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  1. I realise that this is just a video game , but I have to say I find it sad the way some of the ships are represented in the game . The real Ashshio only damaged and sank DD's and cruisers in the war , the two classes she can't touch with torps in game . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_destroyer_Asashio_(1936)
  2. in game chat

    Aslain's mod pack has a mod to disable chat .
  3. Yamato, Montana, or GK first?

    If you like the FDG , go for the GK , It's the brawler of the bunch .
  4. Wrong , War Thunder runs as well on Linux as it does on Windoze 10 , Linux is far more stable than Windoze and a lot less vulnerable to malware . Why do you think the servers WOWS runs on , run Linux . In essence the game is already running in Linux .
  5. 406 or 420 in Grosser Kurfurst

    I use the 420's on GK and the 406's on the FDG , you might wanna rethink your build and focus on survival instead of secondaries though . Fire prevention Is more useful the way things are right now , secondaries ain't no good if you've been burnt to a crisp and the GK burns easily .
  6. To Mo, or not to MO...

    I'd say that remains to be seen , but I will say I don't fear the Yamato or the Musashi while in my Mo , the Mo has the stealth and the speed to get to the flank of either one and the accuracy to bring the pain when she does . The 16 inch guns on the Mo ain't no joke . Aside from all that the Mo is just plain fun to play , lighting up DD's and RN cruisers in smoke with the radar is hellacious fun , hilarious at times even .
  7. The original B&W version of the Haunting , not the Liam Neesom remake .
  8. Not being political BUT?

    Ummm , might your port be Hamburg ? It plays Deutschland Uber Alles in the Hamburg port on occasion .
  9. Crash

    Try changing Wine settings to Windows 7 , the game no longer runs on Win XP , as I recall .
  10. I read about WOWS being added to Steam so I fired up Manjaro and it's Windows only . What's the point of that when WOWS runs on Windoze without the need for Steam . WTH WG ? Linux makes WOWS possible to start out with , Your servers run on Linux but still no respect for the Linux community from ya'll . Meanwhile Warthunder runs great on Linux , you're dropping the ball WG .
  11. Alright time to nerf Monty

    I don't have Monty but I considered them easy prey for the GK before it's citadel got lowered , same goes for the Iowa . It's still not hard to cit them in a broadside situation , before the buff it was ridiculously easy , too easy . Leave the Monty and Iowa alone and quit yer whining . Nerf this , nerf that , Bullcrap !
  12. I prefer my Tirpitz over the Bismark mainly for the torpedoes , the fact that she's a much better earner and can train captains really puts the ball in the Tirpitz court IMO . I run the same build , secondaries on both And I admit there's been times I've forgotten which ship I'm playing and couldn't figure out why the torps weren't working when I'm on the Bismark LOL .
  13. 406s or 420s for Der Große?

    I have both and prefer the 406's on both the FDG and the GK , sometimes I'll swap them if RNG is screwing me over though . You can always go back and get the 420's for the FDG after you've gotten your GK if you like .
  14. I run Warthunder under Linux . No files added to my startup whatsoever , however Wargamings launcher is usually competing for bandwidth with Windoze 10 update while Windoze defrag sticks it in and breaks it off just to complete the experience of booting into Windoze 10 . I don't like Warthunder as much as WOWS but they're gonna get the coin I used to spend on WOWS simply for their support of Linux .