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  1. LOL, I know right? That is why I said I was scrapping the bottom of the barrel to think of some downside to this suggestion. Other than that and the loss of virtual "rarity" (who cares) of each look, it's really only a good thing.
  2. Renaming John Doe

    ^This. ^THIS. The use of "John Doe" makes sense. Everyone, calm down please and remember that WG is concluding their collaboration with Steven Seagal. Do you know what the latest news about Seagal are? His latest movie, or TV show? No, the latest news about this guy are the accusations of sexual harrasment and sexual assault against him. So yeah, in a sense, Seagal is quite literally a John Doe to WG, either because of legal reasons or because he is "dead to them". In that sense, I even find it fitting, and clever. Maybe a bit funny lol, but idk, I am not from the US so I'm not one to be offended by any of this. Oh and inb4, I am not certain about the details of the reasons WG has for finishing said collaboration, but it all makes sense. Cheers, and please calm the heck down. edit: I find it funny that only 2 people have even sparsely mentioned the fact.
  3. Personally, I would absolutely love to have what you describe, or something similar. The only downsides (and I am scraping the barrel here) I can think of are that this might dilute the "impact" or "significance" of a certain scheme in battle, where players would look at a Type 59 ship and know that they are dressing in something special and rare, which might be interpreted as "this guy is going all out" or "this person has one of those hard to obtain camos, maybe they are dangerous". Other than that, really, I don't see any problems with this ATM. I agree with this suggestion.
  4. Saludos Reiven, yo soy de Chile y no tuve problema alguno en comprar cofres de Santa el día 16, con una tarjeta de débito local. Yo también te sugiero enviar un ticket a soporte preguntando por tu problema, antes de acudir a tu banco o empresa de tu medio de pago. Nos vemos!
  5. Forum Game - Word Association

    Kii is expensive :(