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  1. retic1959

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    As far as I'm concerned it's a business transaction plain and simple and I don't give a damd what anybody else thinks , I paid for it as is and I expect it to remain as is , That's all I'm gonna say on the matter .
  2. retic1959

    What is stopping WG from nerfing premiums?

    I consider my wallet more important than anything you could possibly want , like it or not , it's that simple . I really don't care whether you think some of my ships are OP or not . It's your opinion versus cash I've spent , pretty damd simple which side I'm gonna come down on .
  3. retic1959

    This, is World of Warships. Why We Play.

    Same here , I started playing for the history , my playing is way down now because of the crap . Still like the ship models , would like to see more historical Op's but we get Syfy garbage instead .
  4. Perfect justification for my refusing to play so much as as single battle in aCV as far as I'm concerned . I don't want one second of my time going towards them counting this cluster as a success . I've looked at them in a training room and the interface is a joke , I fly off of carriers in DCS , CV play in Wows could never hold my attention . To me it's just another version of OWSF .
  5. retic1959

    High tier coal ships

    I would not throw the JB out of the running , especially with CV's returning to Op's and Co-op , she will likely be removed from the Armory well before the other two and you'll miss your chance at getting her . You should read Mouse's review on her if you haven't already .
  6. Watching the video on youtube was hysterical , I can't help it if I find monumental stupidity hilarious , goes back to being a three stooges fan .
  7. The price in duplicates is too high as well , I can see two or at most three duplicates in exchange for the item you want but 5 . They can keep their damd collections and shove'm in the same place the patches need to go .
  8. retic1959

    How AA is changing from 8.4, 8.5 and 8.6

    All I know is if they readjust plane health , regen or any other factor that put's us back to pre 8.5 status this whole thing becomes a placebo and i think we're well past the point of that kind of smoke and mirrors actually working on all but the most gullible among us . I assume WG knows that but I think they were quite content to sit on their duffs until you rolled out your first expose on the state of AA in the game , I'd be more than happy to be wrong about this but Sub -O' didn't seem to happy about your "research" from the impression I got . We're past the point of trust but verify , now it's put up or shutup .
  9. retic1959

    Checking in and asking questions

    My playing is way down now , close to uninstalling myself . I intensely dislike the CV situation in randoms and the missions that are supposed to be doable in PVE simply aren't within the realm of reason anymore . Player losses are going to continue , no way will I bring friends into this mess . Things are reaching critical mass for me . Still I'm reluctant to let it go because of money and time spent on the game .
  10. retic1959

    Checking in and asking questions

    I must have missed the nerf to credit making on Co-op , I let my premium time expire deliberately and assumed lesser credits were the result of that . When did the nerf take place ?
  11. retic1959

    0.8.5 AA DPS change

    I don't know what to think anymore , WG is ambiguous at best and disingenuous at worst . I no longer have any trust in them . Part of me say's uninstall for the piece of mind and part of me says go out kicking and screaming because of the money I've already spent on this cluster. The only idea I've had recently is the devs should be tied to their chairs and forced to play a tier 8 DD with low AA for twelve straight hours without benefit of alcohol so they can experience MM and the CV rework at it's best . I do think they would not have raised prices so high and be pushing recruiting so hard if everything was hunky dory with the console version .
  12. retic1959

    0.8.5 AA DPS change

    I think you're right about orders from above , this whole situation is just plain getting old though . The last time I talked with you other than yesterday , I believe we were both having one hell of a winning streak in ranked with brand new at the time Alabama's . I played one game this season and said the hell with it , I'm getting tired of this mess and I'm on the verge of uninstalling . Doesn't matter though , they'll just jack up the price of premiums a little higher to offset losing more players , I've quit spending on this game so if I do quit they're losing nothing . I don't think there is a solution to the mess they've created as well as all the animosity they've caused with it . This crapstorm is not gonna blow over any time soon .
  13. retic1959

    0.8.5 AA DPS change

    You clowns let us go for months with unloaded AA guns , now you can't make up your damd minds and you're gonna nerf AA again . You're gonna be lucky to have a playerbase at all if you keep treating us like guinea pigs !
  14. retic1959

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    A stat shamer , lowest form of response there is . Stop dragging your knuckles and breath through your nose instead of your mouth before posting . At least I have enough scruples to own the mistakes I made early in the game and not hide them .
  15. retic1959

    Das Boot

    Yup .