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  1. I have been told WG calculates experience when determining MM games in Random game mode. I have also been told they do not. I am asking for a reason. I am chronicling My WR over time in Devonshire to test a theory I have had since my experience I had in GC a year or so ago. If someone could give me a definitive answer that would be great. I will post my thoughts and my theory when I hit 100 games in Devonshire and get some feedback on my thoughts.
  2. I always take a week or so of gameplay and just grind credits with my premium ships.While I am grinding I run no flags and and all the premium ships have camo that earns you extra credits.. I start at tier three and work my way up and then start all over. I play all of them the good ones and downright bad ones but its always fun. I am usually sitting on 120 million credits on average all the time...I never let myself fall below 120 million. This keeps me in plenty of flags and the ability to get ships and upgrades, I also play really well in 80% of my games. win or lose..Please note the following Only 20% of the five years I have been playng wow have I had a premium account. I buy 30days a few times a year to support a game I like to play. I also earned or obtained for free half my premium ships.
  3. timinindiana

    over 50k random battles

  4. timinindiana

    This has to stop

    Three reasons I hide my stats. 1) because of people who post things like this. 2) After CV rework I was getting focused in over half my matches right at the beginning of games by CVs 3) Op has 14k Battles he should no better to rely on stats as an indicator of a players ability to play as part of a team. Stats mean nothing to me. U earn my respect as a wows player in game not on a spreadsheet. To add to this I have no idea what my Personal Rating is and could care less. No I do not even want to know how to check it, Yes this game sucks sometimes for all of us when U our on a losing streak or being up tier in most your games. Unless your a wimp and only play tier 10 all the time..
  5. Agree. So many variables our left out of the win rate system it makes it hard to judge player skill or more importantly team player skill. Only people with a gene pool one generation away from being a caveman would put a lot of faith in someones win % on WOW. Sorry but the truth hurts.
  6. I have been on wow for five years and never played ranked. Thought about trying it this year. To my point so our there caps for all ship classes or just BBs.
  7. Yeah its sucks. While I agree playing games as a bottom tier ships can help develop your skills. However when it occurs 70% of the time as is my experience it has a huge negative effect on the fun factor. People on here will find the most lame excuses to argue any point or complaint you have so ignore them. I agree with you this approach to matchmaking is flawed and frustrating at times for the player but a bonus in every way for WG. MM is one of many reasons I have moved on to other games after 5 years and 12k games on WOW. I still play a few times a month but could not be happier with my choice so many good games out there right now to focus on. Good luck fellow Captain
  8. timinindiana

    Skill Based Matchmaking

    I do not show my stats because after the CV rework I was getting focused right out of the gate in half my games..
  9. timinindiana

    Skill Based Matchmaking

    What skill. You call the game play at tier 9 and 10 skill play that is a joke. I find much better players at tier 5 through 8 where you have to engage on smaller maps. Tier 9 and 10 is full of fantasy ships and hide and seek games. Boring as crapalso..
  10. timinindiana

    PSA: Mysore in Premium Shop

    hey you need a disclaimer in the forums for every post. I have spit my coffee out laughing at negative or condescending comments by those who our " legends in their own mind"..hehe here is my disclaimer "For those who just sit on the forums and salivate at the chance to get off their high horse and post ego driven negative comments please do comment here I welcome laughter at your expense".
  11. timinindiana

    This game is so predictable it makes me chuckle

    Like Facebook its all in the algorithm. Have to work with not against the matrix . hehe
  12. timinindiana

    This game is so predictable it makes me chuckle

    Funny u said that I was doing that while posting on forums. About to go back in game now. I work night shift and am off tonight so playing some wow.. Take care fellow captain
  13. I can with 95% accuracy predict my winning and losing streaks in random games. I won like 12 in a row yesterday. When I got on today I fully prepared my self for the inevitable losing streak that was due today. I have been able to predict these streak for the last two years with almost 100% accuracy. Oh I get a day here and there where its a 50% win loss day but not very often. I am not salty at all about this and find it funny when I am on a losing streak and start seeing my worst win percentage map which is "strait" pop up in half my games along with engine and steering modules being knocked out even in battleships four or five times a game "from bow hits even". I just laugh at this and accept my losing streak has begun and I know I am working my way back to a winning streak with every loss put behind me. I guess it all evens out in the end and I do enjoy this game even if it has become so predictable. As an added bonus I am old so I am less rigid about change in patterns now and rather find comfort in the routine of winning and losing streaks. However over the long run of five plus years on wow I can say it has not always been like this. The first three years or so on wow winning and losing was much less streaky. If you played say seven days in a row you would get only about two days of either losing or winning streaks. That percentage has flipped starting about two years ago and for me now its the exact opposite five days of either winning or losing streaks and two days or less not streaky. This is just my experience and no this is no salt. I am happy where I am at in this game. Comments welcome on this observation. For those who just sit on the forums and salivate at the chance to get off their high horse and post ego driven negative comments please do comment here I welcome laughter at your expense.