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  1. To WG: Please Stop doing this all the time

    Did you even read my post "I do not want to make it through" and your point has nothing to do with my complaint..I will agree T10 is the only safe place to not get up tiered but that is not my goal I am happy with tier 5,6,7 right now..You our just making things up now I did not say or expect to be top tier. I would like to be at my tier in at least 50% of my games...I see the same complaint from many others in chat at those tiers so it is a valid complaint.
  2. To WG: Please Stop doing this all the time

    First off nub I was not whining. I made a legitimate complaint. 2nd thing I have been playing multiplayer games online since game spy and even made my own basic games to play online back in the day and I have seen it all over the years so when "I speak you sit down and listen" you will learn something that way.. 4th you see my name go look at my stats I do not hide them..Yes I get up tiered in 90% of my matches and with my experience with this game type that is unacceptable ..Please do not reply to my post again unless you have a valid and intelligent comment to make as its obvious you have no respect or common sense by your words u uttered in reply on my topic. Have a good day timinindiana =V=
  3. To WG: Please Stop doing this all the time

    Yeah someone on the forums posted a graph a while back that supports your theory and with my own experience I have to agree..Unless someone comes up with a better logical explanation I have to go with your conclusion..That is why I posted this topic as its obvious after 7K games WOW is showing some very predicable patterns in MM and with RNG..If I find that graph I will repost it here its very damning to those who think WG does not manipulate W/L along with RNG on a large scale.... timinindiana =V=
  4. To WG: Please Stop doing this all the time

    Please stop putting me in games above my tier 90% of the time..On days or times when a few thousand people our on I do understand the need but even when fifteen thousand people our on I am still being put in games above my tier..I like playing tier 5,6,7 because I think its the sweet spots for fun battles..I should not be punished for that..First I do not mind playing above my tier even 50% of the time or at this point 70% of the time. I also have no issue losing a game..With that being said It is bad sportsmanship to continue to put me in games 2 tiers above my ship class and expect me to compete on the same level.That is not fair to anyone to be in that situation all the time..I am a diplomatic person and I accept the challenge of being above my tier and also the game play on those maps but it becomes frustrating after a while and in fact I tend to just get off the game if it continues to happen in to many games..No one including the WG staff would like the prospect of taking a tugboat and a hand cannon to the battle of Jutland every day.. In closing I pose this question? Why over the past six months has there been a steady increase in the percentage of games I am being put above my tier..Like I said its sitting around 90% at this point while not being a stat junky my W/L and averages on everything has stagnated because of this.I used to be put above my tier in around 50% of my games in the past and that was acceptable..Please explain to me why this has increased so much.. I really like this game so I do sometimes buy ships and doubloons to support a fun game..I hope you can fix this issue in the future as it is becoming a common complaint in chat and very frustrating for me. Thank you timinindiana =V=
  5. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Well what to do..1 watch the new Netflix series "rain" or 2 Play Skyrim with my sexy companion Star at my side and hunt dragons,,,
  6. Match ending with no xp/crash to port

    Same issues here its 952AM EST..Switched server on me also..I am going to guess the main server is down for everyone and backup is not working right...
  7. Great info thanks..Something to ponder on over a cup of tea.. timinindiana =V=
  8. Its very simple math RNG = "may the odds be ever in your favor" + "if not" = you lose
  9. 3-20 losses...hmm

    Great advice as this is what I do most of the time..I am lucky and I am a weekend op Nurse that works 32 hours in two days and get paid for 40 hours plus extra pay for doing every weekend so I have more opportunity to play with having five days a week off..However for those on limited time those losing streaks must be even more frustrating.. timinindiana =V=
  10. 3-20 losses...hmm

    The graph u posted would probably mirror my own and yes if you read my posts here on the forums you make a valid point I agree with..I have hit a wall and get up tiered in almost every match I play now..I would guess WG does this to get you to jump to tier 10 as its the only safe place against being bottom tiered but the cost to do that is much more and would encourage you to go premium..I also support wow by buying flags and a few ships here and there along with doubloons so I can give some support to a game I like to play but I am not a premium player..Your in game observations our spot on and only WG knows how they implement and carry out RNG as to effect the outcome of a games but as of late that is very suspect and open to interpretation due to the drastic increase you have observed with irregular game mechanics relating to RNG.. timinindiana =V=
  11. 3-20 losses...hmm

    Yeah That is all good but my main complaint is 80% of my games and some days 90% our in games where I am bottom tiered..Tiers 5-8 by the way..With that being said and before those nubs we all know come down on this statement let me finish..First I do not mind playing above my tier to a point even 50% of time as it can make you a better player and you gain better understanding of the maps..However to be in 80% of the game above your tier gets so frustrating because even if you can outplay other captains on the opposing team the ships you face already have clear advantages on every level..My stats as far as damage inflicted,kills and win rate improve drastically when I am playing at my tier..I could have every tier 10 ship by now but that will come I am running all the lines and classes while at the same time I so enjoy playing every tier..Today I played seven games and everyone was above my ships tier along with everyone a loss.. I also want to add I agree with those who complain about so many lop sided wins where the enemy lose 2 or 3 ships and the other team just gets wiped out..This has been happening at a drastically high rate lately and yes this is becoming an issue also..I have no issue losing and the best game of all the losses today was a close match that came down to 1 ship on both sides and we lost but it was a great battle and kudos to both team for a great game..This is becoming a rare way for games to unfold with wow at this point..People try to say its good players and bad players but for most not all of those one sided matches that I have been on both sides of I have played with most of the players at one time or another and I can attest it had nothing to do with over the top skill or team play..I am not sure why this is happening but something is not right.. In closing I love this game and I want to keep playing but I see myself losing interest because of the previous stated issues.. timinindiana =V=
  12. 3-20 losses...hmm

  13. Agree with you... I enjoy the less scripted random games with more frequent visual engagement in tier 5 and 6 myself. Sometimes the team play lacks at below tier 8 but I am seeing more upper tier players coming down to lower tiers lately so competition has been better than the average at lower tiers. timinindiana =V=
  14. Here I thought this would fall into the category of your belief system you have going there..The earth is not round and RNG for profit is a hoax right bro......
  15. Today was one of those days when RNG was at its worst for me..After about six games I just logged off..Yes it is very frustrating and when its bad I go play something else like Skyrim or Overwatch..The sad part is I have played enough to predict with 80% accuracy how a game is going to go in the first few salvos..As of late I have seen in some games a salvo while a very near miss give me a hit even though I seen clearly every round missed..The truth is it has got worse the last few months with RNG ..The amount of so many one sided games has increased ten fold as of late.Another predictor for me is modules being incapacitated.at a unrealistic high rate or stern modules being KO'd by bow hits and visa versa..This is not so much a complaint as I have been on both sides of the RNG issue from games where I can not miss and get Citadels all over the place then the next day I cannot hit anything and obvious Citadel hits gives me nothing like today,,Its more of disappointment for me and not a complaint and I can see myself losing interest in the game because in my opinion it has been getting worse...I like this game but it is becoming so mundane and predictable its fun factor is slowly fading..My advice to wow Is stop trying so hard to balance ship classes,Stop over complicating the mechanics on a game already based on RNG at its core..Create more new maps,game types,ships and missions so instead of trying so damn hard to balance ship classes the variety of maps and game types will create a playing field that can balance the game out..Great games based on RNG find that fine line that creates an outcome that makes RNG almost seem like an after thought rather then an exercise of obvious predictable game play. timinindiana =V=