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  1. That credit reward idea could work too. As long as there's any daily reward given I'm ok with it (I'd prefer a flag, but it's really up to the devs). Heh, maybe even a 1x flag that just gives you 10,000 credits. Whatever the devs want to do as long as you get a reward like the other achievements. Yeah. Does anyone... enjoy detonations? Even recently when I detonated an enemy dd at the start of a match it made me feel like I got cheated out of a fair fight. Too bad WG doesn't seem to be interested in removing this fun and engaging mechanic. So many people hate it they must be well aware of the problem by now.
  2. This flag wouldn't make the First Blood flag obsolete at all. That makes no sense. Yeah because WG originally didn't want to give any reward for Devastating Strike so the flag reward I'm suggesting is intentionally weak. I'm trying to convince the devs to implement a flag for a reward they must have considered too common to merit any flag reward at all. That way every achievement will have an associated flag to it. Players across the globe with OCD will rejoice! Also you're assuming everyone is good enough to get multiple signal flags; some players are less skilled than others and don't have enough signal flags to have a full set. Giving them a semi-symbolic flag for Devastating Strike would be a nice reward.
  3. Actually at high tiers it sort of does start to cost a few thousands of silver, and the devs can just make it so the cost is reduced by 100% if they want. Players who've loaded 7 flags but have nothing else to load could load this flag as the 8th. The point is Devastating Strike is the only achievement that has no flag rewards and that seems odd to me, like their flag reward system is incomplete.
  4. What would YOU change in WoW's?

    I think #1 will never be implemented for a legitimate fear of losing revenue. #2 is something I was thinking about too. #3 would only work with a good enough population. #4 is basically a pre-existing bug that should be fixed. #5 yes but they won't but maybe they'll change it by creating semi-circle caps instead of full circles. #6 you'd think they'd be doing that already I also think they should display spotting damage next to damage dealt, spotting damage should be divided amonsgt all spotters and grant xp. Because being able to spot makes scouting dds, cvs crucial but they never get properly rewarded so selfish players have no motivation to do it and newbies can underestimate its importance.
  5. New flag: an economic flag (because a combat flag would force them to add a new row just for that while economic flag row can take a sixth flag). Just like First Blood which is common enough to occur in every match this flag is awarded x1 per achievement per 24 hours. It is also a very weak flag because Devastating Strike is so common. This flag reduces the cost of ammunition resupply by 20% or 25% or 33% or whatever percentage the devs consider to be fair. Why would this flag reduce ammo cost? So the player can keep pressing the fire button and keep on gaining more Devastating Strikes, of course! Just like Unsinkable gives flooding reduction flags and Die Hard gives ramming flags this flag would follow the theme of encouraging the player to repeat the same actions they did to earn the flag. I don't know what flag type it'll be but I'm sure at least a few naval nerds on the WG team will relish the thought of introducing a new signal flag to the game so figuring that part out shouldn't be a problem. In my mind, it's the Zulu, Jolly Roger, Trollface signal flag.
  6. Guys I'm no programmer but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take long at all to code this; the engine already supports, and already has, the checkbox interface for other camos, consumables, etc. and how much coding will it really take to tell the game that IF count=1 disable auto-supply... Yashma: That's not how I imagined it but I suppose they could add that option to purchasable camo too... couldn't you just tell it to use silver? Or is that option not available if you have free camos stockpiled up? I don't remember and I'm not in game right now.
  7. This is my first post. I got an idea that's so simple and so easy to implement I figure the WG devs might listen to me. When selecting auto-resupply, do you think WG should add a button/checkbox for special unpurchasable camo cancelling the resupply if there's only 1 camo left? They already have a checkbox on purchasable camo allowing you to buy or not buy it with in-game currency it shouldn't be too hard for them to code for this too. A year ago I got some rare camo from a container, drained it all and it just disappeared; now I can't even look at it in Port. Unless they changed it it's still like that, which means you still have to be carefully when using autoresupply, or have to manually go to Port and put it on after every game.