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  1. timinindiana

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Yep way it should be..My main goal in DD is scouting fighting other DDs and hoping I can land a few torps and if lucky sink one of the enemy capital ships..No subs in game so that other main role of DD is not present..Not sure what is wrong with that as its the roll of the DD..not to run around and sink half the enemy team with ease..
  2. timinindiana

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    You guys really do not get it do you...The point is I can sink a BB for 40K damage that is 1 tier above me with 2 salvos including knocking out secondary guns, AA mounts and a DD can survive the same with out one module being knocked out and the 10 to 15 giant magical holes right through both sides of the ship or in fact since they pass through that would be 20 to 30 giant holes that causes no flooding or loss of any ship functions..You guys can argue this point all you want the facts is that is as far from reality as it gets... "Hey I play DD to and I find that funny as hell when a BB loads into my tin can with all he has and I live but also know and admit that crap is really so unrealistic its laughable some times...."
  3. timinindiana

    What ship do you s#ck in that has a high win rate?

    Really could care less about win rate. Found in game it means nothing to a players skill overall and in the end the game is more fun when you care less about WR. Anyways I could go on about why WR means nothing in a RNG infested game with faulty MM due to lack of players.. To answer the OPs question..I have to say right now its my grand old lady Warspite. I have fun playing her and do well in her but damn just can not win games in her..Have a few other ships I do not do well in but play them anyways because I enjoy the ships.. PS to the OP I played about 20 T3 matches over 3 days and lost almost all them due to the team play so while I was having fun and coming it at the top spot on my team almost every game I did not expect to do well with WR overall at that Tier. I am sure your losses at T3 have to take into account the skill level of the players. Have fun all timinindiana =V=
  4. No sane captain in real life or if they had a choice would sail his capital ships into any of the maps that we our given to us in random games..This alone lends huge advantage to DDs and in some part cruisers also. That is why DDs our such key ships in random games. I think the biggest issue below tier 9 is the secondaries on BBs our flat out useless except for a few German BBs with the right build this also lends to DD advantage. I have to agree with a post I read a few minutes ago that it comes down to playing smart and if I am in my BB and the CV,cruisers or DDs play stupid and die real fast well your BB is in for a lot of pain and most of the time a loss..Since I play random for the most part this happens in half my games...Nothing you can do about it...While experience has taught me with such heavy RNG in WOW some games you lose no matter how hard or well you play as a team but for the other 85% of the games its all about team work and playing smart no matter your ship type or class... timinindiana =V=
  5. timinindiana

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    It is also said that those who fall back to insulting people all the time our in fact doing so to make up for their own sense of low self worth and insecurities.
  6. timinindiana

    WG enough bending the knee to DD!

    Yeah they need to rework AP damage to DDs..Playing my Warspite Sunk a Monarch and Lyon and then had a DD close in from 14KM take at least 10 to 12 AP hits plus my secondaries and sink me from 3 KM.. Never knocked out any module or cause flooding just plain over pen..No matter how you chew on this that is [edited] plain and simple..I think they should rework all BBs secondaries and buff range and accuracy by at least 35%..The Atlanta has the same main guns the NC has as secondaries but the NCs our nerfed to the point of being useless even at her tier...Come on man
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone at WOW for giving me the opportunity to earn the Warspite for free. I was on the fence about getting her as I have heard some bad comments on her in the past. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised she is a good ship and fun to play..The Grand old lady slugs it out great with other BBs of tier 6 and her main guns our spot on and at medium to short range she is very dangerous to BBs even above her tier..Just need to get those captain skills up for now..For a change timinindiana is not crying about something ..Thanks again WOW for all the freebies as of late and especially the Warspite. P.S.. the pic is by far not my best game in her but I got 2 double strikes back to back withing 15 seconds of each other during a heated exchange with 2 BBs a CL and DD within a few KM of the Warspite and got 4 kills in less than 30 seconds..That was fun as hell and the salt came raining down after that..Also kudos to my team in that game as without them this would not have happened... timinindiana =V=
  8. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    Okay let me explain to you real slow okay..You our looking at the RPM of 1 Barrel you have to multiply that by 9 again real slow Emile has 9 Barrels so you lose more rounds than you think my friend..Multiply that by say a 20 min game yeah that is a big loss..Come on NeoRussia its basic math..So you lose 5 rounds a minute by a 20 min game and what do you get ha 100...cut that in by a 2 thirds because you do not shoot ever second and it lands about 33 rounds over the game or if like I said I was averaging average 100 plus rounds a game and now I average 75..It is a bigger nerf than you give credit for I know I play Emile a lot 20 to 25% reduction in fire rate over a game is not good..I think you our trolling my post so Im done with you be gone.... No way those 180s on the kirov our a beast both HE and AP so no Emiles guns our not near as good.. You math is okay but I am talking my real world hits and in the math you lose around 5 rounds per minute by 20 min that 100 rounds a game or real world for me around 20 to 25 hits a game but you throw in using AP rounds and setting fires along with hit percentage and for me I am losing 20 to 25% of my hits a game along with the same reduction in damage..You can do all the math you want with stats but it does not hold water to real world games..You know that.. I want those rounds back they effect my game play and as far as ranked you can keep it I never play it..I play for fun and when someone is a party pooper and ruins the fun I do not like it....
  9. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    UGGGGGGGGGGGG...... NeoRussia if your point is to play down this nerf as no big deal lets see when you go from an average of 100 plus hits a game to 75 I guess that is not a disadvantage..The Emile was a HE heavy ship and relied on hits plus fire percentage to get her damage for the most part while AP was decent at her tier against other cruisers HE was her main staple against DDs and BBs ..Above her tier it was all about the HE and fires.The more hits a game the more damage and kills you get while short sided logic sees 1 second as no big deal in the big picture yes this was a huge nerf.. You have 7K battles and can not understand the logic why this is a big nerf for her..Come on man think through this and see the big picture.. In closing SHHHHHH dont tell anyone but this is "OP"........But if they change it I want my money back...hehe...Love this ship 2.....And yes she can be OP sometimes I will admit that on this ship....
  10. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    Never seen people running to play Emile..Like I said before her speed was really her advantage and with good reload times and 9 KM torps she was a great run and gun cruiser above her tier never seen her as a cruiser that could go toe to toe with those in her tier or above and have any advantage..It was about a ship that played well to my style and she was never op..In truth she was a good ship that if played right was a fun and competitive ship to play and that is it. Never seen anyone running to play Emile so that notion you stated is in error.. I agree her speed is her main advantage..But reload time while only being 1 second can be death in a heated exchange so yes that is a nerf that effect gameplay..Second you would be surprised how many ships I sank or scored hit on with those 9KM torps at long range..While I agree many of my torp kills was less than 7KM I could cause disruption and chaos in a formation of ships that I spotted at 11 KM getting off 4 or 5 spreads and with travel time at that range as I am moving away and in fact I scored many no kill hits that way..I think your logic presumes torps our only good if you get a kill... Agree 100%..They gave the SC some buffs and in fact she was seen as subpar at her tier but I loved her and did very well in her even against the new brit and french BBs..Seen no need to buff her as you just needed to play her right...
  11. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    Yeah I have to admit this one hurt..I really never felt she was OP but was just a fun ship to go play when you was having a crapday on WOW..
  12. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    I used to love to play my Emile Bertin she was a fun ship and since I get up tiered at tier 5 about 7 out of 10 matches she was was one of the few ships if played right could hold her own at tier 6 and 7. I never felt my Emile was OP at her tier but I did know if you worked well with her strengths and weaknesses she was a great cruiser to play at her tier and held her own above her tier but I never felt or heard anyone comp[lain she was OP.. I had not played her in a month or so so decided to play her a few weeks ago and soon realized her torpedo range was no longer 9KM but was 6KM and she just seemed to struggle at tier 6 and 7 to do damage like I was used to. I never felt she was anywhere near a power house above her tier but could just hold her own against well armed DDs and better armored cruisers..What I found with her limited torpedo range and slower reload time her competitive ability above her tier was not the same. Here is what WG nerfed on her below.. French cruiser Émile Bertin Main battery loading time was increased from 12 to 13 sec. The 550 mm DT torpedoes were replaced with 550 mm 19D torpedoes with the following characteristics: Reload time: 84 sec. Damage per torpedo hit: 12,233. Speed: 57 knots. Range: 6 km. Owing to an unconventional armor layout, good ballistics, and long-range torpedoes, Émile Bertin demonstrated excessive efficiency in battles. These changes were necessary to put the ship in line with other same-tier ships in terms of balance. So in closing here is my point. WG is ruining the fun factor in the game by trying so hard to balance every little advantage a ship may have..I could see balance issues at tier 10 to a point but why the hell would WG nerf a ship that was clearly not that OP at tier 5 knowing tier 5 players get up tiered all the time anyways. The logic of nerfing what was very slight advantages over other tier 5 cruisers she had when they know over half your battles at tier 5 will be above the Emiles tier eludes me in the logic applied to nerf her. I have played many games in my Emile and never once did anyone complain of her being OP and I sure did not see all the captains running out to play her as you would get maybe 1 or 2 in a match if even that many at tier 5 6 or 7. In truth what WG did to Emile was to reduce her footprint above her tier and make her less competitive at tier 6 and 7 so you would move on to upper tier ships..The only sin Emile commuted was being a good rounded cruiser with decent speed that a wise player could have fun with at her whole tier range of 5 6 7 or to the point being fun but no where near an OP ship to play..So WG did not nerf a OP ship but just took the overall fun factor out of a ship... timinindiana =V=
  13. timinindiana

    Framerate Issues T9 and 10 the worst

    Hey turbo07 thanks so much for information,link and download..I did not know WG had this type of error checking and reporting tool..I also want to thank you for being prompt and to the point with real and good information..Will be trying this out in a few minutes.. Tim
  14. timinindiana

    Framerate Issues T9 and 10 the worst

    Okay the last month or so I have been having major issue with frame rate drops and it is really bad on T9 and 10 maps.Sometimes down to 20 FPS..My game play suffers really bad and at this point I am not going to play T9 or 10 as I am a drag on my team.On tier 6 and down my frame rate is even starting to drop off to below 30 sometimes. With that being said the following " is not the issue". My GPU,MY CPU or my Internet connection.Testing has showed my CPU and GPU never crack 50% even with OBS recording.My ping stays around 25ms to 35ms.Motherboard memory usage is about 30% and memory faults our zero. GPU memory runs from 40% to 60% .FSB usage and temps our all within operating parameters. I have not changed any settings as of the last 6 months except I run my own soundtracks. Now on to my thoughts about this..I am getting IO spikes to 100% at times from my Hard drive but this is sporadic but does occur during game play(have tested HD and all is good I also de-fragment every week). I am using Win7 64bit..I have been getting disconnected from WOW servers during game play at a much higher rate the past month or so..I am thinking server issues, or a bug effecting rendering in one of the last few updates..(As I was hit with the DX bug back about 5 months ago from bad coding in an update and it killed my frame rate ).. Any advice or suggestions on this issue would be most appreciated. Thanks Tim