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  1. IDK what they plan, 5 days left tho
  2. I didn't mean "you people" in that way. I'm gonna go hide in a corner now...
  3. You people like polls so here you go
  4. Des Moines lookin fine

    The Des Moines is my first and only tier 10, and I freaking love it.
  5. Uhm...If i saw an iowa I would sh*t my pants. In fact when I first saw the USS New Jersey in real life, I was very intimidated. Even in game its scary.
  6. Wow, very in depth. Although, I usually just guess when aiming against angled targets. Over time you'll know exactly where to aim with angled targets and hope that most of your shells hit. I've aimed so many shots in my 3k + games that it's muscle memory at this point.
  7. Dude, go on the wiki and check out how many maps there are in the game. Yes I would like more maps but there are plenty right now.
  8. The reason cruisers and dds don't push is becuase they are not willing to get too close to bbs that would nuke them. Cruisers have all of the motivation, that's why they use islands, smoke and tactics to get the most damage while still staying alive. Pushing in a cruiser usually doesn't end well, they need cover and an escape route.
  9. If you make it to tiers 8-10, playing at tiers 1-4 is the best becuase of seal clubbing. Tier 6 is the first taste of higher tier meta that players will feel, while tier 7 is a bridge between high skill tier 8-10 game play. Tier 7 has modern, well performing ships that are fun to play without unicum high tier dummies that ruin the game (as long as you don't get upteired too hard).
  10. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    World of tanks has voice and a well thought out tutorial explaining basic game mechanics and how to move. While the current tutorial has some of these aspects, it doesn't go deep enough. Playing the introductory battles make new players feel lost and confused when compared to world of tanks tutorial.
  11. Monarch

    The trait of the RN bb's is to not count on the ap to work on other bb's at range. Use HE if the AP aint working.
  12. Well, the issue is that there is not really any other way of doing it without sacrificing control of the squadrons.