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  1. bptastic

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    What I find obnoxious about the current system is that the offending player is fined credits and XP for the offense, but what does the TKed ship get...........nothing. No credits or XP to compensate for HP lost. You can't do the things you might need to do to win such as cap or tank because of a lower HP pool, all because your "teammate" was an idiot. I do believe that friendly fire should be a thing and I do realize that misjudgments do occur, however I don't think that it is fair for the guy who just got curb-stomped by his own side to be told.... hey just walk it off, just play another round, it'll be fine. That's obnoxious.
  2. bptastic

    PSA - Bastille Day Mini Event

    The Kleber AKA the Rumble, though I don't believe it will counts towards this event
  3. bptastic

    The iChase Case

    Um yeah.......what do you think ranked is going to look like this time around for non cv folks??????????
  4. bptastic

    Fix the NA servers plz

    yes serious lag issues.....sigh
  5. bptastic

    Idea for hiding ships in port.

    It might also be nice to be able to sort ships in port by how many skill points the current captain has?