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  1. Maukadragon

    Schlieffen is woefully underpowered

    Looking at your profile, it doesn't look like you have Schlieffen so Idk how you can call a ship you don't own and have never played before underpowered.
  2. Devastating strike has been bugged for months now, sometimes it works fine but more often than not, you’re not getting it when you should or getting it when you shouldn’t. Who knows when WG is gonna fix it
  3. Maukadragon

    Collection items dry spell?

    Unless you really want the credits, you can use the duplicates to purchase the remaining 2 collection items you need.
  4. Maukadragon

    Bugs with Yolo Emilio?

    I have the Emilio and the only issue I've noticed with her was #2 but I think its just a general problem with torpedoes and not specifically the Emilio, such as the time I hit 2 shima torps on a DD undamaged DD and only did 12k damage.
  5. On multiple occasions I noticed that the reload booster on the Henri would double my reload up to 21 seconds instead of halving it like it should. And this isn't just a visual bug either, I had to wait the entire 21 sec before I could shoot the gun again.