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  1. AP

    I have been in the cruiser that gets insta-deleted by a BB. Mostly that is my mistake because I showed a BB my broadside. You have a defense against the BB, don't show your broadside to the BB and you won't get insta-deleted. There is no defense to the AP bombers. Unless you were surrounded by all Minotaurs and Des Moines you might survive, but a majority of the AP bombers will get through and there is no defense to it. I have been in the vicinity of several of my own ships and been deleted by AP bombers. I see mostly German BBs getting killed through the AP Bombers. I don't see it affecting the other BBs as much. For me, it is really annoying when this happens. As it is becoming more frequent, it is something that can make people stop playing certain ships. I guess WG has to determine the balance of things and which ships they want people playing.
  2. AP

    I have to agree with the original poster about AP bombers being too powerful. You can call me a whiner if you like but when a Bismark with more than 70% health is taken out by 2 AP Bomber squadrons it isn't very fun, especially when it happens in the first 5 minutes of match. It gets very frustrating. Even with great secondaries and decent AA, you still don't stand a chance. The Bismark may have great secondaries but they don't take out a ship in one or two salvos. I don't mind the CVs being able to do some large amounts of damage, but to wipe out a very healthy BB in the blink of an eye is very overwhelming. I have had it happen many times. If I used CVs I would target the German BBs too but that doesn't make it balanced.
  3. I think the Des Moines is worth it. It is my only Tier X and I love playing it. As others have mentioned you have to play it right and you need a little luck. If the enemy targets other ships you can rip the enemy with a lot of shells in a hurry. I have went bow on to a BB and dished out a lot of damage. I don't charge it but keep bow forward and turn back and forth, this lets me survive longer. If a cruiser gives you their broadside, the AP eliminates them in a hurry. By the time a Zao turns to launch torpedoes, you can have 2 AP salvos into them and usually destroy them and avoid torpedoes unless you are too close to them. The AP even does major damage to any BB if you are close enough and they give you their broadside. If you are the only target here you don't last too long. I forgot to mention the AA. Most CVs avoid you because it is so good. You don't take too much damage from aircraft in a Des Moines. The Des Moines is fun and you can have 150K+ games but you can also have the 10K games in it too. I recommend getting it.
  4. Please Counter DDs

    As someone that plays cruisers more than battleships or destroyers, I do try to make DDs my target priority. When I get the support from my BBs and other cruisers, I will go after the DDs. However, I have had many times where I am trying to support my DDs at a cap to destroy enemy DDs and suddenly find that my BBs have turned around and started running away. Now I have to face enemy BBs and CAs while they run away. I have made it through the USN cruiser line and all of the USN cruisers can easily destroy a DD. The Des Moines is a great DD hunter with the 6 second reload time and radar. At Tier X I am facing Montanas, Yamatos and Kurfursts which can easily destroy me as well as the Tier 8 and 9 BBs. While I will go after DDs, I do have to try to survive and that can be very difficult when MM puts 5 BBs per side in a match. While you may think that the cruisers aren't going after the DDs, we do. But we also expect the BBs to do their part to support us and not run away and leave us to die.
  5. Are Murican Cruisers Competetive?

    I did the grind to get a Des Moines and I love it. I just had my best game ever with 148K of damage done. This ship is my highest average damage and its average keeps going up. I tend to be a more aggressive player going in to get caps and help out DDs but that isn't good in a Des Moines. I did that a lot in my Baltimore and had only average games. With the Des Moines you have to protect yourself using whatever cover you can get. The 6 second reload is great as you can spam HE when necessary. I have sat bow on to a battleship and dished out tons of damage and frustrating the BB as I kept him on fire. If I have assistance the BB will die before his big guns can kill me. The armour is good when facing other cruisers. I see many cruisers shooting AP shells from 14km at me. Their shells bounce off and I take little to no damage. Even from great distances BB shells will bounce unless they hit my broadside. I use my AP under 10KM and they are devastating. I had a full health Moskva come around a corner showing me his broadside. I hit him with 3 salvos from my 2 front turrets before he could start to turn. The result was 14 citadel hits. If a cruiser shows me a broadside under 10km, the AP is very effective. The AA is very good. The CVs avoid me in the game. I rarely get the opportunity to use AA because they avoid me but when I do, the planes don't stand a chance. The Des Moines is very good at hunting DDs if you have radar. When the DD smokes, turn on your radar and finish him. The fast rate of fire makes you deadly to DDs. Hopefully your teammates are providing you cover while you hunt DDs. The Des Moines may be considered one of the lower end Tier X ships according to stats and opinion, but I love it. It does play different than other cruisers but it is fun to play if you learn how to survive and what targets to shoot.
  6. As a person that plays cruisers a lot, I have no problem going after DDs. I am willing to play the role or DD hunter and AA platform and support any ship needing it. At lower tiers I don't have any issues playing the cruiser. At higher tiers 7+ it is hard to play a cruiser. In my opinion there are too many BBs in a match. There are 12 ships on a side and there are usually 5 BBs. With 5 BBs per side a cruiser doesn't stand much of a chance. You can't sail in any direction without exposing your broadside and then it is instant citadel and death soon after. BB players love to shoot at cruisers first and deal with BBs later. There should be fewer BBs in a match. This would help the survival of the cruiser. In a task force that would have went out, there wouldn't have been this high a percentage of BBs in the task force. Higher Tier BBs need to get in the fight regardless of a DD being there or not. In the public test, I have played tier iX and X BBs. They can take a lot of damage. In one battle the Montana I was in took 5 torpedo hits and 4 dive bombers during the battle and I survived. BB captains do not need to be suicidal but they don't need to be petrified of a DD that is more than 10Km away. Team play also needs to happen for a successful match. All ships need to work together. The way the game plays, it doesn't encourage it when there are so many BBs in a match and they eliminate cruisers is 2 salvos. Game mechanics and economy and rewards need to encourage ships to get in to the fight. There needs to be more incentive to play cruisers and less incentive to play BBs.
  7. PT 0.5.11 - Epicenter Feedback

    I think this game mode is interesting and has potential. I have found in the few matches that I have played that most players don't understand it. Too many players are staying outside the rings and trying to snipe which really doesn't work. One game my team pushed through to the middle and we won. If this mode is to encourage closer range fighting, you will also have to reward players better for this. At higher tiers, I am not going to want to risk a T8 or higher as the repair costs will be unbearable. You would want to offer more credits and Xp for players that play in the rings. Offer more for players that play in the middle ring compared to the outer rings.