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  1. retic1959

    CV rework as of now is a JOKE

    I guess they're trying to keep the game fresh and maximize their profits , but this may turn out to be a costly mistake for them . I sicken at the thought of quitting the game after the amount of money I've spent on it but what's the point of playing a game if it's no longer fun . I wish they would just out right remove CV's from the game .
  2. retic1959

    Alabama or Massachusetts??

    I played the Mass as a rental when it was available and while it's a fun ship it needs IFHE to really shine . That may be too much to give up with the sky cancer threat looming over us . I think the Bama is a better choice for the coming nonsense . Easier to take manual AA on her as well as better MB range and accuracy . Having said that , I have the Bama but I'd still like to have the Mass , I'm going to play in Co-op and ranked until some of the flyboy crap blows over anyway .
  3. retic1959

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    No CV's and the removal of gimmicks from ranked .
  4. retic1959

    This is not fun anymore

    I play randoms , ranked and co-op and adjust accordingly , I'm extremely aggressive in co-op . Just wish people would hold off on capping when you still have 5 bots to kill .
  5. retic1959

    I can't believe today's Coops

    It feels like I get set on fire more often in co-op than in randoms . One shell from a bot dd and I'm ablaze . Meanwhile I struggle sometimes to set one fire with the KGV running DE and flags . Don't know if that's actually the case but it sure feels like it .
  6. retic1959

    This is not fun anymore

    Maybe the numbnut will run out of silver at some point , you can't make bank in co-op that way .
  7. retic1959

    Life after the CV rework

    I'll play ranked and Co-op . Can't even see a foray in to randoms with the Atlanta since you can't de-plane cv's in 8.0 .
  8. The ship more than pays for itself . Playing the campaign netted me 4 ships with perma camo that I didn't have . The mission netted me 2019 in steel . The directive gained me even more steel plus the cost of the ship back in doubloons . It was worth paying the $30 easily ,
  9. retic1959

    too many overpens?

    Do you remember this with patch 7.2 ? https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/world-of-warships-0-7-2-underwater-citadel-hits/
  10. Pathetic , this coming from someone who hides in the corner and trolls other players with planes . I play however the hell I want . Go troll someone else , I'm not wasting anymore time on you . On the ignore list you go .
  11. retic1959

    Fun question! Most fun ship for coop?

    Atlanta for murdering DD's and planes , the AP will shred a broadside CL as well , the NC and Alabama shred planes and other BB's while looking good doing it .
  12. It tells you the number and class of the ships waiting for a game , if I see cv's in the queue I drop out .
  13. Not fear , it's just a game after all , but I don't enjoy playing with cv's . I'm not gonna bother if I don't enjoy it . If it gets out of hand with the rework , I'll play co-op or take a break .
  14. Had the same thing happen yesterday , only two ships though , a dd and a cl , cost us the game of course . No point in raging in chat , they weren't gonna listen anyway .
  15. I drop out of the queue when I see cv's in it , the teams are too small for that kind of nonsense .