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  1. The trait of the RN bb's is to not count on the ap to work on other bb's at range. Use HE if the AP aint working.
  2. Well, the issue is that there is not really any other way of doing it without sacrificing control of the squadrons.
  3. Cruisers are not bad ships at all, people don't understand that those class of ships take skill and planning. And battleships are not bow on most of the time time anyway. Cruisers punish bbs by using thier HE to damage bow on tactics. Whenever i go on these forums, people make the game out to be that Battleships are invincible crushing every other ship class that doesn't have a chance to fight back. If a cruiser meets a battleship, they will most likely die due to the rock paper scissors mechanic. BBs beat Cls and CAs which beat DDs which beat BBs. While there is wiggle room for each ship class to reverse this mechanic, this is the basic premise. If you play a cruiser, dont be a dummy and go to where all the bbs will shoot you. And battleships who do go into areas with lots of enemies won't last long. This game aint perfect, but stop trying to change the whole game to fix an issue that is over exagerated
  4. I'm confused about what your asking. In options there is an option to put voiceover modification as "national", this changes the voice language to the country you are using. ie. playing Japanese ships has a Japanese voice, and vice versa for other nations. If your asking about a mod that changes the voices used in-game, I don't know mods that do that, look around for them.
  5. Of Course Russian cruisers radar isn't changed at all lol.
  6. Whenever a new ship line is due to come out, people claim it will ruin the game. You can never tell until its played by people and used on live servers.
  7. Well, the Japanese destroyers are pretty much the only line that is torpedo based. The Germans, Americans, and Russians have far superior guns making them deadly to Japanese destroyers. But in turn, you can get better stealth allowing you to sneak up on the opponent. Idk what you could change but the line is tricky because it takes a lot of skill to master. But when you do master it, unlike me, the rewards can be huge.
  8. Whats a game arena? And I thought testers weren't allowed to talk about that stuff. Anyway, the preferences were the problem, the game probably had trouble loading settings if the quick commands keyboard layout was different than default. Since the change was made to a circle layout of commands such as in Wot Xbox, the game couldn't load in. Putting in backup preferences resets it so the game can load in.
  9. I'm having the same exact problem, I'm guessing the update did something to mess it up. I'm going to try to wait to see if they patch the problem, if not then i'll have to call support.
  10. Thanks for the help everyone.
  11. Take a look at this photo: I played a game in my Shchors and won, this means that the daily win bonus should not appear on the ship, yet it does. To Prove this was taken right after the battle, you can only see the game I won in my session. The Galissonniere does not have a win bonus and that was done earlier in the day, hence why it doesn't show it in battles on the right. In fact I'm not sure I even received the XP I won in the game, but that's another issue. Any explanations for this?
  12. So I've been trying the new Ultra sound thingy dingy. First off, not sure where to adjust settings as it claims. Second, some sounds have issues, such as a delay between destroying a ship and hearing the "badink" sound, and no sound sometimes in battle loading screen. Other than that it seems fine, just think the Ultra sound thing needs to be tweaked.
  13. What are your guys thoughts about this? I think it would be a cool feature to still be able to chat while in a battle. Of course, the channel should be accessed through using the tab key and going into the added "channels" tab. I'm only bringing this up because I want to send off a quick message in the battle loading screen but get cut off when Match Making has completed. Also, it's frustrating when trying to communicate with contacts who are in battle and you have to wait for them before they can respond. Of course adding this function may be hard for WG as port and battle are two separate worlds, and maybe it wouldn't be bad to bridge those two worlds together.
  14. CA USS Portland T-7 BB USS California T-6 That's all I could think of for now