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  1. sacredcat


    I've completed all campaigns and I'm wondering if there will be any new ones? Anyone know?
  2. sacredcat


    Thanks. I think it was my best ever.
  3. sacredcat


  4. sacredcat

    Split second win

    This is a first for me. Never have my team been all destroyed and still win. Shot from enemy was made with one second left and hit/destroyed our last ship after time up. My team is on the left Nice Kraken for Cygani
  5. sacredcat

    Clan Battles

    I was wondering? Can only the commander organize a clan battle or can anyone within the clan do this?
  6. sacredcat

    Clan Brawl 10

    Is there a guaranteed reward for the lower ranks? Ie 500th place?
  7. sacredcat

    Clan Treasury

    So far the only resource we're earning in our clan is oil. How do we earn the other three resources? I would like to reward my clan members for winning naval battles, acquiring new recruits, kickin butt, etc.....etc
  8. sacredcat


    If I complete a collection I get the Eritrea but I already have that ship. Is there an alternate prize I may have?
  9. sacredcat

    Clan Treasury

    For some reason the balance of my clan treasury keeps loading and I can't see it. Is this a problem with others? Will there be a fix available?
  10. sacredcat

    Belle Epoche

    I need two more to complete the "Belle Epoche" collection. What containers do I buy to get them?
  11. sacredcat

    Belle Epoch Collection

    I need two more of those patches from this collection. Any idea when i can purchase them?
  12. sacredcat


    I downloaded the new launcher. I'm ok now. You may try that as well
  13. sacredcat


    Keep us informed
  14. sacredcat


    I'm with rogers too. This really bites because I don't really know what to ask Rogers when I contact them.
  15. sacredcat


    Still having problems logging in. Someone HELP!!!! I expect free doubloons for this inconvenience. :D