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  1. retic1959

    T-61 or Haida?

    The T-61 is a great ship , lotsa fun , but I'd diversify and get the Haida now and maybe pickup the T-61 later .
  2. This pretty much sums up your worthless apology WG .
  3. Obviously , I'm not the only one to see it that way . You came on here and made your post at a time when I'm certain you knew the majority of us would see it as inflammatory . Now while you are entitled to your opinion , you reap what you sow . That's all I have to say to you .
  4. OP your post is the biggest pile of steaming crap I've read all day and that's counting the half azzed statement from WG . Congrats on reaching a new record in shillery .
  5. Somehow the fact that WE are the people that are keeping the light's on at WG seems to have entirely gotten lost , yesterday's snotty , disgusting stream confirms their attitude . This is just more spin and propaganda ., pure trashtalk . I don't think this is overwith by a longshot , there's gonna be repercussions from this . WG better tighten their belts , money's likely to be in short supply coming from the playerbase now .
  7. You should watch Flamu's video , he gives a rough estimate on some of the directives .
  8. retic1959

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Honestly after being treated like guinea pigs for the cv rework for months , why would they not expect patience to be running low in the community . My feeling is they should've seen this coming . Doesn't matter to me personally , I'll get what rewards I can out of it and save my doubloons for the next permacamo sale .
  9. retic1959

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Flambass and Ichase are saying much the same thing , I'm waiting to see if LWM chimes in .
  10. retic1959

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    Flamu was on point too , this is not gonna go well for WG .
  11. Dead on the money I'd say . Not gonna bother with this crap . I'll play same as always and stick to my original goals .
  12. My opinion on the later directives is not postable on this forum , instaban material . I kind'a expected this , doesn't make it suck any less . Hope all the CC's rip them a new one for this along with the player base , only way they'll learn going forward . I'll get as many of the rewards as I can and stick to my original goals for the game , nothing else to say , might rage on Reddit if things get too swollen though .
  13. I concentrated on grinding tier 8-9 in preparation for this , still would rather have the steel for T10's though , I figure WG needs to hear opinions going forward so that's mine .
  14. I'm holding off on setting goals until I see what kinda mess adding subs to the game is going to create . I' ll pick up a coupla coal ships but other than that it's wait and see .
  15. I was being sarcastic , I suggested the same thing on another Smolensk complaint thread , it doesn't register with some people . But I'm sure some of the same individuals will switch to HE on an angled BB but it doesn't occur to them to use it on the Smolensk and yeah the GK can swat them quite well with HE too . ;)