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  1. GREAT LAKES DEFENSE FORCE "Second to none, prepared for all." ABOUT Welcome to the GLDF, sailor! Are you looking for a casual, but dedicated bunch of shipmates to go to battle with? Are you searching for an ever-expanding Naval Base to drop anchor at between battles and earn bonuses and discounts? Do you want to gain rewards, reputation and prestige among your Warships peers? Look no further, the GLDF is the place for you! OUR MISSION We aim to build a clan of players to engage in battles and competitions with and grow the resources in the treasury for the benefit of all members. BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP As a member, you'll enjoy many perks and opportunities, including: All bonuses and rewards of the Naval Base* A share of any clan treasury resources earned in battles, missions, etc. A rank system with opportunities to be promoted within the clan and earn better shares of rewards, more clan permissions, and prestige Opportunities to participate in clan Naval Battles, Operations, and more * After contributing 30 oil to the clan, as required by Wargaming RANK SYSTEM The requirements of earning promotions and maintaining a rank within the clan are as follows: E-1 MIDSHIPMAN: Must meet minimum enrollment requirements to remain in the clan at this position Has obtained 99 oil or less for the clan treasury O-1 LINE OFFICER Has been a member for 14 days Has obtained 100 - 299 oil for the clan treasury O-2 COMMISSIONED OFFICER Has obtained 300 - 499 oil for the clan treasury O-3 RECRUITER Has obtained 500 - 999 oil for the clan treasury O-4 DEPUTY COMMANDER Has obtained 1000 or more oil for the clan treasury Deemed worthy of promotion by Commander Additional rank rewards under consideration. NOTE: Continually under-performing members may be subject to demotion or exclusion from the clan. REQUIREMENTS OF MEMBERSHIP Our requirements for joining the clan are simple. We only ask that you meet the following standards: Earn at least an average of 500 XP per battle Have played at least 150 battles Have at least three tier 3+ ships ENLIST TODAY If you're ready to serve in the Great Lakes Defense Force, visit the [GLDF] in-game and apply today! ♦ ♦ ♦