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  1. surratus

    WNN 57: signing off for the final time

    Moving on is a normal thing for humans to do, just carry your humor along with you if you can. I've enjoyed it, as offered in this place, and perhaps someone else will enjoy it on whatever shore you land. Laughter is getting all too rare these days.
  2. A year or so ago I stopped playing - no drama, no forum rant, I just had hit a point where the "pleasure" of playing didn't exceed the "pain" of playing. (The pain was caused by a physical injury that has long since been corrected.) Anyway, I never left the game entirely. By that I mean I did not delete my account and I would log in and visit my port occasionally. I tried to keep up on the mood and direction of the game by reading the forums, watch CC videos and those player streams that I had followed or subscribed to, all while maintaining Patreon support for those CC’s I could afford. In the interim I would receive the occasional World of Warships newsflashes or reminders from WarGaming telling me that I was missing out on some event, or that I still had premium time and a bunch of unspent doubloons in my coffers. Just recently I was reminded that I had passed my three year anniversary! Well, for several months now I haven’t had a solid reason not to return to the game. If it was so enjoyable, why my reluctance to return? It’s complicated, and I have to wonder if others, those who have taken a hiatus from the game, have had similar experiences. There have been so many changes to the game since I stopped playing. So many new tech trees, line splits, and many new gimmicks requiring different play styles. There now exist (or have existed) a slew of new modules, legendary upgrades, and consumables along with new resources, currencies, commanders, coupons, and new “store” called Arsenal – whew! Some changes have been small, some have been significant, and some have been arguably premature requiring ongoing corrections. It’s not that I think change itself is bad, or the rate at which WarGaming makes changes is too rapid (okay, maybe just a little). The problem lies in that no amount of attention paid to CC’s, streaming videos, and forum commentary can counter the fact that…quite simply, I have forgotten how to play. To make matters worse I've forgotten how to play somewhere in the neighborhood of one hundred and twenty ships! Admittedly, it's not just that I’ve forgotten how to play, it seems to me the appearance of the game has drifted further away from the historical feel that originally attracted me. So many of the new ships introduced either never existed beyond the planning stage, or required significant creativity to be shoehorned into the necessary tier. While I may not be excited about this shift in the game I completely understand why WarGaming felt it was necessary. And while nobody is forcing me to play so called “paper ships”, I have to wonder how many early game ships have been unintentionally imbalanced by the introduction of some newer ships. I expect new game vs early game ship balance priorities are devoted at first to the higher tiers (an assumption based on WarGaming's intense focus on driving high tier play), and since new ships are in near constant release, some early game port queens may just continue to rust. Well, reluctant or not, I think I’ll start playing again before WarGaming starts charging me doubloons for port rent. (Also, because with so many others who come to the forums to rant about quitting, I can't waste the amusing opportunity to rant about returning.) I’ll try and find a ship/tier ranging somewhere between accusations of seal-clubbing (not likely) and being the idiot who lets my team down (very likely). I figure the weekend will be a good time to return. As one of the only consistencies in the game seems to relate to weekends, and any bonehead moves on my part will just get buried in the noise. Hmm, I wonder if they fixed training rooms yet.
  3. surratus

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    I do not know if this is new. However, when playing an operations scenario and I am sunk (all too often sad to say), any attempt to view the match with the free view camera (RMB) causes the game to completely lock up. All I can do at that point is end the game in task manager and re-login to the game. The usual start up process is odd in that images of the previous match appear like a seizure or flashback and I'm either in port (if the scenario is over) or back in the scenario at the point of sinking (if the match hasn't yet ended). This has happened on several occasions and I have not experimented with any other controls as the seizure/flashback thing is disconcerting and I don't actually want to encounter a server deity. The way I have been playing lately I'd be sent back to DOS.
  4. surratus

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    I just received a notice about transferring to another server, I was returned to port and then the whole game crashed with a sound like a my computer was hit with a big spring made of crappy steel - assuming that is a clue to the problem.
  5. surratus

    Achievments for Co-op

    I'd have to consider the achievement parameters for a bit longer, but WOW, the medallions are beautifully designed!
  6. surratus

    Update 0.7.0 - Bug Reporting

    Looks like the individual WoWS account management page on wargaming.net is broken. I usually start there and go to news forum etc. Nice picture of a BB in drydock though "Our warship is undergoing repairs". It's back up now.