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  1. I had one that passed right thru the middle of my ship and kept going to the map border and beyond.
  2. I just play like a total noob. If I do something cunning, it catches them off guard and I get to be a hero. If my cunning plan fails its no big deal because nobody was expecting anything anyway.
  3. Helping a Seal DD Club a Seal BB

    This is why I keep an eye on the minimap. Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees. Its even funnier when BOTH broadside BBs ignore each other at 8km.
  4. Weekend spree

    Yesterday I didn't have a single close game. I went 3/14 and every game was a blow-out. I think Friday and Saturday I broke even.
  5. USS Helena aka The Machine Gun Ship

    Atlanta and Juneau were AA ships used incorrectly. Regular US CLs were meant to be part of the battle line.
  6. USS Helena aka The Machine Gun Ship

    The 10s reload is a HUGE nerf to this line of ships if it goes live that way.
  7. That Damn CA cost us the game!!!!

    Twice I've been the BB that deleted the DD in the last few seconds to swing the points to a win. More than twice I've been the potato that over-extended or lost map awareness and cost my team. It happens to all ship classes. As someone pointed out in a previous post, some players don't even realize there IS a points system. Some don't realize that just staying alive matters: - The CV with no planes that charges and gets sunk. We lost the game by 20 pts. - The DD with 50 pts going for the BB lol kill in the last few seconds and gets CQE'd. We lost that game by 5 pts. - The low health DD/CA/CL/BB that gets blotted because they won't stop shooting. Too many to count. Everyone's game is different. Some people play to win. Some people play to pewpewpew; winning is just gravy. I like making gravy.
  8. USS Juneau found

    Unfortunately, Hoover made the right decision. His battered force was in no condition to set an ASW screen and rescue survivors.
  9. The Soviets planned to re-arm her with indigenous rifles so WG could give her 1950s AA with Moskva guns and put her at T6 with much balans.
  10. Zero Historical Tie In's

    A special event for Giulio Cesare on the Ides of March would have been nice.
  11. Atago Cheaters UNITE! My cheat/hackusation was dodging 47 Kagero torps and not taking a single hit. Why the odd number? No idea.
  12. Have you found any rooms/alcoves/staircases that were walled up?
  13. CitadelPalooza

    I cit'd a GK with my Baltimore the other day. I was shocked.
  14. shot before being detected

    This is what I've been seeing as well. I can understand if I get hit 10-15s after I go unspotted because of flight time. But if I get hit 30-60s after going unspotted and traveling in a completely different direction in a different grid square, something is funky.