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  1. I suspect this has to do with the sinking ship being in shallow water, as it quickly disappears after the torpedos pass through. Torpedo Bug.mp4
  2. Yeah it doesn't happen every time, but pretty often. I sometime bypass it by aiming straight down, which usually prevents it from happening, but then I need to aim up to re-align onto the target. If my guns are pointed out "X" km it will almost always zoom-in to the furthest possible distance. I will try to figure out what the "X" value is.
  3. Thanks. Was just making an observation from me and my clan mates point of view (who reside in US), so that perhaps WG will take it into consideration some day - obviously too short notice for this case. Didn't intend, or want, to rile up folks from other countries. Wish everyone the best.
  4. Many times when I zoom in on my target when the spotting plane is active, it doesn't go where my cursor is, rather it goes to furthest possible shooting distance and I have to drag my mouse down to find the target. Does anyone else experience this?
  5. I live in Georgia. Not planning on going to any large events, but I plan to be outside by the pool with the wife and some neighbors for a good BBQ and beers.
  6. I'm not offended, and don't get offended. Many holidays coincide with people being off - which on paper sounds like a good idea to run an event on a day where people are off. The thing with the 4th is though, is that people are usually active outdoors. Perhaps this is why a Russian company wouldn't think that much into it.
  7. 1. I agree...and if they had an event on a holiday where another large portion of their player base resided they should be equally annoyed too. 2. I agree 3. Well I am part of a salty clan (have to live up to the name), and if no one says anything then this could become the norm for others. Always a fan of speaking up. Cheers.
  8. Heh you are probably right about it.
  9. When you have a global presence you have people who are hired to research these type of things. The game is about naval warships, a lot of it based on historical facts, a lot of it based on paper napkins, the US has its own tech tree (obviously), there is a NA server...there is NO WAY this slipped their mind. May the salt be with you.
  10. As an American I find it very frustrating that you have Clan Brawls take place on the 4th of July. This is a holiday where many Americans will be outside, having a BBQ, drinking, and watching fireworks. This is extremely poor planning on Wargaming's part, unless the goal was to make a large portion of the NA player base unavailable.