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  1. Raven_Smith_1

    Update 0.10.3 - German Destroyers: Part 1

    When can we expect the next Commander skill free reset?
  2. Raven_Smith_1

    Captain skills are transferred incorrectly

    They denied my request. Uninstalled. I will not spend real money because they meddled my builds without consent.
  3. I'm just coming back to the game after a few months off. The new captain skill tree has misappropriated all of my points. My Benham has dazzle. My Shima has consumables enhancements. It will cost me tens of dollars to fix this mistake on my own. I did not agree to these builds. Please blank my captain skills so I can assign them appropriately.
  4. Raven_Smith_1

    Best ship to earn credits?

    I have a premium for every tier. Is tier the only thing that determines the likelyhood of a higher credit income? Does the Benham on average earn more credits than the Atago?
  5. I am a new player to the game.... I love World Of Warships ….However, I constantly keep getting deleted out the game with the first few strikes from the enemy.... before I was able to learn anything...That became discouraging and I became frustrated and wanted to give up..... so as a new player what can I do change my situation....... Well I found a group of gamers who were willing to help me learn and show me how to play the fundamentals of the game without berating me in the process. We all need a little help sometimes......So if you are in the same problem as me I urge you to explore Tactical Strike Group 4........


    Tactical Strike Group 4 is a great place to start and learn the game from experienced people within a cohesive family environment.


    Try http://www.tsg4.org/

  6. Raven_Smith_1

    I wanna get excellent

    I want to get really, really, really good. I've been playing for a while, but I don't associate with excellent players. I don't know how to be super unicum in all things. I don't know how to properly strategize my location. I don't know what the hurricane league is. I don't know where the big boys hang out. I'm jealous of Flamu. I want new friends. I want to learn how to game the game. I want to at least try to play at a semi-professional level. Where do I go?
  7. Raven_Smith_1

    Thinking out loud

    Thank you! Please consider liking and subscribing?
  8. Raven_Smith_1

    Thinking out loud

    I play games where I think through my strategies out loud. You may learn something, or you may find a way to berate me for poor strategy. Enjoy!
  9. So.....I just spent a bunch of money on a PC and some recording equipment and software and I've been playing WoWs for a while. I want to put out content on my channel because I am somewhat good at the game and I have a ball and I want to share it. Is there an appropriate way to do that on this forum?