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  1. Merry Xmas, and thx for all the work you do. 🎅
  2. My bad, I forgot to change the amount of RPC in the description to three, Fixed, thanks for spotting that. :)
  3. JobyNA

    New Russian BB - "K.I.M"??

  4. Soviet DD Split: DD R-10 is a good hint.
  5. WoWs Unpack Tool not working for 0.9.6 PT Files?
  6. JobyNA

    German CV's inbound

    Z-35 Now Tier VIII Main Characteristics of Z-35 In terms of gameplay, Z-35 –like other German destroyers– is versatile. Because of the availability of "Hydroacoustic Search", a fast "Smoke Generator" reload, good main calibre guns, and a large Hit Point pool, the destroyer is capable of fighting for key areas as well as battling almost any opponent. However, lacking the "Engine Boost" consumable makes it hard for her to immediately change position in case of danger. Key Features: * 128 mm guns with good rate of fire. HE-shells have low maximum damage, but a high penetration capacity of 32mm, and AP shells have high maximum damage; * Low Torpedo Range; * Good amount of Hit Points; * No "Engine Boost" Consumable; * "Smoke Genrator" consumable similar to British destroyers, with a high number of charges and fast reload. Soirce: https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/04/z-35-german-tier-ix-premium-destroyer.html
  7. JobyNA

    Help a Friend – win a Ship!

    Thanks for the Alaska :)
  8. JobyNA

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel 2

    I have a feeling HGU is correct, these will more than likely be premium shop ships, and more than likely an added mega bundle with all the ships. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/p/premium-ship-value-doubloons.html
  9. Does anyone have an official source?
  10. JobyNA

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    I presume that for the players that paid 59k Doubloons for the ship outright, will be refunded if any future sale of the ship is at a value lower to what they paid. Also, If WG had of stated in the beginning that the PR could possibly be bought for cash or an alternative resource at a future date, then quite a few players would not have bought outright, or spent many hours playing soul destroying directives in order to get this ship.
  11. JobyNA

    Premium Izumo?

    Updated: https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/11/bajie-tier-ix-premium-pan-asian-battleship.html
  12. JobyNA

    Pan-European destroyer tech tree inbound.

    SMALAND European (Swedish) Tier X Destroyer WIP Stats World of Warships https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2019/12/smaland-european-swedish-tier-x-destroyer.html