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  1. Broc_Ursal

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    I like this idea. Make it like a battle type where you choose to spectate and a tier to spectate at and you load into a battle that a ship of the chosen tier could be in. Then you could move between ships like when you get sunk. Maybe disable chat if you spectate.
  2. Broc_Ursal

    CV Rework Feedback

    Something I wonder, are USN CVs going to still be limited to tier 8 planes, or are we going to get T10 jets?
  3. So, from what I have seen, it looks fun. My biggest fear, though, is having to launch a squad, spend 2 minutes or so manually flying them to position, attack for 30 seconds to a minute, then spend another 2 minutes getting back to the CV, twiddle your thumbs for 1 minute or more depending on how many got shot down by AA, all so you can launch and do it all over again. 5+ minutes of waiting for a minute of action will kill CV's faster then just removing them. No other ship in the game has anything close to that much down time. If that down time could be filled with something else, CV's would take off. Something like scout planes that would only work through waypoints and would show enemy positions on the mini map only, and for only about 15 to 20 seconds, with a captain skill or premium to turn them into patrol fighters. So during the down time you could plan out scouting trips or help allies with extra AA protection.
  4. Broc_Ursal

    Battleship build help

    I actually had a bit of a laugh. I had come back to ask if I should get IFHE or, since I keep seeing that fire is the German BB enemy, fire prevention. I already have preventive maintanence, the skill that improves turret rotation, basic and advanced fire training and my next is going to be manual secondary aim. If I go IFHE I will have 1 point left and there really isn't anything else that catches my eye, but I will have better pen with the HE secondaries. If I go fire prevent, I can also get adrenaline. Any thoughts? Looking at this, I have found out that there is a whole lot more going on than I had thought and I appreciate all of the info.
  5. Broc_Ursal

    Battleship build help

    Thank all of you. That is a lot of good info. Just to double check, IFHE is Inertial Fuse High Explosives, correct?
  6. Broc_Ursal

    Carrier Rework Update

    I cannot shake the thought that the CV rework has less to do with balance and attracting more players, and more to do with making CV more playable on console.
  7. Broc_Ursal

    Battleship build help

    After doing some looking, I think I have decided on the German line. Any advice on skills? I am looking at 1. Preventive maintenance 2. Expert marksman 3. Basic fire training 4. Advance fire training 5. Adrenaline but after that I am at a bit of a loss. I am planing on keeping the same commander the entire way.
  8. Broc_Ursal

    Battleship build help

    I have not been playing long, and most of my matches have been in CV, but with the CV rework looming before us, I have been looking at other builds. Oddly enough, the build that I want to try is a (relatively) fast closing close quarters battleship. Something that can get close up to the opponent, dish out decent main battery fire, and direct secondary fire to chew up the enemy. I don't expect to light the world on fire with this, but I think it would be a fun adrenaline filled battle. Does anyone have any advice on lines and commander skills? Currently I have been using the Wyoming because national loyalty? But I do like how most of the main guns can be brought on target with only a slight angle from approach.