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  1. Todays generation are so scared of everything in life, So someone makes fun of you in a computer game. Honest Question here... What does it to to your life ? will you kill yourself? doubt it... Are you now ruined an can never work ?... hardly.... my point is stats were a thing invented for young ones to see progression. Because todays youth like to define themselves by such things. Get over it. It does nothing to to you, an stop asking others to police our fun.
  2. How can you "stat shame" anyone. its a computer game. It has no bearing on life in any way unless your extremely messed p to start with. I am worst player ever to be seen in wow, an I am damn proud of it. see... cant be shamed cos I dont care... Think about it.
  3. I bet your one of those who reports anyone that disagrees or doesn't do what you demand in game.
  4. im not against your opinion Beltfed. I am just saying that I have been nothing but friendly. Something tells me its the Aussie sense of humor isn't working with Americans.
  5. Im a little old to make up stories, every word I said is fact mate.Cheers Ahab. done exactly that. As for others..... your opinion is yours.
  6. Edit Wow the support page is really well done. lotta games could learn form thatr.
  7. So in last 4-5 days Ive been banned twice for sinking people or "talking" in chat. I was told numerous times to shut up or I'd be reported. Now it seems a clan of idiots has taken it on themselves to mass report me till I am banned. Its getting beyond a joke. It seems this game doesn't allow you to have fun with other players in a friendly way. I am pissed off frankly because Ive spent 300$ in last 3 days an if I knew this was how the game is run no way in hell id have spent it. :( I dont know if anyone can or even will bother to look at chat logs, but feel free. Sadly I know one thing, ill be spending no more money on game :(....
  8. ahh ok, well it made my life easier, 7 days an I'm deleting :(... I like to chat while playing an I am way to old to be treated as a child.... :)... Great way to foster community
  9. Because I refused to to join a clan, and I was chatting while playing, it seems a group fo [edited] got me banned for 48 hours ....I didn't know it was bannable for talking (NO ABUSE) no hate no nothing just fun chat.....If this is wargamings business model Then thank you, because you made it very easy for a beta player to leave when ****** comes out lol. If talking is bannable in wows then I am so gone :(...