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  1. Silisquish

    King of the Sea X Collection

    It's one-time use. +150% xp and +400% I think? free xp
  2. Silisquish

    King of the Sea X Collection

    I guess WG just assumes everyone plans to stock up coal first thing for a T10 ship, or Random Battle grind their way up a line. Good news is these KotS missions will probably happen on every KotS event from now on (which I am told is every 6 months).
  3. Silisquish

    King of the Sea X Collection

    The stream is in early April; the WoWS Twicth 'Home' page only has livestreams for the month of March. We'll probably have to wait until April 1st before we know at what time on April 4th & 5th (first weekend of April). However since it's a large competitive even the livestream will probably go on for hours and hours and you only need to spend a fraction of that time watching in order to get the twitch drop mission. You don't even need to actively watch; you can mute and minimize the window (but WG would probably prefer it if you watched it on a second monitor while playing WoWS or something like that)
  4. Silisquish

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    What are you talking about?
  5. Silisquish

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Just buy another brand of peanut butter. We all know how crazy Jif makes people; didn't you see their ads warning us about this?
  6. What about Spotter Aircraft?
  7. Silisquish


    Speaking of which, one of my Italian captains is named Mario Andreotti... I put him on my fastest ship. EDIT:
  8. Silisquish

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    You can also use the national tech trees to select a ship. It takes a little bit of time to open up the right tech tree window but it's easier to spot a ship than looking at the carousel (but it doesn't display most premiums; to compensate you can set all your premiums as 'priority' in the carousel) EDIT: Get nine more ships and you earn a special emblem
  9. Silisquish

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    WG could easily fix that problem, by having it so when you left click a ship you can set it to "low priority" as well as "high priority". This way you'd have your regular ships; the high priority ships you either really like or you are focusing on right now, and all the ships you don't use but don't want to sell go to the back of the carousel as "low priority"
  10. Silisquish

    Visby torpedoes are damage monsters

    Before I had it, I was Visby-curious. Now, I am a Visbisexual. I love torps. I Love guns. Why choose?
  11. Silisquish

    Thunderer, Yoshino or Salem

    All premium ships have half the service cost, but T10 premiums also get a free T10 permacamo so really they get 1/4 service costs, and Co-op has a 33% credit earning penalty iirc, but also a 33% service cost reduction. If you're in a clan and have clan service cost reduction as well, you end up with a ship whose service costs are barely anything
  12. Silisquish

    Italian BB...with SAP and Smoke

    Yes and they might offer a special limited time refund for any Roma owners who don't like the changes, just like they did for CVs when the CV rework hit. Or they might remove Roma from sale but not remove the ship, and sell Imperio only, if they think some Roma owners will also buy Imperio or if they think too many Roma owners will get doubloon refunds instead of switching to Roma 2.0 - but if they do that they still have to balance the Roma (if she really is underperforming), which might be too much hassle for them. If Imperio = Roma 2.0, I bet the tech tree T8 Italian BB will be named Imperio
  13. Silisquish


    I probably should have made this thread in the Gameplay Suggestions forums
  14. Silisquish


    @Hapa_Fodder WoWS needs to steal WoT's model so that for example, every Russian ship commander, (like every Russian tank crew that is currently operated by big-brained players), will be named Mikhail Kalashnikov. Also so that you can name a French commander after Renee Descartes or Jacques Villeneuve, or, "Jean Picard" or "Luc Picard", etc. and also get to choose how much facial hair you want in the portraits. Some might want excessive pirate beards, others might want more realistic clean-shaven looks. Right now if you randomly generate a name you like you might not like the portrait.