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  1. KarlGalster

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    you don't need to be a genius to realise it's a joke, considering it's only 2 days away from april 1st. also, you seriously believed you could get a tier X prem for 10k dubs? man you must've hit your head
  2. Are halsey's tracers red or blue? i've seen both colors on american ships (and AFAIK Halsey is the only USA one with colored tracers) and everytime i ask i never get a concrete answer.
  3. KarlGalster

    A thought....

    well, yeah, but they already top the scoreboard with their big dmg numbers. what do they need caps for?
  4. KarlGalster

    A thought....

    it's actully quite annoying when a BB caps, because you're already there in the cap, but they get shot and reset the cap a million times, making it take way longer
  5. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    Everytime someone mentions the new mex he dismisses it by going ''i don't have info on that so it doesn't matter'' also, some calculations in the new mex: Torp protection: 50% (w/skill) 14,400*6 = 86,400/2 = 43,200. New mexico has 53,000hp the second oldest ship in the game survives Edit: w/o the skill the new mex takes 51,840, which is still not enough
  6. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    don't hit me with that [edited], your entire argument is that BBs are powercreeping other BBs because they are getting better torp protection, which they're not.
  7. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    So what? you think the next BB line is all going to have 50%+ torpedo protection no matter what other attributes they have?
  8. tell it to me bc i certainly don't
  9. KarlGalster

    Rank Schedule Changed

    why don't they just make it 24/7? making a limited timeframe doesn't improve q times by that much. also kinda sucks because most of my free time is in the morning
  10. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    the meta has changed quite a bit, CLs are now about spamming HE behind islands an CAs have to tank now (half of them can't even do that lol).
  11. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    are they videos of the Cleveland?
  12. KarlGalster

    T-61 or Mainz?

    Mainz, you like cruisers, and the T61 will still be here for a while (only removed in 0.10.5)
  13. KarlGalster

    PSA: Bonus Code

    still works thx
  14. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    CLs were never made to tank dmg, and they never did
  15. KarlGalster

    Serious question from an observation...

    alright then, i still don't see why you should be too worried, torp protection powercreep is a word no one's ever heard of