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  1. timinindiana

    The overpen dilemma

    If you think NM is bad try the Bismark "yikes" sometimes her dispersion is as bad as some tier 3 BBs...just yesterday I was shooting at the waterline of a broadside Cleveland in my Bismark at 10km and 4 shells landed 10 yards short and 4 others landed 10 yard over and past the Cleveland.. Next game I was in my NC...Have the same issue as you at times but like others here have said practice will help you improve but will not eliminate those dud games when it seem like you can not hit anything right.
  2. timinindiana

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Well if what you said is true just give me 50 cents for every dollar in your bank account as almost all transactions our virtual and really do not exist in the real world...I could go on and tell you trillions of dollars our created from nothing and really does not exist except on paper and computers..No matter where it comes from we want what we our owed and what we pay for...
  3. timinindiana

    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Just found this topic..As a current GC owner I applaud your decision not because I own said premium ship but because I expect a product I purchase to meet the specifications as it was advertised and any less would no longer be the product the consumer or I paid for. As far as GC being OP that for the most part depends on the skill of the player..I have meet many GCs on the enemy team while in my GC or also in my other T5 and 6 BBs and 90% of time when I engage the GC I sink them..I also have the premium ship Huanghe that many see as mediocre ship at best but I have a 58% WR in her and that beats my overall WR of 54%..Like another poster said some ships just fit your play style and others do not.....
  4. timinindiana

    How do you go on with a cursed ship?

    Had the same issue with my Giulio Cesare . At 300 games I was sitting at a 70% WR with an average damage of almost 70K..No kidding lost 30 games in a row after hitting that 300 game mark..Things looked bleak for about 50 games then came back around..I am sitting around 57% WR and average about 60K a game at this point..That run up to 300 games was one hell of a fun ride as I was getting 100k plus damage in many games..What I think happened was I hit 500k EXP so fast MM started putting me against better players and I started seeing many more games at T6 and 7.. And that was fine with me the challenge made me a better player and now I have no issue with playing Giulio at tier 6 and 7....As the pics below indicate I am still getting decent games out of her now...Just hang in there like anything else in life it is a roller coaster ride...
  5. timinindiana

    Miserable MM

    OP It happens to everyone..If I am seeing to many one sided losses I just go play one of the 40 games I have on my steam account.. I find the very close games the most fun and win or lose lopsided games like you had our just not that fun if they happen to often..Below our 3 pics from 3 games in a row one was a blowout win one was a blowout loss and the last one was a great game that we won but was very lose....Like another poster said "just try to play well and enjoy it for what it is"..I am just starting to get somewhat better with NC and win or lose I am going into the game to practice and just do my best at the same time..NCs slow AP velocity continues to take practice and I have a ways to go before I will be confident when I take her out..
  6. timinindiana

    What has happened to tiers 8-10?

    This is just a bad post.Not even sure what the point is.
  7. timinindiana

    More cv rant

    When I play my KA the least worry is aircraft..She is a match waiting to be burnt..She burns like the mad king when on fire...I fear no BB or DD in her but a cruiser with good HE makes me shutter....
  8. timinindiana

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Thanks for laugh..
  9. timinindiana

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Crusis sig says Does anyone know the difference between 'then' and 'than'? It's "better THAN", not "better then". "Than" is a comparative word!!! And it's "if this happens, THEN that happens". "Then" is a temporal word!!! my response is Does anyone know where I come from if I say " I aint going to the crik the wetter is to cold" hehe
  10. timinindiana

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Well said...............
  11. timinindiana

    Economy at T8 is [edited]

    Have 200 million credits and I am just a average player at best..I do not play much at T9 or 10 most matches at those tiers our very boring and scripted to me...I play tier 5 6 7 the most....Like others posted you have to play well to earn more...T5 and 6 can be your money makers and then when you do play T9 and 10 it gives you some room to cut even or lose a few credits..I earned 8 million credits in just a few days..Here is five random pics from the past week where I earned a million plus credits in 5 games win or lose...I am not a premium player so I earn less.. I do however buy ships,flags and doubloons to support a game I like to play..I also buy permanent camo if available for my favorite ships I play a lot that helps keep cost down in the long run..Of the pics below all but the Kongo have permanent camo...The camo for NM looks so sweet 2.....Anyways just my 2 cents worth....
  12. timinindiana

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Yep it worked...Thanks
  13. timinindiana

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Yep playing the new remastered Borderlands2 on PC,Skyrim with 70 mods on PC,HOI3 as Italy to name a few....
  14. timinindiana

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Why did they remove the players per server counter...
  15. timinindiana

    Game Losing It's Appeal

    Hang in fellow captain most of us have the same pain..i think a 1 CV per side with CVs of T6 and above would help solve many complaints..Agree way 2 many planes on the maps when in a match with 2 T6 CVs and above it is over kill with planes everywhere the whole games no matter how many you shoot down..Air cover for non CV ships is a joke now also...They will fix it just give them time....