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  1. Beating the Dead Horse - CV Poll

    I agree , I boycott games with CV's in them as much as possible , they're cancer .
  2. so done playing with CV

    And as I said , wait until a GZ deletes you . regardless of your AA .
  3. so done playing with CV

    Bull Crap ! They're OP and the juju stands .
  4. so done playing with CV

    Underpowered !?!? Lighting a black candle and putting the juju on you . May all your games have a Graf Zeppelin on the red team !
  5. Does Buying a Jet Make Sense

    Only if it's armed with the extra low altitude cruise missile carrying the advanced bullcrap detector , it can only target politicians .
  6. Massachusetts

    Forget the secondaries , keep the sigma as is and give it Hydro . It might entice some Alabama owners to fork up some cash for it then .
  7. Favorite battleship

    Alabama , Missouri , Bismark , Tirpitz and Scharnhorst . Out of what I have and play frequently .
  8. For me it's the Alabama , helluva alot of fun to play .
  9. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    Last game in my Bama in ranked , two BB's and a Ca turned tail and ran abandoning me in the push . I sat behind an island in the cap , far enough back to cover both sides and deny the cap to 3 red BB's , every time they nosed around the island I fired on them . A Cl finally moved up to support me . We won the game , I did 28k damage , but tanked over 150 k damage and i got Dreadnaught . Players on both teams were cowards , they should have pincered me but they were afraid of getting shot at . I try to play to my ships strengths , there are things i can get away with in my Tirpitz that would get me killed in the Bama , I play accordingly .
  10. Decline of BB support role. Why?

    I agree with this , even though I still don't sit in the back and snipe , I'm more cautious than I used to be . I've been abandoned on pushes time after time by all classes of ship . It gets old after awhile .
  11. To be fair , I have a 57% WR in the Missouri , which for me is great , I couldn't outfit the NC in time for Ranked though I would expect similar results with her. I play the Mo the Bama and the NC the same way , the Bama feels comfortable , since I knew what to expect out of her guns and armor . I wasn't going in totally ignorant of how to play her . None of this changes the fact that she's an awesome BB though .Being a southerner and having lived in Mobile might have given me some good juju with her too .
  12. Wow , deja vu . I started with the Tirpitz for the first three battles , lost two won one and was fortunate enough to get the Alabama as a gift . I've gone from 22 to 17 one rank a day with an 83% win rate in the Bama , the Bama must be a good luck ship .
  13. Bye Bye Colorado !

    I wasn't able to get the NC ready for ranked , but I was gifted am Alabama , it plays like the NC and It's crazy and I know it won't last but 6 games in with her and I'm sitting at an 83% WR in the Bama , with a 58% WR overall in ranked . I would expect the same results with the NC , I play them exactly the same way . NC's a bit more accurate than the Bama but overall there's little difference . I do quite well with the Missouri in randoms as well 57% WR in her again same play style for the most part but the Colorado was a miserable boat for me , just couldn't get her to work for me , I did much better in the New Mexico , a slow boat being less of a disadvantage at tier 6 .
  14. Lack of Support for Mac Players

    Good luck with this , I've been hoping for a Linux port for awhile now . WOWS servers run Linux , and War Thunder has a Linux port which runs great in Manjaro . I despise Windows 10 , hate it with a passion but I'm stuck dual booting with the piece of spyware ridden crap if I wanna play WOWS , Wine is a PITA IMO . Hope WG does something for all of us Non Windoze lovers .