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  1. Oh god...me too. Wait...Yamamoto'sama? Nope. No way have I sunk that low! (...i use my Furutaka Capt...because I haven't started the Yamamoto campaign...gods, but the Katori is fun...) Seriously though, when the fireworks go off you're going to have a map full of confused players.
  2. I don't know if that was auto-correct, or on purpose. Either way it resulted in a 10 minute belly laugh. Thanks Lert!
  3. I don't know about the rest of you, but to me liquid cooling simply means Beer!
  4. I'm trying to wrap my head around the concept of a "video game coward"? I don't think coward is the right word to use. There is no physical danger to fear, and anonymity provides significant protection from non physical abuse. Performance anxiety could be a possible thing to be afraid of, I guess. Fear of letting one's team down is a real thing, but that hardly seems to be the source of the behavior the OP is on about. Just a weird label to chose, unless the OP wanted to be insulting.
  5. Their camo kinda sucks...also...most sporting events will be hilarious...also...my cat just freaked out...
  6. Well? I can tell you how not to play Texas - don't ever tell tell Texas you're from Oklahoma (or California). Other than that, put one foot on the car bumper, take a breath deep, smile, and say "This place is just grand! You folks are so lucky to live here". Say that, and be attractive, and you can play Texas for everything. (And just in case the mods think I'm being a troll...that's just the opening salvo between cousins along the flatland's...so chill, it's a family thing.)
  7. No worries, good luck solving the issue and let us know when and how you get it fixed. Some day the info might help someone else. Some other grateful soul might send you premium time in response.
  8. One last shot in the dark, cause it happened to me. I had a windows update that for some crazy reason changed my "default" choice of my laptop Nvidea card switch to the built in Intel graphics card when using my laptop to play WoWS. It was easily corrected in the Nvidea control console. Look at the task bar "up arrow" lower right, while running WoWS, you'll see a "waffle box" icon called "nvidea GPU activity". It should say 1 (or2) programs running. Left click on it and look for the WoWS icon. If this icon is not present your laptop is running WoWS on the built in Intel graphics - not good. And take deep breaths - LCD displays are easy to break.
  9. Dadrox, may be onto something. Is you battery charging normally with the charger plugged in? Heck, is the charger plugged in solidly? I play on a laptop and if I accidentally unplug the charger my game goes to crap.
  10. Wow, you really need a computer pro now. I'm not sorry...the only thing I can think of is to try and reduce your graphic settings. Perhaps you have a GPU or cooling fan that is failing or the heat exchanger is clogged and thus drawing too much current from your battery and/or charger. Are you running on integrated graphics or does your laptop have a second GPU?
  11. Ever get a song stuck in your head, you can't get rid of? They say the way to do it is to recall the end of the song...it doesn't work...I only passed gas...
  12. To me what is important is Win Rate. If the way other players play the game seems to ruin it for you, either stop playing it, or just accept that it's a mix of humans that play. A little old German lady used to say to me "There's all kinds of people on this planet...and they're all here". Some matches might be full of Desmond Doss's and others full of Bobby Fishers, most seem pretty regular to me. On a more tactical note - consider - the only time you should ever hold back on a kill is when you are 100% SURE the enemy vessel cannot harm ANY of your team. To hold fire because you do not wish to "kill steal" is more likely to be harmful to your team than beneficial. Point is don't get upset when an ally finishes off a red vessel, and don't beat yourself up for doing the same.
  13. There does seem to be a few admissions that in some cases the DD players are holding action until other members of the team sort themselves into a developing plan, and I expect it may be more common than "a few". Fair enough, but please don't go all quiet - it's spooky. As a cruiser main tell me what can I do to signal my support to those DD's waiting and watching for the tactical picture to develop. Point out to me where you "think" you want me to be located. I know if it's a good location you'll zip past me, if it looks bad you'll head in another direction - it happens, good cruisers are tough enough to bail and draw fire while re-positioning. But if I think a nearby DD is sitting dead in the water, I'll brake, hold a bit, but eventually I've no choice but to put my nose in another direction to support another teammate...and just hope I get there in time. Just my two cents.
  14. Agree. The Phoenix has awesome range, great maneuverability, and good fire chances. Keep your distance where you can dodge incoming. Aside from her glaringly naked citadel, her only other weakness is a focused CV opponent, but then I don't think it's a good idea for a CV to focus on a single opposing ship for long enough to kill the Phoenix. She might be the best DD hunter at T4, but don't fall for some bait and YOLO after, unless you like "It's Only a Flesh wound" awards. If you are routinely close enough to use your torps you are either soon to be dead, or so brilliant at ambushing that your talents are wasted in cruisers.
  15. Jeez. Who has time to type anything in this game? I often wonder if everyone else is operating on a completely different wavelength than me - it might explain my performance. It's like the player base figured out how to overclock their brains and I'm in the slow lane trying to remember the statistics of over a dozen ships, watch the mini-map, WASD, zoom in, zoom out, lead which target by what, decode flashing square alerts, speed read informational chat, figure out which torpedoes are actually heading toward me, all the while controlling a lingering PTSD that makes me want to go sit in the corner and "preen my fur" (God, I hope readers have read Snargfargle's earlier post before this). Type? Maybe someday - I can hope.