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  1. Because you want to avoid salt water corrosion of your torpedoes. You see that poor schmuck on the Liberty Ship polishing the torpedo, he's not doing that for fun! Oh, my. That didn't sound right at all, did it?
  2. surratus

    Password Breach

    Yeah, I don't store passwords on any password manager, or write them down (thank you "Wargames" 1983). Which means I have to rely on memorization of complex mixes of mnemonics, some odd characters, and phrases. The weakness is that I have to limit the number of places, sites, etc. to those I use frequently, and only those I don't use frequently get reset regularly (because I forget). Another weakness is the use of certain odd characters, in your example the use of "$". It would take me forever to find the "$" on a keyboard as I'm old and see it as "USD". I'd change all my passwords more frequently if it weren't such a labor intensive process, plus you have to forget the old passwords at the same time - this usually takes a quantity of single malt, oft repeated over several days. But you are correct, it does help if the password is amusing (that's what you meant right?). Per your example: Yours is a combination of a quotation from the '73 film "Zardoz", in Bill Gates voice, with Baltic Sea accents, on period ('73) television. The voice says I should use StableCoin to buy peanut butter jelly sandwiches. Don't know why, but it's hard to forget (also I substituted "USD" for "$" ... just because). Really the only trick is remembering "Q" is always capitalized and any vowels nest to "Q" are small case. Man, I hated it when passwords became case sensitive!
  3. surratus

    Password Breach

    All, this kind of stuff makes me nervous. Am I correct in assuming this popup from Chrome applies to passwords saved within the Google Chrome browser? I.E. Does the popup trigger when you have allowed the "saved password" feature available in Chrome that lets you avoid entering passwords each time? Or does it trigger the popup when you are actively logging into a website using the Chrome browser? (I don't use Chrome) It makes a difference, and from what I'm reading it appears as if the security check is made during actual entree of username and password Unless @ZaCLoNe is using the same username/password for other sites as well as Wargaming.net (and if possible please let us know if this is the case), the implication is that there has been a data breach at Wargaming and it would be nice if @Hapa_Fodder could keep us posted. There have been some difficulties with NA servers lately, imagine how bogged down things might get at WG if everybody starts a rush to change passwords. Sorry, if I'm worrying over nothing.
  4. surratus

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.1

    I've often referred to the game as having a "steep learning curve". However, after a discussion with an old wargaming friend who quit WOWS, he pointed out that it's not a difficult game to Learn, but it is a difficult game to Master. Perhaps the differences between the two terms are too subtle for most players and what we are seeing are fewer players who are making the effort, or have even given up attempting to Master the game. In any case, I'm not sure how WG "reducing the number of battles to advance in service record" is going to improve things from a gameplay perspective. Although, I can see how it will help sell more resources.
  5. I have tried introducing this game to many old wargamer friends and they have all started out excited but all lost interest. I don't even try anymore, because it makes me a little sad. And the loss of interest was never because of CV's. Heck, I KNOW it wasn't CV's because many of them started and stopped playing during the period where CV were removed from the game. If some players want to argue that CV's are a significant hurdle to "Playerbase Growth and Retention", then wouldn't just buffing (or lets call it fixing) the AA on low tier ships be the simplest solution? At least as a first step, then see where that goes before altering CV matchmaking. Sure, many of the lower tier ships are of a period where offensive aircraft were not an issue, but making tweaks to historical configurations has never been an issue for WG.
  6. surratus

    PR event flushed out botters.

    Replays, or it didn't happen!
  7. No joy for me. I was taking a short break from the holiday craziness and looking forward to playing as soon as 0.9.0 put an end to the nightmare. Of course I couldn't get 0.9.0 to install on the 15th due to the server, in spite of the game center "pre-downloading" the update. It finally updated but way too late to play. But I figure, if missing out on a tiny bit of compensation is the worst thing that happens to me in 2020 then it's going to be a great year!
  8. surratus

    My investment in this game is complete

    Looking forward to Ultimate Admiral too! It reminds me of one of the first games I played on my first PC in the mid 80's - "Warship" by SSI. Anybody else play that one? I should say it only loosely reminds me of Warship, in that you construct you ship before battle. It's amazing to me how far we have come since those days. I think I still have all those old games in boxes somewhere. Sometimes I wonder if they are worth anything, but I can't imagine they would be, except maybe to confuse the heck out of my heirs.
  9. surratus

    done with ingame chat

    Stupid forum rants are supposed to make you feel better...did it work?
  10. surratus

    My investment in this game is complete

    OP (if I may paraphrase your comments) - I like how your thoughts on the game went from the more typical "closing my wallet, because of {insert here}" to a more reflective "the game has become something just not worth my time anymore". I hope you enjoy having the extra time to do other stuff. I did sense of large theme of regret in your post. My advice would be not to dwell on time wasted, doing so might take some of the enjoyment out of the other stuff you now have time for. Have fun!
  11. surratus

    What happened here?

    OP, welcome aboard. You did do one thing absolutely correct! You came to the forums and asked a question and importantly included a video of the issue to help other players answer it. In this game the learning curve for most players is a long and for the most part the forums are a good place for new player guidance and suggestions on where more in depth info can be found. Have fun!
  12. surratus

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    This is likely true. 1) Assuming that the company resources it takes to keep players from closing their wallets makes up for the difference. 2) Also, I have to wonder (not casting any doubt on the OP's statement), how many players who announce they are "closing their wallets" are actually "closing their wallets"?
  13. surratus

    What am I looking at?

    Wow. Now that's focus!
  14. surratus

    What am I looking at?

    If you move from one server to another does it reset the summary?