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  1. I checked your stat, your main problem is you cannot fight enemy DD. 51.7% solo WR, 27k avg.damage and 0.64 avg.frag means you're only an average DD player. to fix that, try to improve your average frag first, by hunting enemy destroyer and not to die at the same time. Once enemy DD is dead, you can effectively cause positive impact to your team, by capping and torpedoes spamming. and sorry, DD's WR is the most important thing, due to DDs are highly impact to victory.
  2. NoobDD

    Smoke or no smoke?

    As long as you can keep spotting enemy, smoking is fine. If the smoke will kill all the vision of your team, smoke will kill your teammate. And BTW, smoke is torpedoes magnet, once you pop smoke there is about a hundred coming toward it.
  3. NoobDD

    Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    In rank you want to max out your influence, if your ship that someone can do the same job and better than you, It;s not suitable in rank, for example. Shimakaze, who can deliver 15 torpedoes in one salvo, more than all other DD in TX. IF you can torp well, you have the influence. Gearing, 21mm plate that can shatter 128mm HE gun and have the best smoke generator in TXDD. Use your 21mm advantage well and smoke your teammate while spotting, you have influence. and then we are here Yueyang, your smoke is good in random but in rank, due to radar ship positioning is way better than random, smoking gun fight is pretty useless. But IF YY runs radar, you can bring radar into the area that your teammate radar ship cannot radar, meanwhile YY's torpedoes in the most concealed torp, best classic destroyer. If you can do everything that destroyer has to do well at the same time, you have influence. Grozovoi, best gun in TXDD, but not even close to CA's gun means this advantage is not a real advantage ( Moskva and Des monies can do your job better) , repair party is. Keeps enemy destroyer away with your huge HP advantage you have the influence. Harugumo, best DPS in game, with IFHE can pen 32mm plate of all CACL and BB's deck, no problem evaporate enemy destroyer. 93mod3 torp*12 is close to shimakaze's 15. due to it's maneuverability, you're playing more like a CL, accept that you cannot do destroyer's job you have influence. Khabarovosk is a cruiser. Daring is not out yet but it's role is like Grozovoi, stay defensive, use 5.5 concealment and it's sheer power. Z-52, hydroacoustic search is for contently spot enemy capping destroyer, which can be replace by radar easily. Worst gun in TX means you cannot fight any other destroyer If you're not in dominant place. the era of Z-52 is history, accept it. But if you only want to keep star, use Harugumo, farm as much damage as you can.
  4. NoobDD

    Z-52 in Ranked

    Imagine how you hunt a Z-52 in radar Yueyang that's why.
  5. NoobDD

    Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    High league clan battle disagree. In your opinion, less used means bad. yeah Worcester is the worst CL and Grozovoi is the worst destroyer, Midway is better than Hakuryu and Republic the the worst BB.
  6. NoobDD

    Jack Dunkirk for RN DDS

    no concealment, my eye is bleeding.
  7. NoobDD

    Vote for worse 10 destoyer

    Where is the vote? (X IMO Z52 is weak because of radar overpopulation. All the TX destroyer have their own play style. huh hard to play = weak = bad hummmmm~~~~~~
  8. NoobDD

    Leningrad needs Buff

  9. NoobDD

    Best Arsenal Upgrades for dd play

    engine boost for every destroyer, hydro for Z-52, radar for Yueyang岳陽.
  10. NoobDD

    Z-39 Nerf?

    I hope my z-52 can have 11km torps, poor fact that german torpedo max rang is 10.5km. Z-23 is 8.5km torp and Z-39 is a sister ship of Z-23, so she got 8.5km too.
  11. NoobDD

    Thinking about my Z-52 captain...

    this, only 2 skill point. best skill for any destroyer.
  12. Love to see there a large group of passionate player in the game, I like what you done to your recruitment picture and other glittering video. There is some bad things happened, don't let them got you, good luck and fair seas.
  13. after patch, IJN 100mm HE shell has better pen depth than all other nation 127-130, yes with IFHE it's a monster. Akizuki gets the gun buff and hull nerf at the same time, unlike our mighty weeb ship Harekaze. huehuehue... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ USN 5'' buff? RIP Gearing 21mm plate.
  14. cuz YY can have RDF too, and it's concealment is 0.3 better than Z-52. In most situation z-52 seek the enemy, slowdown and smoke hydro, and everyone know rush into z-52 smoke is suicide, YY just needs to turn away and radar the Z-52 out. In same level of game play, Z-52 got spotted first by concealment disadvantage, YY gets to attack first. USN HE is way better than KM HE,, damage-wise YY is better. After they spotted each other, Z-52's only option is to run away, apart from DPS disadvantage, Z-52's hull is easier to hit and gets damaged by CAAP and BBAP, even though Z-52 has higher health pool, YY can easily dodge most of the incoming shell. the deference between DM's radar and YY's radar is you can see DM 10.6km away and get radar 9.9km, slow USN shell cannot deal damage efficiently. But when it comes to Yueyang, both of you spotted at close range 6.1km and 5.8km, both of you can deal a mount of damage to each other, if YY runs away, he can radar z-52 and keeps him spotted another 24sec, if YY bow in, Z-52 can hardly kill it with low DPS main gun. BTW, YY's radar is base 20s, with radar upgrade It reach 24s, long enough to take away half of Z-52 health.
  15. NoobDD

    Mk 16 Mod 1 for Yueyang?

    So you want Chungmu torp on Yueyang ya? Interesting. Second, 13.5 is just enough for TX battle. 10.5km torp can hardly hit any opponent running away. 16.5km Gearing torp is the only functional long range torp in game, 13.5 is the little bit short than that but still long enough, I don't think replacing the range advantage with the reload which Z-52 is still better that fletcher.