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  1. I've had them ruin many a good brawl in PVP , both allied and enemy CV's . I'd rather they weren't in the game at all . They don't trade hit points for damage like the other ships in the game . I've heard the arguments saying they lose planes instead , losing planes isn't direct damage . I boycott games with CV's in Random as much as possible .
  2. CV's period . Hate'm in PVP , hate'm in co-op . Pure cancer .
  3. I despise memes but in this case . Exactly this . ^^^^
  4. retic1959

    What premium battleship should I buy?

    The Scharnhorst in scenarios is a helluva lotta fun , I don't have the Hood yet but will at some point pick her up just for the history behind her . Mind you I'm not the best player but here's the Scharnhorst running an OP .
  5. retic1959


    Not even close , the grind to the GK in the FDG is a pleasure cruise compared to the garbage barge that is the Colorado in this game . I'm so glad I got my NC . If I coulda set fire to the Colorado and sunk her in port she would've provided more entertainment but selling the scow had to do .
  6. retic1959

    CV Rework Condensed Version

    I agree , I'll do the same and bail on WOW's in a heartbeat if someone builds a game like that . Let WG put a no CV button in the game and see what happens to their precious sky cancer then .
  7. retic1959

    CV rework and its possible impact on DDs?

    I'm going to continue boycotting games with sky cancer in them as much as possible .
  8. retic1959

    Ranked *can* still be fun

    The P2W protesters can kiss me where the sun don't shine , running a premium cuts down on the expenses and boosts the earnings . I don't give a crap what they think or say .
  9. retic1959

    Vote for the Best Dasha!

    My vote goes to bacon , I have yet to have a BLT bich at me .
  10. retic1959

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Agreed , if you look up WOLFA in game they do stipulate a 10 oil a day requirement . That doesn't seem to be in keeping with the other subclans or the original intent .
  11. retic1959

    Bye Bye Colorado !

    Yeah , large cruiser eyeing Scharnhorst at tier 7 .
  12. retic1959

    Battleship numbers control, what is next?

    I'm outta upvotes or you'd get mine , totally agree with you .
  13. It's not a taunt on WG's part . It's a business practice , You can either spend money to convert xp to free xp and free xp up another line or spend the time grinding other lines . I'm sure WG would prefer the former , it takes money to develop and maintain WOW's .
  14. retic1959

    Radar is has ruined this game

    Not too good at reading the fine print are you ? Good luck Don Quixote .
  15. retic1959

    Sad post

    Retches .