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  1. retic1959

    Smolensk or Jean Bart?

    I'd go with Smolensk simply because I think the likelihood of JB returning to the shop is probably much higher than the Smolensk , you might not get another chance at getting her .
  2. This is a forum for feedback on the game , dislike or hatred for a game feature is valid feedback whether you like it or not . While I don't agree with a lot of opinions on this forum , I realize it's not my place to tell people not to post their opinions and neither is it your place to do so . Don't like it , debate it or don't read it or use the ignore feature as I have done with some of the cretins on this thread .
  3. retic1959

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    Sky Cancer .
  4. By your logic , I should've sued WG for introducing the Ashashio to the game because it affected my premium BB's stats indirectly by having torps with a lower detection range than some others . You need to exercise more caution in your purchases if you're gonna freak everytime something changes .
  5. The Asashio isn't being changed in the slightest , torp detection values have always depended on how the other ship and it's captain is set up . You don't have a leg to stand on .
  6. retic1959

    Monarch — British Tier VIII battleship.

    The NC is a better ship than the Monarch and would make a better tier nine than the Lion IMO .
  7. retic1959

    Monarch — British Tier VIII battleship.

    Yup , couldn't wait to get rid of Monarch but Lion's turret traverse and stock range are a joke , a painful joke , if you take the module to improve reload time , your range is pizz poor and turret traverse goes from horrid to nightmare status .
  8. retic1959

    The FDG

    I liked it enough to get the perma camo for it . Fast reload on the 406's and good secondaries , plus the recent buff make's it even better , good boat IMO .
  9. retic1959

    Revisiting the 9V9/Mercy Rule/Falling Sky...err Stats Issue

    My concerns aren't with the mercy rule itself , but rather with too many DD's per match in PVE torping everything in sight within the first few minutes causing the mercy rule to kick in . There still needs to be a cap on the number of DD's in a PVE battle .
  10. retic1959

    Armory Broken?

    Yup , just checked Naval Battles and same results as you , not gonna bother playing , off to POE for now . I'll check again later .
  11. retic1959

    Armory Broken?

    Dammit , again the same results you have , something regional on the NET maybe ?
  12. Why do we need more coward barges in the game ?
  13. retic1959

    Armory Broken?

    The same here , I've uninstalled Aslain's and run check and repair twice but no Armory .
  14. I got the Gorilla about a week and a half ago mainly by playing the snowflakes and 200% daily first wins in Co-op , haven't bothered with playing the missions for the Gorilla . In fact I haven't bothered with playing WOWS at all this week , messing around in Path of Exile and DCS to get away from this money sink for a bit . Now I'm just waiting to see what else WOWS can do to make me wanna extend my time away from the game or quit altogether for awhile .
  15. retic1959

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Exactly why I put him on ignore to begin with .