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  1. RivertheRoyal - super unicum level wit! Thank you for the great laugh!
  2. No matter the skill level of your CL captain, or the importance one can place on steering control, there will come a time when your keyboar...fails you resulting in catastrophe. Not while writing an e-mail naturally, but while in a match? Yes, to play the rest of this evening I am only allowe....permitte...crap...its PORT only for me. I felt like a broken insect most of the last match...I fell out of my chair leaning to the right so har...crap...vigorously. Only four points in scrabble? That letter shoul...um... ought to be more! I might go into settings to...um...alter my game...um...preferences. But not tonight - learning ba...um...wrong habits. Just fix it tomorrow...useless letter d...oh it worke...nope...nuts...
  3. Does anybody else think the ship falling off the map wouldn't be funny?
  4. Okay, I think I now understand when my students give me that look that says "My brain is full, quit making me learn!" I have to go back and start this thread again. These threads really help me to learn everything from "how" to play the game to, "why" I enjoy the game (beyond cool naval graphics etc). I'll bet it helps educate the developers on communicating the "design reasons" as well as helping players grasp "design limitations". I'm new to this on-line style of gaming - and you all make me feel like a kid again. Thanks for that. Need to go play some matches and rest my brain. Cheers!
  5. Just make sure any other (windows) updates don't reset your video settings from a video card to onboard (Intel) graphics. This happened to me in June of last year. An monthly OS update reset my NVidea card to preferentially NOT select the NVidea card for the WoWS executable. I manually corrected and it hasn't happened since then.
  6. Can you imagine the poor soul at WG with the thankless task of policing all the weekend "reports" on Monday's? Probably some lowly intern who, after one long summer, changes their major from Graphics Designer to Forest Ranger.
  7. Dang it! I thought this was going to be the start of a really good joke! (That's an impressive Potential Damage total...)
  8. OP has five posts...you gotta start somewhere. Don't be such awiggin's!
  9. Very Nice! Two years, I'll bet you scared your neighbors!
  10. As a kid raised in the flatlands of the Great Plains, there were basically two dreams worth dreaming - mountains and ocean. I got the chance to live both at some extreme. I like the fact that those memories are bioanalog and stuck in my head. They can only be shown around campfires, quiet pubs, and in bedrooms. Shared via storytelling skills soon to be altered by the digital age of man. It's a beautiful video...I wish I knew why it makes me a little sad.
  11. I'd just be happy if I could move the minimap to a second monitor and make it BIGGER!
  12. Just imagine how bad it would suck to be one of those down south without power and loose out on all the flags.
  13. I don't know that I've played enough Random matches to make a sweeping observation, but I am at that T5 level. I really haven't noticed chat being toxic as much has the forums seem to imply. Perhaps one in twenty matches where I note harsh comments. Most of the time I'm up-tiered and much of the angst - although infrequent - does come from other T5 angry at MM rather than other players. Inter-player squabbles often seem to come from players that know each other, at least that is my impression. Perhaps my observation is different depending the time of day, or if it's the weekend. In any case I'm pleased that the upper tiers don't appear more toxic to some players.
  14. Lert, maybe they were paying attention - but they had the "Map Rotate" box checked, so...
  15. You're not allowed to sell back camo that has been purchased? Even for a "restocking" fee?