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  1. Silisquish

    Stream Rewards in 0.8.7 – the Full Guide

    Will we have to enter any activation codes or will we get the missions automatically just by watching? Also, if no code, will we have to post chat comments every once in a while to show that we're actually watching it/not afk?
  2. Silisquish

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Why do people think like this nowadays? 20 years ago players were happy playing multiplayer first person shooters with no progression system and the same 10 or so weapons, because the game itself was its own reward. Or play multiplayer strategy games with the same 2-3 factions and also no progression. The "content cap" was reached on day one, and people still continued to "experience" the game. Now game devs like WG seem to be terrified of what might happen if players manage to unlock/buy all the ships they want to. It's like they forgot why people play games. Or maybe they think their own game is such garbage that nobody will play it unless they can "trick" players into grinding new tech lines or in this case, re-grinding old lines. What an absolutely sad gaming philosophy - it's like WG devs are suffering from collective self-esteem issues.
  3. Silisquish


    Did you get 8 defeats in a row playing coop games?
  4. Silisquish


    You don't need to keep a log; in the game if you go to your 'Profile' and click 'Summary' you can see stats for all of your ships. There's also this and this
  5. Silisquish

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    Yeah. It seems they've made up their minds and will force you to sell them at half price and buy them again later - but will give everyone free premium consumables as the default consumable to compensate... in their minds this is 10/10 logic
  6. Silisquish

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    WG says they're going to make premium consumables the new default, free consumables. They said they were going to do this to compensate for how expensive it'll be to sell everything at half price and re-purchase everything when doing the NTC/Research Bureau re-grind. So, I am guessing they won't auto-demount anything because that's their "solution"... kind of a weird solution but hey at least everyone gets free premium consumables when the Research Bureau update comes out! ...unless they changed their minds about that
  7. Silisquish

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.7

    They could make Karl von Müller, the German captain of the Emdem into a unique commander. I learned about him from Jingles
  8. Silisquish

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    Assumption? Well.. no; I made instructions not assumptions - which is funny, because I did in fact assume that you copy-pasted one of the wrong codes - which you are now basically admitting to doing. Next time, don't make the same mistake and don't blame others for your lack of common sense.
  9. Silisquish

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    That is not what they said. They said that some people were writing in the wrong thing (i.e. with a '!' , or with a lowercase 'L') and explained how to fix it. Next time when the code pops up take a screenshot if you have to & ctrl-paste onto MS Paint (or just write it down). They showed the code on two seperate occasions. Don't blame them for something that is 100% your fault.
  10. Asashio is like a shimakaze for people like me who don't actually want to get a shimakaze, because of how underpowered that ship is. But if you actually want to play the Shimakaze, which takes up a T10 MM slot and has less concealment - making her less effective at spotting & capping than the Asashio, then get the Arizona instead. Except there's the slight problem that you can't really play T10 ships for any amount of time without playing something else to grind credits, because unless you buy premium camos for them you'll lose money in pretty much every match. So maybe if you have 10k doubloons, just get two T10 permacamos instead. If you have 11k doubloons you could get the cool-looking (imho) 6k post-apocalyptic camo on Shimakaze that's available in the Armory from now until the next patch hits. Of course if you're a real IJN torpbote fanatic you could buy a few thousand more doubloons and get both the Asashio and Shima permacamo (I would not recommend this; merely pointing it out as a possibility)... You said you liked CVs... that means you could get at least one T10 CV permacamo and you probably won't regret it - because of how different those ships play vs other ships, and because T8 CVs are clearly weaker than T10 CVs - it's not like BBs where you could for example buy permacamo for your Montana, but then I see you have the Georgia, which is already a tier 9 premium - pretty close, gameplay-wise, to a Montana w/ permacamo (at least Georgia plays much more like a Monty than a CV plays like any non-CV ship). You're also looking at DM permacamo, but you could also just save more coal and buy the Salem, which is a modified Des Memes. But CVs are different; they play completely differently than other ships and you can't buy a premium T9 or T10 CV with coal because they don't exist. (you can't really buy a high tier DD with coal either...) I myself have an Asashio, and I could buy a Shima (I was up to Kagero and fxp'ed my way to her before fxp ships were a thing), but I don't bother because the Asashio can hold her own in T10 games, and I don't see the appeal of Shimas... not with all the radar ships in the game that make F3 torp builds useless. If you really like Asashio's hard-to-detect torps you could buy the Asashio and spend a few extra thousand doubloons to have 5k doubloons for a T10 CV permacamo (and pretend your Georgia is a T10 ship and save coal for Salem). Just remember Asashio wins games not just by launching a bunch of torps at unsuspecting BBs, but often by: passive spotting, ninja-capping (and disengaging if seriously challenged), and fighting weakened DDs... well you already have Kagero so you should know this already.
  11. Silisquish

    Watch Official Streams and Receive Rewards!

    They're streaming right now. At first, I only came for the codes. But then I stayed for the Ohio gameplay. https://www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships In one battle, earn 1,600 base xp wow, good thing I have a few tier 10 ships
  12. Silisquish

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Today is either the last day of sales or the second last day. Scharnhorst +2 on special is actually a good deal for people who want more tier 7s... no CVs, and mostly good ships (but Boise and 9th of July are clones; Blyskawica might be underpowered?) For those of us who are too noob to realize Okt can be bought for coal at a reasonable price, WG is willing to help them part with their money by offering a 50% discount on a BB whose normal price for most players is 0$. You could say that this sale is for the superwhales who buy everything - but since superwhales are by definition the most price insensitive customers it doesn't make sense; they would have bought Okt with cash instead of coal, if that's what they wanted to do, even at full price
  13. Silisquish

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    The Huanghe is an inferior version of Perth. I regret ever buying her. She would need access to both hydro and torpedo reload boost at the same time to both be different than Perth and to be good because she has only one launcher on each side but can't single-fire torps like Perth, and hydro is better than torp reload because it works well with her creeping smoke - but the few times I used her I used torp reload for the lols... seems kind of dumb that you have to choose between playing her the fun way or the sensible way
  14. Silisquish

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Well folks, Bayard is here, and despite not officially being part of the Summer Sale WG has been kind enough to provide us with yet another discounted multi-ship bundle! Amazing! The deals just keep on coming!
  15. Silisquish

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Yeah, this is why I think certain gameplay mechanics overcomplicate things. They don't flat out say it, but IFHE is only a skill that really works on light cruisers with 6 inch / 152mm HE shells - and it looks like they're nerfing it so it even then it might not be worth it. IFHE can also be useful for some DDs and some battleships that use secondaries, but its major drawback is that it costs commander points you could spend elsewhere, and after the nerf it'll cut fire chance by half instead of 1% for small caliber guns. DDs don't need IFHE to fight other DDs, or to spot enemies, or to launch torpedoes. The Exeter is a tier 5 heavy cruiser - the only other one being the tech tree ship the IJN Furutaka. Its 8 inch shells means IFHE is not needed on her. Also, she's fragile (like other RN cruisers) and has a long reload but just like Furutaka she's good at firing AP at cruisers and getting citadels - especially close up. If you have the Furutaka and enjoy her, you might like the Exeter. Little White Mouse gave Exeter a review of 'Gudbote' ... oh wait... she actually says it's overpowered... hmmm... no... I'm not gonna buy it I have enough cruisers already