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  1. Finally someone who can adapt their playstyle. DDs can still carry games if their captains aren't glued to the window trying to get every lick of windex. +1 Edit: CVs can't spot torps anymore either :D
  2. Troa_Barton

    Can We Talk About YueYang?

    I stopped grinding at T9 when the nerf bat commeth. Have no desire whatsoever to grind that line out.
  3. Troa_Barton

    Just about done playing DD...

    It's funny how often you hear the advice I give that you need to say the phrase "stop saying this" if you keep hearing this advice perhaps you should listen. Having the perspective of what you're having a problem facing is good advice, just as it is to get a second opinion or a different viewpoint on a topic. Your argument is also biased as all get out, If you're spotted and caught out by any good player in any ship YOU ARE DEAD. If its a DD like the Haragumo, dead. A cruiser like the Mino Worcester, or DM, dead. Even running up on a BB has little chance of survival if the BB "knows what he is doing". You can see the planes coming, you really don't have an excuse to be caught out you're just going to have to learn to use cover, stay near AA, and pay attention to the minimap like everyone else. If a CV goes after you it's either because you're an easy target or a priority. Also its really easy to guess where a DD is in smoke if I saw you stop because you smoked up too late. 9 times out of 10 the DD is in the middle of their last puff, 5/10 they have their AA on or are firing their guns making it even easier to tell where they are. In any case since you're not in favor of getting better with the help of friendly advice i'll leave you to scream into an echo chamber.
  4. Troa_Barton

    Just about done playing DD...

    Play a CV, see what makes you less of a target, see what moves juke rockets, see what positions dds get spotted in. Quick tips: Turn off your AA unless you're spotted. Wait to see where the CV goes and with what planes before you hop in a cap. Go towards or away from rockets. Hard turn against DB. Do not stop. Pay attention to the minimap see the planes coming, smoke before they spot you. If you're not near an AA ship you had better have your smoke. Always have an out that takes you towards friendly AA.
  5. Troa_Barton

    Massachusetts or Tirpitz?

    Mass without hesitation, have both stopped playing the Tirpitz when I got the GK. Nothing plays like the Mass from the American line without making a troll build. It's solid in the current meta just as it was solid in the previous and will remain solid with whatever they do to CVs. Mass all the way and go full secondaries with IFHE on a designated captain.
  6. Troa_Barton

    Why run a sale on Roma?

    And a dispersion measured in continents.
  7. Troa_Barton

    "This" happens

    Super containers are a joke, that one however is an insult.
  8. Troa_Barton

    Why run a sale on Roma?

    I think the secondaries without the manual secondaries skill is more accurate than the main guns. Shouting insults in all chat is the best way to rack up a score in that ship.
  9. Troa_Barton

    Salem or Yoshino

    I was not aware, I wrote that ship off a while ago. Even if they were top tier torps Id still pick the Salem. Full transparency however the Des Moines is one of if not my favorite ship. With that said I never use my Salem, I have a DM with the legendary upgrade so it's redundant. It doesn't make as much money as you would believe it to. Makes a superb trainer premium if you don't already have or need one. The Yoshino would at least be novel, but its also got a big "SHOOT ME" stamped on it's forehead. If it had better AP, less health and more armor i'd be all over that. IDK maybe that helps, probably makes your quandary worse.
  10. Troa_Barton

    Salem or Yoshino

    Of the two i'd easily pick the Salem. The Yoshino is a Azuma with some extra paper mache armor and stock Shima torps neither are worth writing home about. The Salem on the other hand is a Des Moines with a gimped radar and a super heal.
  11. Troa_Barton

    CV's making too many attack runs #old chestnut

    That IS a valid argument, the better CV players do this. Provided their team doesn't run away from them anyway.
  12. Troa_Barton

    Why run a sale on Roma?

    At least it's better than the Gascogne...
  13. Troa_Barton

    CV's making too many attack runs #old chestnut

    This sounds like it was late game, there's a high probability that your CV was out of fighters anyway. Probably covering ships that in turn made it possible for you to get 4 kills to begin with. Were you in line with your CV and the next target of importance? If you're not on the way you ain't getting a fighter. If you NASCAR'd around to the enemy spawn point while there are enemies closing up the rear? Sorry sunshine you ain't getting a fighter. Work with the CV and the CV will work with you, go lolly gag off in some other direction and you are both playing solo. Not to mention WG in their brilliance decided that T6 is when CVs get all the tools, if your CV was brand new to it sorry they are learning how to play a CV. Also I'm not sure I can spell this out loud enough but... THE CV CAN NO LONGER BE EVERYWHERE AT ONCE. Where's the blame for the other 10 people who all died and made this game so close? Hate to break it to you but this is a team game.
  14. I would buff Battleship AA by 10%. Lower the air detection of all DDs by 10%. Implement initial loading times for planes. That's it.
  15. Troa_Barton

    New To this Game

    @dusty25 Welcome to Thunderdome. My 2 cents on the matter: Personally I would go American, they have the best premiums (and most) should you decide to get one and they all make good trainers for your captains while they are retaining. I wouldn't get a premium until you know what type and kind of ship interests you. I would check out youtubers and see how they play, where they're positioned on the map, and what ships look good. Cruisers are good if you know what you're doing but very fragile if you don't. Light cruisers are all about DPM but have no armor, heavy cruisers also don't have armor (not really anyway) but do more damage with AP at longer ranges. DDs are my favorite class but they are very hard to play right now. Battleships are easy, just don't show the side of your ship (broadside) to another BB and periodically change speed or direction and you're good. Shoot cruisers first, and anything that gives you their side. CVs are not good until tier 6, don't judge how effective you are in them until tier 6. There are only 3 nations that have access to all types of ships, USA (USN), UK (RN), and Japan (IJN). Out of the three no one has as many or as many good premiums as the USN branch. It's a meme at this point how garbage the IJN premiums are save the Atago and their DD premiums. RN has a small handful and aside from one you can't get anymore they're mediocre. Other tidbits of advice (pertaining to random matches not co-op): Always use camo, I wouldn't use ones with xp modifiers until tier 5 at the minimum. Use premium consumables, theres an option to change them to be purchased with silver. This is a very common mistake. Turn on last known positions on the minimap, turn on all the advances settings in the settings menu. Pay attention to the minimap. Kite away if your forces are outnumbered, flank and attack if you outnumber them. Use the enemies smokestack to gauge how fast they are going. Ship slots go on sale for half price periodically. Move your captain to the next ship when you move up the line, do this starting at tier 3. Know when to switch ammunition type HE with number 1, AP with number 2. Generally speaking AP with battleships, HE with everything else unless you get a broadside to shoot at. Remember if the team gets stomped its the CV's fault (VERY IMPORTANT!!). Another bit of advice I can give is play the class that you keep getting killed by, see how they work firsthand so you know how to play against them. Join a clan if you can, there are extra perks and a resource of people to play with and ask questions. Download a VOIP program like Discord so you can talk to them directly. Play in ranked if/when you can for a bunch of free stuffs and rapid player experience. Don't be afraid to screw up, learn from it. If you have any questions feel free to ask or look up them up.