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  1. I am of the opinion that if points are spent on AA then you have a right to expect results considering you lose other capabilities . Right now the whole damned thing is a pathetic joke . My American cruisers have had their balls cut off when it comes to AA . AA also needs to regenerate if planes are gonna do the same .
  2. Thou shalt not captain a coward barge , plane factories hiding in the corner are the epitome of griefing . Thou shalt not have civil discourse with coward barge captains . Thou shalt kill any coward barge present with extreme prejudice . Thou shalt kill the coward barge slowly if possible so they may know the torment they inflict on others .
  3. Yeah , pretty much . I forgot about a few forgettable ships .
  4. Tirpitz gives up hydro to get those torps , the torps are situational , hydro is useful more often since you'll deal with DD's every game . It's a tradeoff , no point in having 2 identical ships in the game either .
  5. I haven't bother with events since the PR nonsense nor do I buy satan crates , I'm playing ranked for the steel anything else is incidental . However it's really hard not to notice how bad these crates are . Seems like we've come a long way's down over the years , I remember when WG was generous with the rewards . What happened to them ?
  6. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    No I didn't , I got killed before I could so I'm sure he's gone on to continue his fun , I couldn't report the joker without outing the other players he was harassing . Thanks for trying to goad me by acting like a reptile , try again tomorrow maybe I'll give you a better reaction .
  7. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    Yes , if it got him out of my way , I couldn't even see my section of the mini map from the amount of pinging . Now that the others have had their fun I'll give you a bit more of my perspective . I have degenerative arthritis , stenosis of the spine and RLS as a side effect of those . I have 13 inches of steel and plastic in place of the back part of my spine and neck . There are days that I feel like I've been kicked by a mule literally , sleep is hard to come by a lot of the time . I play WOWs and other games to help me forget how much pain I'm in . So when some Ahole tries to ruin one of the few things that take my mind off of my situation I get pizzed off . BTW , sudo killall Aholes .
  8. Monarch was a little hard to get through the grind with until I started playing to her strengths , she has one of the best if not the best concealment values for a T8 BB , others have said she has a cloaking device . She ambushes cruisers and other BB's quite well . Lion has the same guns as Conqueror just 3 less of them , again awesome concealment , insane fire chance and good AP together with one of the best heals in the game , dam near reprints half a ship when used . Had people cursing me in ranked between the fires and the heal . Squishy sides on the RN BB's though so you can't show broadside .
  9. You're gonna miss out on some gems in the RN line , the Orion is a blast to play and the KGV is a very solid ship as well , she's a flamethrower .
  10. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    Seems like the people on this forum would hang me before the griefer , I couldn't send in a replay because the two CL players with me used some very coarse language on that idiot . Only reason I didn't is arthritis makes me a slow typist , not gonna get them busted for it though , IMO everything said was justified .
  11. retic1959

    Your thoughts on Ranked Season 2

    I've enjoyed playing , always liked the smaller teams . Just wish the rewards were better , not enough difference in rewards between the three levels to justify qualifying IMO . So I'm just waiting to farm bronze again .
  12. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    I am not sure if he actually was that bad or if he was intentionally throwing it . Some of the misses were hard to believe and he only sent planes up about 3 times the entire match .
  13. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    I have intentionally tk'd a coupla idiots , one was a Cleveland that opened fire on our teams Atlanta as soon as the game began , He had the Atlanta down to half health by the time I got my KGV's guns on him , 10 rounds of 14inch HE point blank blapped him . The Atlanta player thanked me while he ranted about me ruining his fun . The pink was worth it IMO . Another was a DD that started slinging torps in spawn , can't say I killed him because the entire team opened fire on him .
  14. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    You're right but it sure would have felt good .
  15. retic1959

    Justifiable TK in game?

    Oh , I was gonna solve my issues alright . With as much 16inch AP as I could lob at the clown . I'd consider it therapy of the finest kind .