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  1. When Coco-kaichou featured your mod, I became aware of it and found your Asia forums post, but could not comment because I play only on NA. Now, during this Update day when we have to reinstall mods, I see you posted here too! So please ROKA_-sensei, have my deep thanks for this mod! Brings me giggles and smiles even in the most chaotic battle! Thank you! PS: Also thank you for the Kizuna Ai mod, which I will try now.
  2. Fideljok

    Santa Container Survey

    All data is useful, as long as it's true, Indy (Tower1056). I also punched in my report of Monaghan and KRASNY MEME, from 20 crates.
  3. Fideljok

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Kii is expensive :(