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  1. surratus

    it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when

    I learned subs were generally despised when I summoned an airstrike upon a persistent USN Cachalot targeting me in my IJN Aoba. To my shock my ship was saved by a USN PBY Catalina!
  2. surratus

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    I hope to be there to take part! Assuming Henri doesn't crash the party. All goes well we'll be on the rain side, rather than the wind side.
  3. surratus

    The only winning move

    Right! Like a game of chess with the WOPR would turn out "nicely". I'd stand a better chance with Tic-Tac-Toe.
  4. I see your point, for the most part, and I appreciate the reasoned way you are argued it. I think my position is that (for me only I cannot speak for others), while I want WG to change I no longer think they can. When they respond to backlash, there is always (to me) something, either insincere, or half measured, and temporary about the change. It is nearly enough predictable as to be a modus operandi. Thus, it isn't a "simple thing" anymore to acknowledge a change on WG's part. Two years ago? Sure. I just think some people have reached their limit and individual reactions vary. Some want to tear the game down and some want to give WG another chance, some are willing to accept any change as a step in the right direction, others want much more. Hardly anyone is being rational about it, but very few are being disingenuous about it - they are just being human. I hope I am never guilty of calling any other player a shill for their opinions, or insulting anyone in chat because they happen be playing a PR or a MO, or make disparaging remarks about which ever mode they chose to play. And I hope I've not been condescending of any forumites opinions on either side of the argument, if I have I apologize.
  5. surratus

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    The irony here is that the only topic/thread that seems to beat it for views is LWM catalog of reviews. I find that fitting!
  6. surratus

    Co-OP player teams.

    Just wait. Soon operations will become like team-less chaos. (Assuming that hasn't already happened - I haven't played ops in a while.)
  7. surratus

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    It just occurred to me. I'm grinding though a forum line now? Thanks, WG!
  8. I'd don't get it? Are you saying you're the only one who is allowed to get angry? Cause you have said some angry stuff on these forums yourself, and really if all you were worried about was fanning flames do you think you just said anything to help? We are all human and the frustration has been building for a long time, so I expect this is going to be the forumite norm for a while. I'm not intending to be hostile but I'm not sure you get to claim the objective highroad in your posts. Your previous post #254 expressing your concerned might have served your intent better if is was sent via a PM. But if you intended it for the rest of the forum, then enjoy stirring the pot, with the rest of the gang.
  9. surratus

    I Am Having Fun!

    That's one way to do it. I actually like the lower tier ships too. They seem more "real'. And since I'm F2P, don't wear paint, or use flags, breaking even isn't hard. I enjoy the freedom of not caring anymore!
  10. surratus

    Shipmate's going Ashore.

    Hey, sounds like a solid plan to me! Staying full time remote lets you spend more time with family, and that's all that matters especially now when the kids are young. No other reason needed.
  11. surratus

    This makes me sad

    I don't understand, did it just wander off from the tightly guarded dock. Stealthy little minx.
  12. surratus

    WG announcement postponed to tomorrow

    Makes sense. They should take their time on this one and consult some fresh experts. God knows they need them.
  13. surratus

    Account ban

    If your username and password have been bandied about then its possible some nefarious person might have offered it up for sale. Maybe customer service can sort it out for you, but don't count on it. - Good Luck.
  14. I really don't care as long as they buff those old premiums that need it to make them viable again.
  15. surratus

    Who will move in to fill the cc void?

    I doubt WG is interested in continuing the CC program as it exists. As long as Community Contributors place a priority on making contributions to the player community rather than WG then the business managers of WG will feel less in control. Remember that WG focuses a good bit on the long range arcs of the spreadsheet, they won't know how bad any PR disaster happens to be until months down the line. From a bean counters prospective - especially a bean counter that knows little about the game and how it is perceived regionally - the current CC program was a variable they could not control. IMO the writing was on the wall when they started the "affiliate" program to advertise the game. (By the way I think I've observed two such "affiliates" on YouTube so far - it was kind of pathetic). If the program continues then any new CC is going to be scrutinized closely, at least by veteran players. I see no harm in this. While my better angels agree with @AdmiralThunder and I will not thoughtlessly jump all over new or existing CC's, my anger and frustration does make that high road difficult. Thus, I think I'll just unsubscribe and step away from watching and reading any WOWS CC content for a while. There is just too much stress in the world right now to add to it.