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  1. sitkaspring

    Lag spikes

    Same problem - Verizon
  2. According to WOWS Stats it has a better win rate than Furutaka, Omaha amd Emerald so its not bottom of the barrel.
  3. The longest 3:35 of my life !
  4. sitkaspring

    weird pop-up this morning

    I got a free crate.
  5. sitkaspring

    Avoid NA servers this morning, AFK Bonanza

    I had one battle where I didn’t load in until it was almost over so it may be a tachnical thing going on.
  6. sitkaspring

    Free SC? What's the catch?

    Yep, I got one with 50 leprechaun camos (not signals like I said before) Don’t know why unless WG is taking pity on me ?
  7. sitkaspring

    “Special” signals - I can’t find them

    Not from Sitka but visited there just prior to making up gamertag. A truly beautiful place. Feel a bit of a fool not knowing enough to scroll down to find special flags but also relief from the frustration of not being able to use them. Now that I know, its like finding a treasure chest filled with 126 signal flags !
  8. sitkaspring

    “Special” signals - I can’t find them

    Bless you !
  9. I’m still a noob but at Level 15. My inventory says I have over 120 Special Signals such as Dragon , Hydra, Wyvern etc I have been awarded or received in crates yet they dont appear with the regular signals under the Exterior tab. I’d really like to use them since I’ve been doing my best to improve and need all the help I can get. I’ve looked at the wiki and the forums but can’t find anything that explains where they are since they aren’t with the regular signals. Can someone help ? Thanks.
  10. sitkaspring

    bad managment

    What are the “warnings” of which you speak ?
  11. sitkaspring

    Wrong Answers Only: 15

  12. sitkaspring

    Wrong Answers Only: 06

    USS Ronald Reagan using the holographic camo released to the fleet.