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  1. Silisquish

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    I think he meant that doing it this way is affordable in terms of time spent, not in terms of money spent
  2. Silisquish

    Mouse Presents: Screenshot Theatre

    By installing this You might also want to install the Nomogram Classic because it's just better
  3. Orwellian doublespeak you say?. The first response was indeed a boilerplate, "kindly [edited] off to the forums" type message. The second message did two things: 1) they flat out told you your request had been denied and they have no interest in changing things. So at least they're honest, concise and clear on that message. 2) It does indeed require doublethink to think your missions can be done in Operations while deciding to disqualify all Operations tiers for the missions. This is obviously a mistake on their part; Operations should have never been added as a game mode option. They just won't admit they did this mistake (or the customer service rep is completely unaware of this fact but regular staff might be willing to admit that mistake/change it to fix the problem). EDIT: I don't expect them to make Operations tier ships eligible; I expect them to remove the Operations game mode from the list of available modes
  4. Silisquish

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    yes but not very well at all
  5. Silisquish

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    The new user interface makes it hard to see how much ship xp you have
  6. Silisquish

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Great. Now the user interface is made uglier in its oversimplified and overly abstract form. It feels less like I'm outfitting and managing a mighty, expensive warship that only the most dedicated naval nations can afford, and more as if I'm pushing on a few little buttons on a screen or perhaps ordering from a menu in a foreign land where the language barrier means I'm handed little pictures of what I want - maybe instead of getting a warships I'm getting a pastry of that warship. I mean, the fire control system icon now looks like it could be almost anything.
  7. Cool. I didn't even know that about youtube. Here, have a trophy / mead drinking cup...
  8. If that's true then why did I just increase your karma/rep from 6,197 to 6,198 by giving you a thumbs down?
  9. Every single reaction to a post gives +1 Reputation / karma to the poster, even the "thumbs down", the "bored", (and the removed "angry") reactions. I think the "confused" reaction used to do the same before they added the others and removed "angry", but now it no longer does. "Confused" neither adds nor removes reputation points. The negative reactions need to all do the same as it, or "confused" needs to go back to +1, for the sake of logical consistency (I know this is a very minor, non-urgent issue I just want to bring awareness of this to the peeps @ WG) EDIT: "Sad" reaction also does not give a rep point
  10. Silisquish

    the US BB line split

    That is a good point. The Thunderer used to be a total dud that couldn't do anything right - so much so that even youtube WoWS CCs that were usually optimistic had nothing positive to say about it, but then they fixed it so it's now the most rewarding BB for those with good aim - so much so that Flamu ranked it the #1 T10 BB.
  11. Silisquish

    A new player's experience ruined by CV

    If you have a console, you can play the console version of WoWS, which has no CVs.
  12. I bought the Texas with cash a long time ago, then completed an easy mission to get her a short while back but only got credits as compensation so this is not the first time this has happened. To be safe, perhaps don't buy low tier premiums? Or only buy them as a way to support the game devs because you love the game, that way at least you always get something out of it.
  13. Silisquish

    How Many Complaints Before Chat Ban Kicks In?

    iirc that's not how it works; you can only report someone for "plays poorly" or "misbehaviour in chat" once, so at most each person would be using two reports; the rest would not be counted