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  1. surratus


    Name of the ship? It isn't Ruby, is it?
  2. surratus

    Dude, where are the Submarines?

    Seriously? OP, that isn't really a question you have to ask is it? Remember back in the day when AA was a real threat to CV's, and did you ever eagerly queue up in a Texas during that era? It's got nothing to do with matchmaker algorithms it's just the muses and mysteries of the universe having a little giggle at your expense. The beauty of it all is that at the same time you couldn't find a single sub some other "less capable" or "poorly prepared" player encountered three or four of them.
  3. surratus

    US hybrid BB

    I'm just guessing here, but I think that WG is going "all out" to corner the market on "imaginary/period" naval warfare. One problem with adhering to history is that it is rarely interesting to all but a few people - not a large market. Also WG is, or will be, competing with other game developers, so they who "create" can claim dibs on an idea. A designer cannot easily protect an idea that has historical roots. Thus, the closer a developer sticks to reason, the more they narrow their niche market, bore the common slug, and design themselves into a box. Be patient, you will likely see more South American ships, but only the names will reflect history. (They will probably use SAMBA ammunition.)
  4. surratus

    Premium Shop not loading?

    Yes this is happening to me as well. The same thing occurred with another more recent coupon (the 30% off?). I put in a support ticket and went back and forth with support to no avail. For me the problem is that after selecting the coupon to apply and hitting purchase, I receive a blank screen and am unable to enter the credit card info. This then blocks the use of the coupon for "one hour" before I can attempt the purchase again. I tried different browsers, reboots, clearing caches, even installed a browser I normally don't use. Oddly attempting a purchase without using the coupon worked fine and I got through to the card information screen, but held off until I could get the coupon to work. CS was very slow to reply (days on a limited time coupon) and as such any suggestions from them were well behind the eight ball. I just ended up retrying the purchase several times over a few days and it eventually went through. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to why it wasn't working. I still have six days left.
  5. surratus

    Premium Ship Review - San Diego

    Thanks, for all your hard work LWM! I hope your holidays were excellent!
  6. This seems close to I problem I continue to have with my laptop monitor. The same screens are not loading (routinely) on my monitor and I often have to esc, and reload a few times before they finally seem to load in. The dockyard, however, refuses to let me esc out and try again, requiring me to exit the game entirely. There seems to be an increasing load on my GPU and I expect it might have something to do with updating my graphics (Nvidia) drivers, which I simply haven't gotten around to. Perhaps yours is a driver issue as well. If you figure it out please let us know.
  7. surratus

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    Yeah, that was the first thing I did after the second attempt made me think it wasn't on my end. I did it a third time to see if it was a payment choice issue. I expect they are fairly backlogged this time of year but if a bunch of players aren't experiencing the issue, it might not become a priority. I might try a different browser if I get inspired, but it isn't a crisis, and it provides my imagination an opportunity to have a little fun.
  8. surratus

    Magic Coupon in the Premium Shop

    I was thinking of getting something in the shop and figured what the heck, why not? I simply cannot get this Magic Coupon to work! I select an acceptable bundle (with coupon symbol attached), go to purchase, apply coupon, select payment method (I've now tried two different methods), click the "I'm old enough box", hit purchase...and nothing...no form, just background I tried without the coupon and had no difficulty getting to the "enter payment info screen",, but not if the Magic Coupon is applied. Also, the process blocks the coupon use for one hour before the next attempt. Normally, I'd just take it as a sign not to buy anything, but I'm stubborn that way so my first instinct is Reboot and Repeat, then gather data and submit a ticket. I've now tried three times with no purchase success, and I'm kind of hoping that each attempt enters me into the contest. Heck, I might try a few more times on the small chance some poorly written code makes that silly hope a reality, and I then imagine the hullaballoo if some by some long odds I was able to win two prizes!
  9. surratus

    Black Friday Coupons

    Seems pretty generous of WG. Unless I'm missing something the entire "mission chain" consists of simply winning 15 matches, at T5+, includes Co-Op, with no specific ship requirements, and we have 10 days to do it. I received the same notice in port upon Logging in, which I do daily even though I haven't played since 11.7? I keep up with the game on Twitch, daily news, and logging in but haven't had time to play, so the returning player missions chain must include those who haven't played in a while. Yeah, for 15 wins I'm pretty sure I can find the time somewhere, even though the teaching load has been insane this semester! (Everybody is making up for the 2020 shutdown and classes are overbooked with extra sections through Spring - I should have retired two years ago!)
  10. surratus

    Why Are Subs Excluded From Operations?

    There were significant complaints from the AI bots in operations, something to the effect that "if you are going to add subs, give them a special game mode, not operations!" Negotiations are in progress.
  11. surratus

    In one sentence.

    Spending more time playing Co-op does NOT better prepare you for Random matches.
  12. I seem to remember back in the good old days when a Santa Containers would drop doubloons for duplicate ships. Was that real? Or was that memory part of one of those old man delusions that I seem to suffer more and more lately?
  13. surratus

    Operations Changes in 11.8...

    What worries me is that first sentence in this paragraph. Is WG considering "stars" to be the only "economics or operations" change, or they planning to alter the credits/experience amounts earned from playing in operations. Operations used to be the only way to play in "PvE" mode that netted random level credits and experience. The removal of stars isn't likely to effect veteran players as they've likely five starred every operation. However, I could imagine them reducing credits and/or experience earned to "Co-op mode" levels while touting the 75K credits savings for allowing players to immediately use the same ship, in addition to the return of three older operations as an offset. Full disclosure: Somewhere along the way I've learned to look for hidden loopholes or incomplete explanations in everything the devs announce. I don't think I'm the only one, but if things in that regard have changed, then I apologize for my paranoia.
  14. surratus

    Missouri Credit

    I thought the Missouri was supposed to provide economic game level breaking credit earnings? Unless I misread the listed bonuses the MO is now second to ships other carrying Kobayashi camos? Maybe that's the way it was always supposed to be, or maybe not, I don't know. I understand much less of this game than I used to.
  15. surratus

    Replace Karma

    The thing that fascinates me about Karma, is how I personally respond to Karma. I know it means nothing, I have no clue what my Karma is or when it goes up or down. Yet, I would routinely (when playing regularly - been busy) compliment those players I felt deserved it after a match. Seems odd somehow...making an effort to do something for others that one doesn't really care about when someone does it for you. I'm kind of glad it exists the way it is, and yet I wouldn't care if it goes away.