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  1. You side is Pan-Asian DDs and theirs isn't. Deepwater torps are nice, but pushing a cap against a DD that can't torp you makes the red DDs very aggressive.
  2. This has to be a Photoshop. I've seen several times on this forum that radar mismatches like this never occur.
  3. Someone who thought it was a good idea to div up with a T5 I guess.
  4. Yubari was good for 5 cits from my Farragut in a game a couple days ago. Someone stole my kill though. :(
  5. The team chooses the ring-around-the-rosie tactic on Standard. Two or three ships try to delay the weak side. The red team chooses to go the weak side. Map is pinged. Help is sought. None of the lemmings turn around. The lemming train gets stopped by one or two ships and swing wider on the map. The weak side delay continues. Map is pinged. Help is requested. None of the lemmings turn around. The lemming train is now shoved into a corner. Half are dead. What's left of the delaying force is passing through the cap. Map is pinged. Map is pinged. The remaining lemmings finally decide to push the red cap. The red ships enter the green cap. Map is pinged. Help is...oh who am I kidding. They haven't listened up to now. What's the use of wasting the pixels. These guys would have sailed off the map if it was allowed. LOOK AT THE MINIMAP FOR PETE'S SAKE!!
  6. Sticky Islands still?

    Look at your speed when this happens. In the example I sent to WG, even in full reverse my forward speed was .1. To get off the island I had to set full reverse, full opposite rudder, and wait about 2-3 minutes. Eventually the stern swung outwards and the ship started moving backwards. Here is the "official" response to my ticket: "We have everything we require now to submit this issue to our development team for further investigation. Any resolution, if any, may show up in future releases. In the meantime, we suggest not getting so close to rocks. Generally rocks and ships don't mix."
  7. The folks I saw yesterday using the Brit cruisers for the torp mission would just yolo up and try to squirt torps out either side before they died. I can only imagine they were cycling thru 3 or 4 ships doing the yolo/die/next thing. The really smart ones would try to use islands for cover to get closer before they yolo'd in.
  8. I bought a 20-pack of the $3 crates and got: 6K dubs Okhotnik Kii Mutsu Giulio Cesare Duca D'Aosta Some flags Some camo I was bored and just bought another 20-pack so we'll see what those bring. ETA: Kidd Gallant 6K dubs Some flags Some camo
  9. Yes I am a Kill Stealer

    I had a 4 kill 20k game yesterday. 2 of the kills were DDs with 130ish and 300ish hp. ETA: I've been that DD running around the map with 400hp spamming torps. I had fun and the red team was annoyed I was still alive. I always remember this when I shoot at at a low health ship.
  10. I did the 90k mission twice yesterday....Fujin and Kamikaze. Also had several 60-70k games but just a couple torps shy of the mission.
  11. I've been in 3 memorable games that were decided in the last few seconds, 2-1. In one of those we were down points and I killed the last red ship with :01 on the clock. I've also been in <5 minute wins and losses. It all evens out in the end.
  12. Novel ways to die in battle

    I had a window pop up ever so briefly in a match and paid it no mind. I did pay it some mind later when 3.2s into the next battle my PC reboots to start applying updates. 12 mins later I was back in the game just in time to eat a load of torps.
  13. How to Get Hit, RL Version

    They were convinced subs were working with the various Japanese forces because they still didn't believe ship torps could do what the IJN torps were doing. It wasn't until all the AARs were together, and someone remembered reading Capt. Albert Rooks prewar paper, that they realized the "strange flashes" seen on the IJN ships were torps being launched.
  14. It also means that a BB will still be spotted if within the 20s bloom window, and a ship is still in range, whether it fires or not? That sneaky spotting DD can negate any smoke advantage until the bloom subsides?