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Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×
Forum Shutdown - July 28, 2023 Read more... ×


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  1. AfterSalamis

    So, how many will stay until the very end?

    Not sure that's right. "Epic" implies bards are going to be singing about it. This feels more like a horror story you start 30 minutes before the bar closes on a winter night.
  2. AfterSalamis

    So, how many will stay until the very end?

    Thanks! I'm honestly surprised, didn't think Wargaming could go lower then this. I only stopped by after looking something up from a Jingles video, would have missed everything if not for that. Going to be a lot of upset and angry people trickling into Reddit and Discord over the next few weeks.
  3. AfterSalamis

    So, how many will stay until the very end?

    Amen. Forums are as good as the members can make them. Discord? Not so much. You have to wonder how Wargaming will end. They make decent product... but they can't spite their fans forever. Well well, looks like Reddit is the refuge of choice. Good to know. Good Luck, Everyone!
  4. AfterSalamis

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Same, I haven't been back in ages, but I had rather fond memories of this place, and hoped to dive back in someday. I'll add my emphatic disagreement to closing the forums, it's a priceless resource you can't get any other way. Having a growing archive that you can refer to is a treasure, going back a re-reading old posts also isn't something Discord does well. Any other options other then the Reddit? I feel like this is a omen, pieces of the old internet slipping away through ignorance, carelessness, or malice. Fair Winds and Following Seas, everyone.
  5. AfterSalamis

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Thank you @LittleWhiteMouse, your reviews were always fun to read, and they helped me quite a bit when I was new here. Wish you luck in the future... and I'll second that Substack recommendation. I'm going to miss this place.
  6. Do you have an Archive of your Future Fleet articles? They were both a delight and rather hard to find. Having all the links in one place would be deeply appreciated!

    1. Jracule


      Hello, apologies for the late reply. 

      Sadly, I never made an archive. I still have access to most of the designs and I create a lot of new ones. You can see them on my own website!


    2. AfterSalamis


      Just found out about the Forums shutting down.

      @Jracule, thanks for the Future Fleet articles, some of the best concept work I've seen. I haven't been able to find them in the General Board website though.

      This place did a good job feeling cozy, really hard to find places like that nowadays.

      Fair Winds and Following Seas, Admiral.