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  1. KarlGalster

    torn about coal ships

    soo... i have a bunch of coal, and i would like to spend it on something nice. so i went to the armory and started looking at the various ships you could get for coal. but none of them seem very appealing to me. they all seem to just be sidegrades of tech tree ships (including all used-to-be tech tree ships), or just plain bad. im thinking of going with the napoli or the marceau.
  2. KarlGalster

    Submarines Are Back.

    subs do not belong in the game at all. since subs weren't considered part of a battle fleet, they would go out and do their own thing by themselves (since putting a submarine in a naval battle would negate many of its strengths) . there were (AFAIK) a few attempts to make a battle fleet submarine, but none were very succesful, as navies around the world started realizing the true potential and best use of submarines, the concept of a ''battle line'' sub died out. in wows it's basically the same case. subs are impossible to balance because they don't belong here.
  3. i don't care too much, but i can't comprehend how you don't go insane from the boredom of fighting the exact same battle over and over again. or waiting in the queue for longer than the battle actually lasts. (also those kind of peoples tend to *suck* at randoms and ranked.)
  4. makes sense. but, couldn't they try to get better at a lower tiers? don't think many would care besides the seal clubbers, and they definitely don't have the right to.
  5. Co-op battles tend to be very repetitive and boring, not to mention the bot cvs magically know where you are all the time. And as for tier 1? you might aswell die since it takes forever to get into a game, and yet i still see ppl with 10k games on co-op and tier 1
  6. KarlGalster

    is it just me ??

    Ok, grandpa, let's get you to bed now.
  7. KarlGalster

    most versatile DD line?

    i've been trying out destroyers more and more lately, and with so many options and gimmicks, i don't know what to choose. I'd like to know some good DDs that can both be gunboats, torpboats and have good concealment and a smoke, since i don't have much experience. i don't want it to rely too much on dumb gimmicks like deepwater torps or heals instead of smoke. i just want a DD line that can do everything reasonably well, I've heard the RN DDs are good for that, but i'm not sure. I'd like to hear some thoughts and recommendations.
  8. KarlGalster

    WG A Compromise On Subs Leaving

    I dont play subs. seeing them in my port annoys me
  9. so, over the last year changes have been made that affected coal/steel ships negatively (flint, thunderer, etc) and i wonder if i could get my coal/steel refunded and yes i do have a thunderer, and no, i never really liked it
  10. KarlGalster

    What's left unsaid about Subs

    bc DDs having useless AA is totally not a problem and everyone is fine with it
  11. KarlGalster


    making polls is confusing
  12. KarlGalster

    NA community time with Maredraco and Hapa_Fodder

    pls bring bac disconnect button wg i need the button back
  13. KarlGalster


    btw the thunderer won't stop being OP until the conceal and HE are nerfed
  14. KarlGalster

    thanks for the GRIEF WG

    you don't need to be a genius to realise it's a joke, considering it's only 2 days away from april 1st. also, you seriously believed you could get a tier X prem for 10k dubs? man you must've hit your head