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  1. I run cruisers almost exclusively (80+%) and have most of the T10 tech tree ones. All things considered I prefer Zao. Extremely versatile boat for all the reasons that have been stated in earlier posts. Would be my first if I had to choose. My second tho would be.....Venezia. Offers smoke, spotting plane, heal and devastating SAP. Can be played up close and just plain delete DDs or at mid to long range where a single salvo can do 10-15 K damage on cruisers and BBs. Reload is decent, shells hit true and arcs are easy to aim. IMO it is a ton of fun to play. Good luck and happy hunting!
  2. Pull 15....all doubs in port. No more out of my wallet.
  3. yo_nelson_

    Changes Happen in all games

    I appreciate the point of view that the original poster was trying to make. But this is not a reality game confined by the limits of a human being (i.e the examples of real world games based off of physical ability, work and training that you gave). This is a game confined by the limits of the programmers that make the game. Those rules were changed to benefit the makers who profit from the game not the players of the game. Take a step back....think as though you had no investment in the game then reassess. If you spent 5 years investing in this game with your money (real money not some [edited] made up gifted money). How would you feel?
  4. yo_nelson_

    Changes Happen in all games

    see post below
  5. yo_nelson_

    Changes Happen in all games

    This is not a change that hurts new players at all. New players are mailable. They have little invested and little to lose. This commander respec hurts long term players the most. Players that know their boats....know their strengths.....know the capt skills that up until this re work were optimized. This rework is a big FU to long term players. The Wargaming powers that be literally changed everything about the boats that we regulars run. I refuse to respec a captain under this environment. I think it is a bait and switch. Free respec......then the next patch and then not free. Screw that....I'm holding my cards. Let them adjust their mistake. I'm running zero point capts with boats with no upgrades. Honestly just running the 30 boats with snow flakes I have left in coop. I have a major amount of premium saved. No investment in this game from me moving forward. I'll get 6 friends I know to use and abuse them for benefits in scenarios fully loaded with flags at no cost. And yes WGaming has not spent a thought recently into expanding scenarios or new maps or literally anything that doesn't abuse the aft of your boat or your body. No investment in this game moving forward. Just play for free. Wait them out. Patience is a virtue.
  6. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    I'm sorry you took offense.
  7. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    As a supertester the perks must be really good. I have no other explanation for why a player would vehemently defend this captain "rework" as much as you have. The task of defending the indefensible must get tiring.
  8. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    I'd argue that in many cases it is asking for payment for a more inferior product than the one you owned
  9. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    I know it doesn't count for or against your account if you are in the test ship. I'm talking about the situations where I see two test ships and a regular/premium ship in division. Your buddy running with you in a non-test ship..... his stats count. And while your game doesn't count for your account it certainly counts for my account. It costs me flags and camo and time. When multiple OP test ships run together in div it often sways the team metrics such that if you are on the opposing team it is much more likely than not that you lose. I'd love to see some wargaming stats about how well their test ships do in and out of div (with and without other test ships in div) when being tested against the rest of us. They will never show that data. Honestly, I'd be okay if wargaming would at least give me my flags and camo back after being flogged as an unwitting participant in their test game. I know that won't happen either.
  10. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    Please.......just no. How much would it cost to move a 21 pt capt to a 25 pt capt? On Wargamings sliding scale of insanity what would that be? 10-15 million in commander xp per captain? You'd still be pigeonholed into class specific skills which leaves boats like light and super cruiser classes woefully unequipped. On another note, Navalpride33 must have been giddy reading your post. He's looking in a mirror right now saying "See they asked for it! Here it comes!" lol
  11. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    I've got a handful of phases left as well. I'll get it finished then I think it is time for me to take a break from this game. I've played 80+% of my games in cruisers as I enjoy the diversity of their play. But the skill rework would make you believe that all types/styles are the same. The obvious example of super cruisers without access to BB skills.......why even play them? I'm of the mindset that I'll give Wargaming a chance to do the right thing here and fix this. But they aren't getting another dime from me until they do.
  12. yo_nelson_

    How to Kill a Game....

    It's been a good run WOWs. But I think the powers that be at Wargaming have finally succeeded in undoing themselves. Been a long time player and know many long time players. Many have quit the game in the last few days. Many have taken the stance of "won't give another penny to wargaming until they fix this mess". And the mess they are referring to is not a one off. It has been several years in the making. How many grinds does a player have to make to an OP boat to earn it and then see it get nerfed? How many CVs do we have to see that have metrics that just screw us all? How many dockyards does a player have to commit time and money to only to find out it was worth neither? How many times do we have to see OP clans running multiple OP test boats in div to pad their stats? How many boxes does a player have to buy before they find out that they are rigged? And how many boats does a player have to research, equip and build 19 point captains for just to see a rework that literally changes everything? If you are new to the game then this is no sweat off your back. If you have been here for several years you recognize this for what it is. A cash grab by Wargaming to get folks that need a little push to invest more time or preferably money to advance 19 point captains to 21 point captains. Or at the very least a push to get players playing more to figure our how to play again under the new conditions. More play equals more pay. Simple economics. Many of us have just had enough.
  13. yo_nelson_

    WOW questions from a new(er) player......

    Your stats look exactly like mine or better 3K games in. IMO the only way to get better is to play randoms. Bots teach you to shoot and not much else. I use coop to complete missions faster not too get better. Also I'm not sure that I entirely agree with those telling you to stay at mid tiers because your stats are better there. It has been my experience that the strategy at lower tiers is not necessarily translatable to higher tiers. Maps are different, boats are different, etc. Your stats will get better at each tier the more games you play in that tier. I'm more of a lone shark than most so don't div much, but if you can find players like some of the above who have shown a willingness to div with you then that is a great way to learn and at same time improve your stats. As far as in game salt. There sometimes is some knowledge in it, but often it is just whining or scapegoating. At this point I'm fairly certain you have figured out which is which. Ignore the unsavory part of it and benefit from the knowledge part. In the end this is a game. Most old guys like me play to decompress from stressful real world lives, not get more stressed. Keep sailing and have fun.
  14. yo_nelson_

    Balanced Match

    The games way of reminding us all to div in same tier only. I'm sure you had quite a few teammates remind you of this throughout the game. If you managed to literally do anything of substance in this game I bet the xp and cred benefits were good.
  15. yo_nelson_

    KAGA Needs Buffed!

    KAGA is no different than the rest of the CVs. They all need to be buffed right out of the game like a scratch on a car.