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  1. surratus

    Soviet Cruisers: Two Bogatyrs

    Nuts, and here I thought protected cruisers were going to get some love...
  2. What do you mean by "tip my servers"? I never see them. I think they're akin to Tooth Fairies, or Ninja's, or something...they just leave stuff at my door, like magic. Once I thought I heard something on the porch and I raced outside, half expecting to see an owl. But it was just the meter reader, I think - hard to tell as they were wearing a mask. They jumped, hissed at me (or sneezed, either way it was scary), and ran off.
  3. surratus

    Quarterly Review, First Quarter 2020

    @SeaRaptor00So what does it look like if you add them all together? What does the overall population trend look like? Do the increases in the other servers make up for the drop in the RU servers? Don't want to do the math - the answer is no they don't, even including the recent odd increase in the ASIA server. Two points - I think the inclusion of the last (and possibly next) quarter, is heavily impacted by the current health crisis. We won't know for some time yet so I'd question that quarter for now. Next, if you look at how the oscillations in the daily averages across the servers mirror each other I think the argument could be made that the introduction of the new Russian lines did have an effect on the RU server. The rise in 1Q19 on the RU server is more dramatic than is observed on the other servers (if you are correct about the timing, I didn't check either). That level of response, at the time, could certainly have encouraged WG to continue to push development of the Russian tech tree. Does anything I just said mean anything? No, it doesn't. It's hardly rosy, but it isn't doom and gloom either. There is too much we don't know, and maybe the most important unknown (to us) factor is how population affects WG bottom line. If the "paying" population is increasing to the detriment of the "non-paying" population then WG will keep on developing and stay the course.
  4. surratus

    All premium consumable will be free

    That's going to add up to a lot of credits. I hope I don't miss the "opt in" button.
  5. Oh wow! That thread is a muddled mess isn't it? But thanks for the reference. Ah. WG is about as predictable as sunrise, they only grasp the definition that accountants use for "balance". I was happier under the rock - good luck all, and stay safe.
  6. I'm sorry, it's been a crazy month as we all know, and I've been under a rock the last few weeks dealing with real life issues. What is this all about? Is WG making a more concerted effort to drive players away from Co-op and operations? Is there a info post or something on this some could point me towards?
  7. Wait...what? You basically installed LiDAR on your ships? That's impressive!
  8. I don't know why people are going back and forth on this. Regardless of the clarity of the announcement and the obviousness of the opt-in button or how we might feel about asking people to Read or even Think, there is just something odd about this process. Going back several updates in previous years, when a change was made that "might" impact the choices players made when picking commander skills, WG offered a period of free commander resets for those who wished to do so. In the past, players would learn about it through various means, or at the very least might discover that when resetting a commander skills the doubloon price was zero. No players commanders were reset automatically by WG, the player still had to hit "reset skills" in the port screen. It just didn't cost anything. Just as WG used to offer discounts on resources they all were built into the "in port screen". Only recently have they required players to "opt in" if they wanted to take advantage of the discount. Why? Does this "opt-in" process require less programming resources to implement than incorporating the discount for all players, then following with a patch removing the discount? I'm not a software person but it seems the code to specifically allow (by requiring the opt-in feature) some players and not others the opportunity for a free reset would be just as complex, or more so. Or has WG discovered that players when given the opportunity might simply reset ALL their commanders regardless of skill level, or the assignment of IFHE? I mean why reset a commander with 3 points? Allowing a blanket reset on all commanders is likely to reduce doubloon spending in the skill assignment category of resource spending for a period of time going forward, and that isn't good for WG. Imagine if they allowed discounted retraining as well as another post has suggested? Regardless of WG reasons I think what we are seeing expressed in these forums, is an ongoing and building sense of distrust in WG decisions and actions. I don't know if this sense of distrust and increasing criticism of WG is just in my imagination, maybe because I have started to feel that way personally. But if real, and if the feelings extends beyond the forums, it can't be good for the game, the players, or WG. Maybe that is what feels odd about this process.
  9. Maybe they're including their own Co-op bots, plus adding a new account every time some person fires up one of those Kiosk nightmares they installed on museum ships.
  10. Yes, in 2019 there were free (no opt in required) commander re-specs in February (around 8.0), and another in April (around 8.2). As I recall the free re-spec during 8.7 required a opt in (might have been the first?) acknowledgement. There was at least one free offer in 2018 as well that didn't require opt in and wasn't limited to having played Clan Battles or something. You could dig around and find more I bet.
  11. A couple of things: You have a point, but I respectfully disagree with "There is only so much we can do beyond doing it for people." There is past precedent that WG allowed a set period after an update in which captain resets were just free, automatically, and without a preparatory opt in button. Second: As to your previous post, I now need to find a point in some future conversation where I can use the term "quite spammy". Something about it just sounded hilarious.
  12. I concur. Not in just recently, but for some time. I had a bad hand injury a while back and stopped playing. During the long hiatus (well over a year) my PR gradually increased ca. 10% without a single battle played. This can only happen if the server population avg stats is in decline improving my Random PR by default (assuming the formula the stats are based upon isn't being slowly altered). There were two detect shifts upward in PR over the period. The first in May 2018 and the second in January 2019, if that means anything. The rest of the period consist of a smooth steady increase.
  13. Two actual screen grabs in one post with the phrase "All Enemy Warships Destroyed"! Looks to me like Tier Five is a sweet spot, I see nothing to grouse about.
  14. Somebody needs to have a talk with the Graphics dept. Can you imagine the wake?
  15. What do you mean "new players"!?