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  1. Is Texas THAT Bad? (Or Me?)

    Good ship just learn her good and bad points..Mine is set up for AA so reduced range on her guns for that reason as I took AA module..She can brawl at med to close range with any T5 BB and cit any T5 and T6 CL out of game with 1 salvo running broadside at med to close range..She is slow so I find you do not want to lag behind the team as she is way to slow to be a run and gun BB as CLs will burn you up..Plan your route after scouting is done at the start of the game as she can take a long time to get into the fight due to her speed..I wait for DDs or CVs to do some spotting before I commit to a place on the map and stay near Team mates if you can..I so enjoy watching her shoot planes down and my record is 40 planes shot down in 1 game..The truth is her AA is 80 with the flag placed and 77 without and if the enemy CV caps check this at start of the game it will be rare for them to attack you or go anywhere near you..Like another poster said her AA is not long range so you may take a torp or 2..Had a T5 CV cap challenge me in a game and he sent waves of planes at me but in the end yeah he landed 2 torps but he had no planes left as Texas chewed through those planes like a lawnmower does grass and our CV ruled the skies after that and sunk the enemy CV and 3 other ships with us having the win..My only regret with regards to Texas is I did not record the game where I shot down 40 planes..hehe GLFS timinindiana =V=
  2. I have only been the victim of 2 as of now TKs that was done with full intent to damage me..I am sure it has happened to others in those 5000 games I have played but for facts it has only happened to me twice now..Lucky yes as with halo and many other FPS I play it happens much more..PS sabot_100 nice to see someone with more games played then me..Fun way for a old man like me to pass the time..hehe timinindiana =V=
  3. UPDATE Yeah it was not for those amount of games It looked that way but it was not.. my error..I still think the whole TK system is the worst.I have played 5000 games and only in 1 game did I have a person TK on purpose..Got to love some of the above post and I give a shout out to those who salivate at the opportunity to take the high ground on every issue you give me the best laughs.. timinindiana
  4. Thanks for support and kind words..
  5. I have no Idea but I do know I do not like it........I do how ever like the color pink I wish they would give it for the 75% of games I come in the top 4 players but you get no good colors for that..
  6. FYI....My post has nothing to do with responsibility hell did not even know it happened and if I did I would have ask for forgiveness.I have been on both ends as most WOW players have and I have enough respect and common sense to know when it has intent or not..Who has not seen dumb players get killed by friendly fire because they just got in the way at the wrong time like running your BB between enemy ships when you know friendly DDs our making making torp runs or a 10KM torp that has been in the water for 5 min hits a friendly ship..In my case I had no Idea I even aimed near a friendly ship let alone hit one so how is a lesson involved in that.I accept I have got a TK or two in the past when I was new at this game and I was ashamed as I would be now but I also have matured enough as a WOW player to see the TK system is seriously flawed..I hope you really do not think 24hit points from a minor collision that happens all the time between players in games is worthy of 21 more games in the pink..Like I said before I have been playing online games since Gamespy and Halo 2 and WOW has the the worst TK system I have seen..I accept justice if its fair but not when you hang people for a parking ticket...No need to judge for my actions as the post was pointing out a a flawed system that needs fixed not a reflection on my gameplay..hehe Thanks Tim
  7. Thanks for comfort on this matter MountainManxDan..I have been around a while and have always felt the TK system was one of the weakest and least effective parts of the game as it gives no justice like a robot and only really effects those who like the game while those who do it with intent in mind could care less and get no real punishment out of it..I am here to complain in part because I do care and it needs fixed at some point..Those who do not care and TK for enjoyment will not care enough to post here... Thanks Tim
  8. Was playing a Game tonight in Oleg and I guess somewhere during play I killed a team mate with shells I think it was around 3K of damage..I never seen notice of this or even knew it occurred until the next game and I was pink..Then on the last and 5th game to end my TK penalty during the heat of battle a ship from my team got to close and we just made minor contact for 24 I say 24 damage points on team mate and I received team killer status for 20 plus games..I am not a premium player but I have bought ships and also flags along with doubloons..I like this game but if I ever get banned for such a defective set of TK rules I will never play this game again..This is no fair warning I stick to my word and as a paying customer and one who even has a youtube channel dedicated to this game I hope you fix this issue before I have to move on to another game..WOW is a great game but the TK system is flawed to the point that it is unfair,unbalanced and I have seen many complaints on this issue from both sides,,I included Pics of the game where I obtained the TK status and pic of the game where I obtained the 20 plus TK status..I hope in the end this is a bug with the new update..Please if this is not a bug then overhaul the TK system to make it fair and just for those who TK on purpose and those who TK without intent or our new to this game..The TK rules as they stand our in fact the worst of any game I have played in thirty years.. Thanks Tim
  9. Ever played football..Guys never give each other a break..Like football wow has some basic tactics that apply that should be common sense and even the game screen list a few while your playing.If you do not follow the very basic tactics be ready to get insulted or you can go play " my little pony" if you cant handle it. Oh and yes the game has balance issues that our plain and simple to see and sometimes it borders on the "come on man really" how does a WW2 DD have a cloaking device I thought that did not come around until I played halo or when the master chief DD line comes out..Its okay wow is really trying to find a balance between ship lines that remain some what realistic,fun and balanced while at the same time fair to all classes of ships. That is no easy task and a work in progress. Dealing with a team who just plain and simple disregards tactics and knowing that the game has balance issues will cause people to get frustrated at times..If you do not see and understand the balance issues in wow then I have a "Nice old ford pinto for you to take to the crash up derby with a full tank of gas". For those who pun on those who complain about the balance issues in wow I would bet most of you have the balance in your favor..To the person who started this thread I do "play for fun" why would I play a game that was not fun that has to be the worst anti-potato pun I know and here is you some french fries cause I could cook your potato any day..hehe..Wait can I be a Idaho potato I like them the best...Finding balance in life and games is the same.Give everyone a level and fair playing field and then may the best man or team win..Its that simple..
  10. Its OP and can turn away new players in BBs or heavy cruisers..Drop it. I do agree they need to buff CVs give them a few more planes at lower Ts and for gods sake at least enough fire power to fend off 1 lousy DD or light cruiser at close range. My main issue is scoring like others have said it needs reworked.. Tim
  11. Ranked is painful.

    Do not get 2 down..Sometimes I just step away from multiplayer games online and just spend some time running through some older games like KOTR or RTW...So many good older and newer games to revert 2..I love WOW but burn out is common in anything you do over and over again..Step away for a month or 2. As an old halo head says even master chief needs a vacation. Summer is coming for us in the north and my video game time drops to almost nothing then...Have fun and peace Tim
  12. Seen worse and heard a lot worse from a bunch of ten year olds in voice chat playing Halo or COD. This is nothing new or a surprise. I understand your issue but just file a complaint and move on not worth ur time to dwell on it.....
  13. The Current State of Cruisers

    I like cruisers for the action you see and in some games the havoc you can reign down on other teams if you play smart. Smart is the key word as on the days I do play smart as in staying with the fleet and being in a support role I can raise all kinds of chaos and win 75% of the games I play. On days I do not play smart and just want to rush into cap or stick with one ship along with doing stupid things like rounding a island ahead of the fleet and coming under all kinds of pain I lose about 75% games and die early a lot..I play the IJN line as I think they strike the best balance for the role you play. I think the run and gun tactics with IJN cruisers is just the best and sunk many ships that way. I am still a novice player but I see a time down the road where my ability to be a game changer in my cruisers is coming as I am learning my role,tactics and experience with each ship better every week. I did start down the British line of cruisers but I have to agree they need a re-balance as they our very weak all the way around. I would rather play Tenryu at T4-5 than the British cruisers. For me anyways .I think the balance on cruisers our good at this point I just hope they continue to keep the set fire percent high as it is the one advantage cruisers have and help maintain the support role they play against BBs at range.. timinindiana =V=
  14. Not sure if it is an issue on my end or a server issue but my main guns for the furutaka and aoba our off sight the shells seem to lag to target take a higher arc and while my guns show the normal reload times it is off on stopwatch by 1.1 seconds slower than screen-time. My Furutaka is my go to ship and no doubt something is wrong with shell accuracy and fire rate the past two days. I have changed nothing to my hardware or software on my PC and my internet connection is running normal. Any advice or information would be great Thanks timinindiana =V=
  15. I agree with this topic to a point. I am still a novice player that makes my share of mistakes. I also know that in many games I am put in position to make bad moves or be put in spots I do not want to be due to poor team play by a those with less skill or tactics knowledge than me. This can apply to a few players or a whole team. I also know from playing halo in competitions over the years that team play, expert map knowdlge and tactics for each map will win out over a few players with great individual skills 90% of the time. I find most players have great strengths and also major weakness they bring to each team. It is very rare in any sport or game to find a player that brings perfection to their game every day and of those players they make up about 1% of all the players or the so called elites the rest of us just try to strive to be the best we can and that takes time. I think we all know even the elite players can not win once at a team game without teammates doing their part the best they can. So to those that complain about skills remember this is a team game and you would not even be able to play without others. Try to do your best to give advice and support in a friendly manner and remember we all lose our cool from time to time so just try to be nice to our fellow wow players....