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  1. Bye Bye Colorado !

    Yeah , large cruiser eyeing Scharnhorst at tier 7 .
  2. I'm outta upvotes or you'd get mine , totally agree with you .
  3. It's not a taunt on WG's part . It's a business practice , You can either spend money to convert xp to free xp and free xp up another line or spend the time grinding other lines . I'm sure WG would prefer the former , it takes money to develop and maintain WOW's .
  4. Radar is has ruined this game

    Not too good at reading the fine print are you ? Good luck Don Quixote .
  5. Sad post

    Retches .
  6. I'm sorry but I disagree with you . I'd like to see more historical content in the game regardless if I have the required ships or not . If I don't have the necessary ships it becomes a goal to work towards . I don't begrudge content for lines that I either haven't gotten to yet or chose not to grind .
  7. I'd like to use it to build cages for the F key spammers and those with dysentery of the mouth , team votes you in to a cage and your ship is impounded and you're chat banned for the rest of the match .
  8. 190,000 Elite XP for Pensacola

    Got mine , no problem .
  9. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Only if we have the Cafe Au Lait to go with'em .
  10. No , leave the POS as is .
  11. Fredrich Der Grosse

    Seniorious is giving you good advice regarding the range module , It's best to use the modules for decreasing dispersion and loading time . The ship was never meant to engage at range , she's a brawler .
  12. Fredrich Der Grosse

    Who the hell are you to ask the man to provide data , it's not your place to ask him to do this . You know as well as I do that the devs already have the dispersion data on the FDG as well as every other ship in the game . This is an old issue with the FDG . not patch related so take your box of popcorn and go troll elswhere and let the man make his request . He's new to the forum , quit busting his balls .
  13. Hopefully your entire team reported him for misconduct in chat , it won't stop the idiot from ruining more games but it might shut him up for awhile and take some of the fun out of it for the jerk .
  14. I read the announcements but somehow I missed this as well , I use the same captain on Atlanta so retraining isn't that big of a deal for me at least .
  15. So what , treat her like a BB and move on . In the context of the game she'll face BB's with guns ranging from 11 to 18 inches , she's just fresh meat for them .