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  1. Troa_Barton

    Arsenal Ships for Coal

    Personally I'd get the Musashi. Its going to be gone soon and its the best premium IJN BB atm. You can always get the JB or Salem later.
  2. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    Harugumo embodies the pent up frustration of all the IJN nerfs and lackluster premiums. Off topic but I hope the LU for that ship is better maneuverability at the cost of the 6th slot's reload module.
  3. Troa_Barton

    Giveaway code - HUMBLEGIVEAWAY

    Thank you
  4. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    If by easier you mean viable then yes, yes I do lol. What did it for me was when i was trying to fire my torps at a battleship slowly putting around in a cap and the slight movement of my hand was too much to let me launch. The tubes were having difficulty keeping up with the slightest movement of my hand. I'm sorry but that is broken. They could buff the reload by another 10% and I still wouldn't mount it.
  5. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    Can't have us getting all grateful and chipper now can they? lol Ah whatever thanks again for the maths.
  6. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    Appreciated, I've tried to like both of your posts but it won't let me for whatever reason..
  7. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    Thanks for doing the math I'm going to agree with you on the 5% I'm going to edit that in the proposal. Traverse speed just seems so arbitrary, its only felt if it's extreme and doesn't seem to do anything other than irritate the players using it. I left it on there as a little extra compensation to shima haters more than anything else. If you're referring to me (with the "he" part of the statement) I run 12kms and I play very aggressively in my shima, but I like having options when a radar cruiser is around. That aggressive play is why I despise the LU..
  8. Troa_Barton

    Fixing the Shimakaze "Legendary Upgrade"

    I too would like a FXP DD, but I would argue that the Kamekaze, T-61, Kidd, Cossack, Haida, Harekaze, and Black are all good DDs. WG was overly cautious with the Shima's LU it needs to be readjusted. The Gearing's LU is just stupid good, turning the Gearing into a gunboat Shima with arguably better torps.
  9. Troa_Barton

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    I'm conflicted about it on the one hand it was pretty ridiculous to one shot a DD as much as I enjoyed doing it and it encourages ammo selection but on the other hand it makes BBs that get rushed have little to no recourse. If your DD never spotted theirs allowing for chip damage you're SOL, If you get too close to islands either on purpose or due to being driven to cover you're doomed. Of course this also means that the enemy DD has to recognize you're an easy kill. Personally I was hoping for a secondary base accuracy buff to compensate, that's kinda what they're for. My advice is chunk them when you see them so they won't get away with it later.
  10. Troa_Barton

    Battleships shells vs destroyers

    Yep it's live. DD mains be like
  11. Troa_Barton

    What the %^&* is up with AP Shells?

    You fired a bazooka at a piece of tissue paper.
  12. Huh a radar cruiser that poses a risk to my teammate and will spit endless fire at me that I could easily obliterate with my battleship guns? Nah better save him for last.
  13. Troa_Barton

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    Strange I loved the Seattle.
  14. Troa_Barton

    Izumo - Worth the Grind?

    I sent you a private message as a reply.
  15. The odds for getting ships this year seem much more conservative... They already bled me enough.