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  1. Tua has to be the weirdest draft pick ever. Dude could go top 5 or 5th round(slight exaggeration). For my Eagles, it's tough to guess who'll be available still. I'd love to see Jerry Jeudy drop and pick him up but fully expecting him off the table in the top 20. We spent the entire offseason shoring up the defense but if 4 or 5 WR's are picked in the top 20 we'll prob end up taking a LB. Trading up 5 or so spots to get a WR could also be solid
  2. Sic_44

    Any ship is OP ( in the right hands)

    You've clearly never played KryspyKreme with a 19 point Smol Capt Here's my stats in Krispy and they're not even impressive. There's a few I've seen that put this to shame. To the OP, @Kevik70 nailed it with "Every ship can do well (In the right hands). Every ship is not OP. The OP designation is more so for ships that do better than average in almost anyone hands and are borderline godly in the right hands."
  3. Sic_44

    Ships with the most carry potential

    Also, Massachusetts.
  4. Sic_44

    Hiding in smoke

    The player base didn't stop playing a year ago and has gotten better at blind firing into smoke based on the shell tracers coming from the smoke(or based on a shell hit from previous salvo). Also inside that 5-10km range you could be in hydro or radar. No way for us to know without a replay.
  5. Sic_44

    Gameplay Question

    You only have 206 random battles, no need to give up bud. There's way too much game information for people to try to help here and way too little game experience of yours for them to analyze your play. If I was starting this game today, my best bet would be starting out with YouTube tuts. I'd suggest iChasegaming , he recently starting updating a lot of his vids and even the older ones still have a ton of useful info. Another great one, that has fewer vids but has better single gameplay replay tips(IMO) is Destroyer Kuroshiokai. There's many other choices, they're just top of the list for me personally. On top of the YT vids, there's also endless info in https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/139-game-guides-and-tutorials/ Also don't be afraid to go back to co-op for a while. It'll allow you to get better and more importantly build your confidence.
  6. Sic_44

    What is wrong with your servers, WG?

    Your upstream and downstream speeds aren't the problem, it may however be your ping/latency & packet loss.
  7. Sic_44

    Is this a thing?

    Since the rework when they took Dynamo away and made our Simms' become port queens with the CV rework, I completely forgot Operations were even a thing. Also, #2 isn't applicable since you're a dirty hidden stats player <-Clearly sarcasm, leave me alone mods
  8. Sic_44

    Geforce NOW automatically chooses server

    Just an FYI; GeForceNOW doesn't make the WGC available to us anymore, we launch WOWS or WOT from their client/launcher and it goes straight to the game login screen.
  9. Sic_44

    Geforce NOW automatically chooses server

    That's a GeForce thing, WG probably can't help you with anything here. Best you can do is hit the settings (gear symbol) on your GeForce launcher and check or change which server you're logging into on there. Last night I used my normal GeForce server (US NE) but the game wasn't updated, I switched to US E and game is updated, have to jump around like that sometimes. I did have an issue in the past of after GeForce updated the client, it was stuck on WOW Asia instead of WOWS NA. All you can do there is put in feedback on the GeForce app, and post on the GeForce forums. Took Nvidia 3 days to fix it during this issue but at least it got fixed I guess lol
  10. Sic_44

    Thunderer/Georgia thoughts?

    Lot's of good info here but may want to consider a 3rd, Jean Bart. Have all three in my port and not unhappy with any one of them.
  11. Sic_44

    Directives/Missions Deleted?

    Only thing I got from this is learning people actually check their daily mission progress. At least you got the "How satisfied" poll after a win, I always seem to get it after the dumbest or most annoying loss.
  12. Sic_44

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    The kill total is impressive but.... 831k potential. Easy to farm and appear OP when no one targets you.
  13. Sic_44

    The Scharnhorst is horribly weak

    Now that you seem to have worked the boat issue out a bit, can we talk about the important part of this thread? The Escort was amazing... in the right trim. For real tho, wish more players were like this. Started completely negative then worked to make it better, can only go up from here.