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  1. I think he means top hull being the best hull, not the one at the top of the screen.
  2. I played a mess of T5 CV and my WR tanked accordingly. Almost every game was double CV. Six or seven Clear Skys and only 1 was a win. Still grinding up the last of the T8 cruisers. I ran out of the +100% camo so it's slow going. Took Emile Bertin out for some fun and clubbed a few T7s. Saw a fine example of MM's sense of humor...Double T7 CVs, T5 BBs, T5-6 CLs, and all T5 DDs. There wasn't a Cleveland in sight so AA was no concern for the CVs.
  3. I managed to bag 2 but don't remember their numbers. Cross torped one in an Iwaki A and finished one in a Mutsu.
  4. The Spee player didn't know how to use cover, pure and simple. Spee didn't fire his guns once after getting spotted. It could never outrun the Cleveland and was pretty much going to be spotted whether it fired or not. The Spee should have gone around the big island into C and sailed off into the sunrise. Going straight South and then pulling a 180 was the absolute worst move. The Cleveland was just farming that last bit of damage and XP until the game ended, hence the cap. The Cleveland player was probably surprised the Spee turned around to engage. Classic defeat snatched from the laurels of victory.
  5. They're probably just following the Soviet/Russian model where a ship can have several Captains on board but only one is the overall ship Captain. Captains for EVERYONE!
  6. French cruisers - I don't know why they get the bad rep. They're firebreathers with decent torps and can generally sail broadside because their armor is horrible. Yorck - She's a bit slow but the guns hit hard and her armor can be a bit of a troll. Colorado - Slow but packs a wallop.
  7. Burke's "31 Knot" nickname wasn't a compliment. He was trying to point out how worn out his ships were from constant combat. One of his ships had a bad boiler so his squadron was speed limited. He had answered several deployment orders with "Proceeding at 30 kts". One he answered with 31 kts. Command threw it back at him like he was holding back and started calling him 31 Knot Burke. It's the press who made it something positive because 31 kts sounded fast.
  8. I had a 26hp shot on a Shima in smoke to secure a Kraken.
  9. Those are the T1 ships.
  10. I had a 4hp DD ram into me and die a few weeks back. I did not turn pink. There might be hope after all.
  11. Poll fail. No "All of the Above".
  12. Make her the sharpshooting BB. Now, not only can you land all 9 shells on that dodging, weaving DD at 12km...you can land all 9 on the middle torp launcher.
  13. Is this a "Why isn't half the team pushing the lone destroyer?" or a "Why isn't that lone cruiser pushing those 4 Battleships?" rant?
  14. With the Brit CL line and three(?) premium CLs built around the smoke mechanic, not to mention every DD, any change to the mechanic needs to be WELL thought through.
  15. Be thankful. The actual RoF of the Furutaka was <2 rounds per minute because the ammo delivery system was very complex and manual labor intensive.