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  1. Expect More Patch Rage

    Actually, you are not far off. it's not necessarily the actual image (as silly and sarcastic as it is), it can be the colors and shape that could trigger a veterans PTSD. I know that is not what you implied.
  2. Premium Elitism

    Well, like the candy bar jingle goes - "Some days you feel like Atago...some days Yubari."
  3. Forum Funnies Redux

    Thanks for bringing this back, Snargfargle! Gods! I wish I had a Dragon Flag for every time I have done this. I'd be a 19 point player by now. ...ddddddddddddddddd..., "Why, am I not...?" Leans on the backspace, only to forget and hit return, then ....dddddddddddddddddd....all over again.
  4. Storm in the NL, part 2

    Lived through three tornadoes. That level of wind can be terrifying. Stay safe Lert!
  5. Roma, the Poll.

    Also, I kind of want to put the Eye of Sauron on top of it, or better yet my big stone head (Avatar).
  6. Roma, the Poll.

    Maybe it's a big hollow float to keep the the vessel from rolling upside down when making high speed turns.
  7. Hey, Thanks Wargaming!

    Must not be a music lover...
  8. Diana gun ports

    Tier 2 and 3 DD's and most tier 3 CL's superstructure, bow and stern plate is 6mm. But I can see why WG didn't want to activate the smaller secondaries. It must have made for interesting discussions about including them in the model. I'm glad they were included even if not used. I've often wondered how WG determined damage values. Is there a formula for damage?
  9. Diana gun ports

    Same with the Albany. She has several 6-pdr quick firing Hotchkiss guns in casemate and turret. Anti sub and torpedo boat - too small for anti-surface use in WoWS. Too bad though they'd penetrate 6mm with a range of 3.7km at 25 / minute.
  10. New Training Room

    Maybe we'll just have to find a "training partner" and take turns being an "active bot". For now I think I'll go back to practicing in Co-op. I hear the bots have some new tricks...
  11. New Training Room

    I got the impression from the patch notes that bot ships are no longer active, just passive targets for testing. I hope I'm wrong.
  12. I just spent forty five minutes looking over my ships in port, instead of playing a match. Need to have a talk with my St. Louis commander, someones been a little lax about picking up their brass.
  13. I do agree completely. However, judging from @Pigeon_of_War's response to @pikohan earlier, the probability of this happening looks bleak. I'm not sure why, but there is a lot I don't get about the business end of on-line gaming.
  14. Musashi in port

    I hope the Musashi sticks around for a good long while. Need to pick up Nelson first.
  15. Arizona Thoughts?

    I'm at the tier 6 level in play right now and I enjoy the ship. It's a very durable and forgiving ship with decent precision guns. IMHO, the MM level can be challenging, and she is very slow (Sierra Mike's are useful). DD's give me more trouble than CV's for some reason. Super good ship for a brawl. I usually run full out to a position where I can do some good at mid to close ranges instead of sniping with her guns. Too many islands on some of these maps...from a BB perspective that is (as a CL main it's usually "Oh, thank God, an island). I do like my Arizona but I'm struggling with the spotter aircraft for long range work. I'm going to break out the Murmansk and get in some spotter practice to get better.