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  1. surratus

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    I do not know if this is new. However, when playing an operations scenario and I am sunk (all too often sad to say), any attempt to view the match with the free view camera (RMB) causes the game to completely lock up. All I can do at that point is end the game in task manager and re-login to the game. The usual start up process is odd in that images of the previous match appear like a seizure or flashback and I'm either in port (if the scenario is over) or back in the scenario at the point of sinking (if the match hasn't yet ended). This has happened on several occasions and I have not experimented with any other controls as the seizure/flashback thing is disconcerting and I don't actually want to encounter a server deity. The way I have been playing lately I'd be sent back to DOS.
  2. surratus

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    I just received a notice about transferring to another server, I was returned to port and then the whole game crashed with a sound like a my computer was hit with a big spring made of crappy steel - assuming that is a clue to the problem.
  3. surratus

    Achievments for Co-op

    I'd have to consider the achievement parameters for a bit longer, but WOW, the medallions are beautifully designed!
  4. surratus

    Update 0.7.0 - Bug Reporting

    Looks like the individual WoWS account management page on wargaming.net is broken. I usually start there and go to news forum etc. Nice picture of a BB in drydock though "Our warship is undergoing repairs". It's back up now.