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  1. Apology

    IceSmasher, I can't even imagine the level of grief you are experiencing now, but I'd like to thank you for your post. As horrible as it sounds I will try to keep your story in mind. Whenever another player "reacts badly" in a match I will try to remember this post, then take a long breath before I "respond in kind" or reach for the report button. I'm very sorry for your losses.
  2. No Loot Boxes in Hawaii?

    If I lived in a place like Hawaii with all that ocean, tropical climate, and tourists to entertain me regularly, why would I even want to play computer games.
  3. What in the world is this?

    "Splash Artifact". I'll be damned if I'm not going to find a way to use that term in a sentence soon. Shouldn't be too hard - I'm a chemist.
  4. PSA Super Containers

    So yesterday I received a Super Container (Dragon Flags - could be worst). The interesting thing is I've received so few Super Containers that when it happens it's a real OMG moment. The interesting thing was that it was my 1000th container. Because of course you get an achievement at 1000 which was why I knew this. Is that a complete fluke, or does everyone get a SC for the 1000th pull? Might give some players something to look forward to if true. Assuming you are like me and feel that Super Containers are as rare as seeing an Aurora Borealis in Brazil, at high noon, during a rain storm, while taking a shower.
  5. All of Smith College would be behind this!
  6. After match polls?

    Come on WG'ing! Have you ever had a nice meal out, a great restaurant, and the staff always takes that moment when your mouth is full to ask...is it good? Good/Bad who knows. Now imagine this. Why do you always ask me how "very satisfied" to "not at all satisfied" with a particular match, when I manage to pull a complete potato? When it's completely obvious to the most casual observer the I have completely screwed up? How in the heck do I answer your poll correctly? Am I "completely satisfied" by my own incompetence? WHO WOULD SAY YES!!! Am I "not at all satisfied" by my ability to...? Crap your poll give me a head ache...and guilt I don't need. Maybe your poll should go like this? How was your match? 1. It was okay, some did their best. I. Was not among them, because of my feet - they took over my hands. 2. We lost. The map was a afterthought from one who cannot comprehend ArcGIS. 3. I don't know. There were idiots on both sides. I had to pee. That's important at my age. 4. We won who cares! There is wine and song! What uncouth peon has taken my lyrics? @Snargfargle was it you? 5. It was fantastic! There was Tension, and Chaos, and player names that make no sense, but I swiped left consistently.
  7. That Sir, is incredibly clever marketing! "I can not resist the urge to purchase 250x, as I am confident I can beat your score! Just wait until I post the results. You'll feel so...wait...what's that dear? Why are you yelling at me? I just want to prove that I'm... Okay, OKAY! Next time OP. Next time. (I refer to all my credit cards as "dear". Some might find that odd or humiliating, but actually it saves time and grief.)
  8. Anybody else picturing a pink cat? Cause I'm not...nope.
  9. shhh, it top serect

    Okay, night battles! Now go right ahead you pesky ARP ships...Glow for me! (THAT did not sound right, not right at all.)
  10. When that happens to me I always wonder what I did to make RNGesus angry at me. (Also, I wish other players "GOOD LUCK" in caps because I feel like I have to shout.)
  11. Not all players are equally skilled. Considering the whole spectrum of possible skill levels available at every tier, I would think that a +1/-1 vs +2/-2 MM wouldn't make a significant difference in the outcome of a large number of matches. Which would have a greater effect on the match - two equal tier CV's with one unicum player and one poor player, or if both were average CV players at different tiers. That might be an exaggerated example but I use it to illustrate the point. There appear to be a ton of new and inexperienced players at all tiers now, so perhaps overall there would be little difference between a +1/-1 and +2/-2 MM at least when it comes to one sided matches and queue time. I don't know. If I misunderstood the issue please excuse me. Its tax time and I've just spent the last few hours reading the tax form instructions - nothing I read makes sense right now. I wonder if I can find some re-runs of Gilligan's Island on TV before I try to sleep.
  12. Goals for 2018

    Am I the only one who wanted to go to the original thread that @Kizarvexis included in their OP post and add some goals for 2017 that I have already achieved? It would be like breaking the forth wall or something...
  13. My feelings on this matter of badges have been expressed (I think politely, as I have no strikes) in other threads and for personal reasons I will not revisit them here. Two of those threads were not locked but completely obliterated and I am very bothered by that because what I tried to say was very difficult for me to say. All feedback requested by the Admins on update 7.0 is gone from the forums - not archived just gone. My posts do not appear in my activity. I think this is unfortunate as I am left with the feeling that you get one shot when it comes to feedback and then the history of feedback is removed. The other thread may have become heated after I left it but didn't start out that way. One moment I'm taking part in an exchange of opinions regarding the tone of the game and 30 minutes later when I returned to the thread - it had disappeared completely - again no record of activity. Both that instance and the complete removal of the 7.0 feedback sub-thread felt to me like censorship of "ideas", rather than the removal due to offensive rule violations. I believe that posts that break the rules could be deleted without the subject thread being eliminated. If things get out of hand then by all means lock the thread. Both deleting and locking have precedence and allow for ideas to carry on in record. But to completely remove comments that are heart felt, respectful and polite I think is wrong. And I would ask WG to reconsider this process of censoring threads that have value, even if the input may ultimately be ignored players will still feel that there voices are being heard. It's if nothing else good business practice. I expect the inclusion of badges has been a touchy subject for both players and among WG staff. There are many who strongly support and many who are strongly offended. These responses may make any company developers who worked hard on the concept bothered or frustrated. I would want them to know that the emblems are beautifully designed and although I find the badges and the way they are used, somewhat triggering and not enjoyable, but I will do my best to adapt to their presence.
  14. Well, it is very likely I'll buy some boxes and maybe some for friends. Even if I had the time and energy to complete the collection without spending a dime, I feel I can afford to support the game with a few bucks. Maybe that's a bad way to look at it, but if nobody bought anything, the game wouldn't last long. Or maybe after sinking you'd see an ad instead of a badge, "this sinking was brought to you by Cheap Charlies Clip Joint - hair styling in a mall near you!"
  15. Anybody find it interesting that there will be no premium aircraft carriers available at all after the update. None in the tree, non in the shop. I don't play them at all, but if they are to disappear on a more permanent basis which one should I get, for that one day when I discover to my shock that I might actually be good at it? Thoughts?