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  1. P99AT

    Premium Ship Review #144 - Cheshire

    I actually really like the Neptune. It was the first ship that made me enjoy British light cruisers. But yeah, an open-water gunboat it is not.
  2. P99AT

    Ship Opinions: Des Moines

    The radar has a shorter range (8.5 km vs 10 km) and is in the same slot as sonar, it has slightly less health, a better heal (similar to the high-tier Royal Navy heal in terms of how much it can heal but not what type of damage), and no access to planes of any kind.
  3. P99AT

    Stealth Radar, Power Creep

    I think British lights having stealth radar is fine since giving up smoke is a massive trade-off. You have to play much more carefully than you would with smoke.
  4. That would be a massive, and I mean massive, indirect buff to HE spammers. When reading about naval battles, it's common to read that "(ship) had its fire control radar disabled, limiting its accuracy." HE spammers would make mincemeat of those in the same way they wreck AA mounts. Also, AA guns had directors as well. Imagine if late in the battle your AA is ineffective not just because the Smolensk and Worcester on the enemy team have destroyed half the mounts, but also destroyed the directors, making what remains shoot all over the place? Sure, it's realistic. That's what happened to Yamato during Operation Ten-Go. But it would be an aggravating mechanic and one that the game really doesn't need.