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  1. CBSDracster

    WG, A solution to stopping Team Spies.

    Their response has always been, "Send us the replay and we will take whatever action we deem appropriate...and you'll never know if we do anything at all." There is also the report for "Misbehavior in Chat". It may or may not do anything but they will tell you to use it.
  2. That sounds like something a disguised BB would say. I'm not falling for that trap!
  3. CBSDracster

    Changing who gets awarded a "sunk"

    The race to gank the IJN cruiser is the most fun. Shoot at ship with 25k hp. Shells land just in time to secure the last 127 hp and the kill.
  4. CBSDracster

    AL Commanders

    I have a good job, my employer is generous with bonus', my cars are paid for, I like chicken, and I owe very little on my house. I've bought premiums in the past but i refuse to do so any more. They just aren't worth it to me.
  5. CBSDracster

    This is the worst steamroll I've ever seen

    I've had a game or two like that. I think they were both on Two Brothers. My slow BB went to support the cap and the cruisers and destroyers wiped out the token resistance. I shifted over to support the other cap and got a couple salvos in before the game ended. The grand total was 5-6k damage and a bill for the balance. I've been on the receiving end of it too.
  6. This one here. I have the Leviathan camo for the NorCal and it's a close 2nd.
  7. CBSDracster

    Primary AI gun dirrection.

    What was the range? Was it the secondaries maybe?
  8. CBSDracster

    Now I remember why I sold my Nurnberg

    I ranked out in Nurnberg on both my accounts. Like most cruisers, it's a strong ship if played right and a death trap if just flung out into the midst. Use islands to get in close and to shield you from those pesky BBs. When the time is right, use the superior hydro and RoF to get those pesky DDs in their smoke and detect the incoming walls of skill. When all else fails, use the superior RoF to shoot over mountains and burn all things. Don't forget to punish the occasional unlucky broadside cruiser with your AP. When all else fails, kite until you can't
  9. CBSDracster

    KRON,,,, or MUSH?

    Kronstadt is going away in January. Alaska will be around for a year maybe. Get both.
  10. CBSDracster

    Snowflake Progress Thread

    I just started this weekend. 107/148 completed, all in Co-Op. I started with premiums (except BBs), then destroyers, then cruisers, and then battleships. Saving carriers for last. I still have 30something BBs and just a few CVs to go. The things that took the longest are demounting flags, camos, and premium consumables. After a couple games, I also took DefAA over hydro whenever it was an option. Hydro just seemed worthless due to the fast-paced action. The highlight was shooting down 2 planes in the same match with the Ishizuchi. Single digit AA OP!
  11. CBSDracster

    Dumb co-op questions...

    I got to see the ghostly bot spotting first hand this weekend. It was kinda eerie having the guns track my ship even though I had a couple km of concealment cushion. The bots also seem to have a much faster turret rotation.
  12. CBSDracster

    Weekend spree

    I went on a snowflake spree in Co-Op...played 108 battles. The bots actually took one of them.
  13. The US Navy had almost 1200 "major combatants" (over 1000 tons) and almost 6800 ships total at the end of WW2.
  14. CBSDracster

    Need help with CO when facing higher tiers

    Stick with it. There's not much you can do about spawn. Sometimes you just draw the crap straw. There's nothing you can do about RN HE spam. Power creep is real. You cant pick the games to play, only play the games you get. Position, angle, and punish broadsides.
  15. CBSDracster

    Why do people like the PA DD?

    The YueYang is a Sumner-class, basically an improved Fletcher. The Gearing-class is a lengthened Sumner-class for more fuel to extend the cruising range.