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  1. WG made world of warships. Then added cv's. Then to make CV's more interactive added manual drops and strafes. The community said that would kill cv's. WG moved forward anyway. Because of the skill gap in playing cv not many people played cv. WG made a rework to attract more people to cv. It worked. More people played cv, and that made people with a play style that could be stopped by cv upset because they saw more battles with cv. WG then nurfed cv. Not good enough, so nurf cv again. Still not enough, so buff aa. Too good so buff cv. Not enough to make cv playable. The best answer would have been to remove cv from wows and put all of that effort into making world of war planes better and draw all of the CV players and all of the arty players from wot to wowp. Am I wrong here?
  2. Broc_Ursal

    Time to yank karma from the game

    What, karma is a thing? Where can it be found?
  3. Broc_Ursal

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    I actually am for that. Give each squad 15-20 second reload time so that if I just recalled my attack craft I have to wait 15-20 seconds before the attack craft can be sent sent out again, and I would be forced to use dive bombers or torpedo bombers instead. It would not work on a set up of having all craft set on one timer though, because even when pushing with the team it will take min 20 seconds to get the craft in a striking position. So 20 second cool down on a launch, plus 20 second travel time, would put the fastest cv attack time close to a DD launching torps and having to wait for the torps to reload before being able to fire guns.
  4. Broc_Ursal

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Currantly playing a t8 cv (lexington) and have been destroyed several times by a t6 destroyer using guns not torps. I either played the ship to avoid damage ( didn't work) or I played the planes to eliminate the close threat (due to skillful turning by the DD every time , didn't work). Or, having a close DD that worked to stay unspotted, and get wrecked by BB guns. I work hard to be a benifit to my teams. I move up to reduce flight time. In RTS days people didn't like CV's being able to have planes in the air and pop back to the ship at a moment's notice to protect. So WG made it so that the cv is either in the plane or in the ship, and made the ship a little more sturdy. But what I get from your post is that CV's are as maneuverable and fast as DD's but have the armor and hp of BB's. I wish. From my experience in the lex, and watching others in the t10's, that is far from true. They may be faster then bb's, but not nearly as maneuverable as cruisers. And remember, if the cv is actively avoiding your shots, that cv cannot actively attack you.
  5. DD players don't either. Both work to earn them. This whole question started because, as a cv that works to spot for the team, I will at times see a low health enemy. I could use 1 drop to end the threat, stop that threat from hurting my team, and continue on to my objective, or i could leave that threat be so that a teammate could finish the kill, only to have that low hp threat be ignored and kill critical team mates. But no, I am a dirty CV main that does everything I can to get the V for my team, I deserve to explode at the 1 second mark, because reasons. Is that what you are meaning?
  6. Broc_Ursal

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    Ok, the cv hate needs to end. Can CV's do things other ships can't? Yes, yes they can. Can other ships do things that CV's can't? Yes, yes they can. Are currant CV's anywhere close to doing things now that they were before the rework? No, no they aren't. The biggest problem is the current popularity of cv's. Before the rework CV's could spot, harass ships, and dev strike at will, but the skill needed to do all of that was very high. That lead to few people playing them. The game was actually designed around cv spotting, and since so few people played them, WG enhanced sonar and radar to provide the spotting. Now, WG made cv more appealing to play, so more CV's are in more battles. Do CV's have the ability to alter entire battles? Some times. But can you tell me of another ship that will be next to helpless when a red ship gets close? If a sneaky ship is able to make it close to a cv, the cv is dead. That is why most hug the back line. It is safer. But those line huggers are not effective. In short, if the enemy team has battle ships, does it change your tactics? Yes. If the enemy team has cruisers, does it effect your tactics? Yes. If the enemy team has destroyers, does it effect your tactics? Yes. Why is it a crime that CV's effect your tactics?
  7. I think you missed the original post. While on the way to find and spot other enemies a low hp enemy could be taken out with little loss of my own. So, no, not ignoring any other red. It kind of amazes me, I ask a question about how to be courteous to other players, and people show up just to be toxic. Says a lot.
  8. Just wow. I started this as an honest question about courtesy or effectiveness, and it has started to turn to this? You have given the best responce. And may Thor guide your fury, and Tyr temper your vengeance.
  9. Usually, if I can see friendly DD torps heading to a red, I will try to drop so that the red will steer into the torps.
  10. Scenario; it is at the midpoint of a battle. I am flying my attack planes to spot hiding enemy ships. I happen to see an friendly ship attack an enemy ship and leave the enemy at low enough health so that I can finish the enemy off with one drop. What is the correct action? If I do the drop and kill the enemy ship, I could have stolen a kill from a teammate, but if I fly passed, the near death enemy could still be able to go stealth and take out a friendly. Also, does the answer change if I was in a destroyer?
  11. Broc_Ursal

    Tier 10 CVs

    If you are hiding from a cv, turn your aa off. The aa gives your position away. I can spot a DD with its aa on and have enough time to attack right away. If the aa is off I have to turn around, which usually makes the DD get unspotted again.
  12. Broc_Ursal

    If you could change the meta on NA servers

    CV changes: 1. 30 - 45 second initial squadron launch time. 2. 30 second relaunch timer per squadron. Basically, when the player is returned to the ship from an attack plane run, the attack planes cannot be launched for 30 seconds but dive bombers or torpedo bombers could be. 3. Change the boost gauge into a fuel gage. Once the player is able to control the squad it would start to drop and when it is empty the planes automatically return to ship unless they are in an attack run, in which case they would finish the attack, then return. The rate of drop could be set to allow 40 - 50 km if total flight distance including turns. Sounds like a lot, but on an average attack run 5 km + will be used to line up the drop, 5 km+ will be used to disengage and position to start the next drop. So, to get 3 attacks on target, the CV would have to be about 20 km from the target. Boost could be set so that it increases the speed of the plane and the rate of fuel use so that 1 km of distance would cost like 1.25 - 1.5 km of fuel, the planes would travel faster, but have less total distance. Slowing would slow the planes, but not the fuel rate. While slowing the planes would cover less distance but use the fuel needed for a greater distance, thus reducing total flight distance. Boost and slow would still be limited by a temperature gauge. 3. Air craft spotting in mini map only, not rendered on screen for teammates. Other ships: Basically, the only thing I can think of would be to increase the effect of range on dispersion. Long shots could still be taken, but would become less accurate. Sorry, I know, long winded.
  13. Broc_Ursal

    PSA: There is an actual ammunition limit!!!

    I think I might try this in my lex. Does anyone know if you can set the bots to not move but still use aa?
  14. There already is a bit of a wait timer to launching planes, the trip to the target. From looking around in the forums, and play experience, a good goal is to have a squad at target about every 30 seconds to minute. So, yes, when my squad gets to target i will get up to 3 drops (realistically 2 max), but then I am out of the area for 30 to a minute depending on how I positioned my hull. Adding, say a 25 second wait until any planes can be launched means 25 seconds of staring at your ship, looking at the map, being tactical, whatever, and then 30 seconds to a minute of travel, which is when I do all my tactical work. If each squad had a separate timer so that a cv has to cycle squads and not just spam one type, then I could accept that, as you could launch attack craft, then while that is on cool down launch TB's.
  15. I am a cv main, my brother is a DD main. The other day we were talking about this, and this is what we came up with that would keep cv fun for me, and DD fun for him. 1. +/- 1 cv mm. It would make it easier to balance aa. 2. Aircraft provide mini map spotting only. The rest of the team would see location and general heading, but the ships would not render on screen. 3. A delay to launch at the beginning of the game (already getting put in place so there is that) 4. Make it so that ships with multipurpose guns would have another ammo type to manually attack planes. Switching to this ammo type would essentially give the player manual control of flak at long to medium range. It would make the cv to surface ship interaction more PvP and less pve in the CV's favor. This would take the slot for DFAA or maybe require a captain skill. Or maybe both. 5. Some how making the cv move up with the rest of the team. WG is doing this with the drop in speed, but that will not make people move up, it will just make them take longer to fly across the map. Our idea was to leave the speed alone and change the boost gauge into a fuel gage. As soon as the squad is under player control the gage would slowly start to drop and when it became empty the squad would automatically return to the carrier unless they were in an attack run, which then they would finish the run then return. The rate of drop of the gage could be set to run out at a rate where the planes would have like 40 or 50 km total flight distance, maybe scale with tier. Using boost would make the gage drop faster, making the planes go faster, but reducing the total flight distance. Slowing would not effect the gage, so while slowing the planes would travel less distance for the same amount of gage drop and reduce the total flight distance. The fan icon would become the gage for the amount of boost or slowing by changing from grey to red as it already does. 50 km looks like a lot, but when you track the amount of lost distance from boost/slow, and the amount of turning done to swing around to line up strikes, it would limit the distance from the battle that the CV would be. It would also force spotting CV's to return to the ship instead of keeping ships lit pretty much nonstop. In thought, we both thought these changes would go a long way to balancing the cv and make the cv to surface ship interaction more, well, interactive.