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  1. Silisquish

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    This is a great suggestion. "Sixth Sense" for WoWS was designed to help surface ships defend themselves. Aircraft don't really need to know when they're spotted what's important is when they start taking fire/get into AA range and the game already warns you of that.
  2. Silisquish

    Matchmaking is broken forever

    Why are so many people incapable of spelling out the words "lose", "losing"? I see this happening a lot. It's almost as bad as people who say "noone" which isn't a word, and will hopefully never become one.
  3. It happens with planes that fly very fast if you don't pay attention to where they're heading when you start your attack or if there are hidden ships infront of you. Or if your attack run takes too long and your planes keep on flying. It's surprising how far out they can go sometimes.
  4. Yes, up to the point where you regain control and they immediately get shot at by whatever ships they blindly flew into
  5. Real life squads don't orbit into AA fire like WoWS squad do
  6. Are we really going to have a discussion about realism in WoWS? A game that's basically World of Tanks / FPS with boats where instead of using bushes for cover or other FPS-style cover you use islands. Also do you know anything about WW2 naval air force combat functions? If you've gonna nerd out on us you better go full nerd because that just looks like a recon/camera plane was taking pictures for post-battle debriefing and analysis. Also anyone noticed that the photo seems to have been either badly retouched with photoshop or it's some kind of a painting. Look at the closest ship, its wake & smoke and the splash explosions how weird they are.
  7. That would fix so many problems but then you'd probably want to have planes that can dodge AA as well, which means planes that can go up and down and respond better than they do now. I don't know if the game engine can do that but it would be so cool. Like Warthunder, only with bigger ships- oh no WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?! Another game is doing something better than WoWS?! But I have almost no premium phat loot in that game I'll be destitute like those filthy casuals my life no longer has any meaning; I will be a warrior without a wallet. <-- my attempt at humour. Sorry it's late I'm tired. But it is true WT/WoWS are direct competitors (and that I already probably spent too much on this game; I'm unlikely to spend nearly as much on WT even if I do 100% switch to it).
  8. Your profile shows you haven't played the new CVs. I can tell you having to manage your planes when the first strike stops and you regain control of your main squad can already be harsh. They automatically gain invulnerability and fly straight ahead but when they lose invulnerability you can end up getting flak from other ships you didn't even notice were there when you began your run. I mean, a skilled CV player would strive to avoid this but this is something that happens now that won't happen with my idea, making CV play even more newbie-friendly. If WG implemented this change they could (and would have to) re-balance CVs average damage output/potential to the desired output. <--the fact that this means more work for WG is a major argument against this change, I know. I feel as if they're a tad understaffed Also with my idea T4 CVs would have two bombers on their attack runs instead of one... T4 planes look real nice but just one plane attacking feels so pitiful and T4 CVs seem to do very little damage already.
  9. That AA's gonna be really hard for them to tweak just right. Because the way it works now it's the plane equivalent of a BB activating a reload booster to shoot at a broadsiding ship every time you do an attack run and you discover that your planes can hit the ship and you can do all three runs without much AA resistance. At least compared to doing a single run and desperately speed boosting out of strong AA to recall planes it is. An indirect result of this mechanic is early-game DD hunting because they tend to "over-extend" (back in my day we called it "capping" and "scouting") I don't thing WG wants you to be able to always do successful multi-strikes it would be too unbalanced against non-CVs.
  10. Silisquish

    Less than 1.5 minutes - 366HP

    To be fair we don't know if he always had his AA guns on or not. The first screenshot the bomber is already on top of him
  11. Silisquish

    Ranked play: what am I doing wrong?

    I played Rank until getting rank 10 then played a few more games. 22 battles in total. For some reason my winrate is significantly higher than in Random Battles which is/was the opposite problem of what you were having. I think the fact that you're going against 8 instead of 12 ships in my case made a difference as I was able to play more aggressively in my only T9 ship, my Seattle. USN CLs require so much map knowledge and everytime I went the wrong way and derped my team lost the match. Maybe the reduced number of ships screwed with your gameplay? For all I know it could have all been good luck and I was simply placed in winning teams more often than not.
  12. Silisquish

    Surveillance Radar Upgrade

  13. Silisquish

    WG please implement this UI feature

    It's alright if more people make the same suggestion / comment WG will take it more seriously. I agree they could skip opening animation for regular crates; maybe make it only do the full animation for the first regular crate you open on that day.
  14. As long as CVs exist I'll play them but I've noticed that like arty in WoT they seem to be designed to encourage bad gamer behaviour. CVs punish people who push/flank/explore too much outside of the lemming blob which imo promotes bad gameplay, but, the current large air squadron system encourages this even further. (In the case of SPGs they encourage camping/hiding behind rocks. LOL as if high tier WoWS players ever needed a reason to camp behind rocks) Today in one game I attacked a lone ship and when I regained control of my main squad I realized my planes flew so far forwards I was in the middle of three different ships and getting murdered. So what I've learned from this is I have to make sure my planes aren't even remotely pointing in a direction with many enemy ships. What this means is I have to be even more careful to focus only on attack stragglers / overextended / flanking ships because then I get rewarded with two more attacks from planes that haven't gotten shredded.
  15. CV deploys one defensive and air squads have some consumables but you can only have one aircraft spawned fighter patrol at a time