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  1. GhostWarrlor

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Played my first game in a new Ranger, after the game and 2 kills, I had no interest in playing another game, it kind of reminded me of games I play on my smartphone whilst sitting in the waiting room at the Dr's.
  2. GhostWarrlor

    Merry Christmas to me.

    Well done @hacmapky now spend some time with the family and have a very merry xmas.
  3. GhostWarrlor

    Carpet bombing: RN carrier 'perk'

    I think you might be right about WG being lazy.
  4. GhostWarrlor

    Wargaming, are you going to ruin Co-op too?

    I have not seen any differences in difficulty on T1 PTS, maybe you were just having a bad day or two.
  5. GhostWarrlor

    Summer sale

    Put your money back under the mattress for this ship. Blyskawica or Sims after Ashitaka.
  6. Rest in Peace dear brother of the game, I did not know you, but from what I have read about you, then I wish I had of.

    It is always a loss when such a person as you departs us here in the mortal world, but I am sure you are still with us spiritually.

    God bless you brother.

    GhostWarrior (NA) & iJoby (EU)