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  1. JubJub787_

    Hows the Bougogne Is Doing so far

    I think he already has
  2. JubJub787_

    [ONI] - Office of Naval Intelligence is recruiting!

  3. [ONI] is recruiting! We're a new clan that's looking for new members to join us! Why join [ONI]? We're a casual clan without strict requirements Be friendly Be active on Discord Working mic (not too much background noise pls) Active Discord [ONI] members non-[ONI] members Friendly community Not many rules, but we are fairly strict with them Lots of friendly members from other clans Join our discord and PM either me or Kozoro for anything you might need Have a good day! - Jupiter, Chief Staff Officer of [ONI]
  4. JubJub787_

    Sharks Suck

    Something something Sharks make more sense in a naval game
  5. JubJub787_

    [ADOPT] Recruiting new members

    These [ADOPT] people sound like a bunch of noobs
  6. The high tier French cruisers I've played so far (Charles Martel, Saint-Louis) have been really fun because of the reload on the guns, the speed, and the range. The Henri looks like a change from the playstyle I've grown accustomed to, is it a radical change or will it be easy to adjust to?