ years at an average level and have realized a few things that won't be popular to Wargaming. 1) The game is free but not really. You'll have to pay something to be competitive. 2) The really good clans are made of two types of people. Those like WOOKY that want to help teach game play concept to the little people like me and the 07, 007, QQ7 type clans that just want to use the rest of us to build their stats in division and ultimately be given free ships from Wargaming through test. Don't ask players from the latter for help learning game play. They won't help. Not in their DNA. 3) Don't fall for the gimmicks. The boxes are just gambling. The dockyard ships are not really that elite but you will pay either a massive amount of time or money to get them. 4) Mods are the norm. Some are legal. Many are not. To play legal use the mod station. Use the mods like the ones that indicate enemy boat momentum to help you aim. 5) In game gifts like supercontainers are just fodder to keep you playing. Most are either flags or premium days that you have and don't need. 6) Matchmaking is broken. It is not skill based. Many games are lopsided due to uneven skill match. Elite clans out of division seem to be placed on the same team. Rich get richer and the rest of us just suffer. I'm sure there will be quite a few people who disagree with this assessment. We can agree to disagree. I'll be surprised if this even makes it to the forum without being culled from the herd.
  3. yo_nelson_

    Naval History in Photos: Project HULA

    It's 2020 and we still have Soviet propaganda. Yikes
  4. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    You seem like a person who likes math. Lets say a Player has 5.8K games at 50% WR. How many games do they have to win out of their next 5K to get 60%? And should historic stats matter or current stats for MM?
  5. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    You tell me how you carry against that opposition. And I'm in a clan lol
  6. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Textbook example of what is wrong with matchmaking. Look at these matched lineups. Predicted this result before game had loaded. Getting tired of this nonsense. Time to take my hard earned dollars somewhere else.
  7. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Yet another guy that gets what we all want. Thank you Crucis
  8. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    I think I have agreed with you almost every comment in this thread. Agreeing again. Look me up in game I'll fight with you and your reason.
  9. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

  10. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Your love affair with win rate continues. What does "your teams don't change but your impact does" mean. Your teams change every battle unless you are running in division or sync dropping multiple divisions. It has been the experience of many of us that the games are stacked with better players on one team and lesser players on the other (an example was given earlier in this thread). You can pick pretty readily who is going to win based off of the lineups in a random before the game has even started. An example: If one team has 5 players not affiliated with a clan and the opposite team is all carrying clan tags that is a pretty good indication that one team is loaded with new players and the other is not. The lack of skill match leads to lopsided games. Lopsided games lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Wargaming does enough surveys that they should know this by now. I am advocating for a MM where skill is matched and the natural effect is that WR will tighten around the 50% mark. It means the games are balanced. Use other stats to separate good from bad players. I can't imagine good players are afraid of fighting their peers. I would think they would enjoy the challenge.
  11. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    So lets say you take out a boat and do 200K dam, kraken and take 2 caps. You have 5 achievements after the battle. You lose. The loss is what is reflective of your contribution? The loss is the least reflective stat in regards to that game.
  12. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    Just more excuses. Your win rate is NOT based off your contribution in battle. Win loss is binary. Your contribution in a battle is nowhere near binary. The 11 other guys in a random matter. This is not a hard concept.
  13. yo_nelson_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    So many excuses about why no skilled based MM by Wargaming. The current system is one where the rich (better players) get richer and the poor (worse or new players) get poorer. The random games are lopsided as far as talent and experience. The way MM is currently does not allow a player to improve. Once you are pigeon holed into the bad player category it becomes next to impossible to move out of it. In the interest of fair play the game should be balanced by skill level. There are so many parameters by which it could be done (avg dam, games in ship, avg xp in ship). Note none of them are win rate. Win rate will balance at near 50% if MM works correctly. The more important stats will still separate the good players from the bad statistically. Wargaming does not want it to work that way. I don't understand why. Lifting up the masses of improving/new players has to be better for their financial bottom line than supporting the few elite players looking to keep their already padded win rates high. My 2 cents.