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  1. MilonRouge

    The Key Battle: Even More Rewards!

    I really hope there's a way to get the new camos as permacamos; it makes the game more enjoyable with the creative looks. Usually they have them available (during past events), so i'm not sure why it's omitted this time. Fingers-crossed that they decide to release them
  2. MilonRouge

    From Russia With Love

    Eyyy, that was a fun match ^_^ Keep in mind that this sorta thing always happens when new stuff is released. People just wanna try out their new shippus and things normalize after a bit. Currently, you have a ton of peeps who just got Nevsky and/or Moskva, so you’ll see them everywhere until the ‘honeymoon period’ wears off. The same thing is gonna happen soontm when the KMS carriers drop, so be ready for that hellscape:upside_down_smiley: xoxo
  3. MilonRouge

    The Flint

    You can't currently, but it will be back for coal at some point in the future, so keep an eye out in the Armoury (it won't be before Autumn though) xoxo
  4. MilonRouge

    Feeling a little discouraged :(

    First off, congrats on raising your W/R; it takes time and patience (and a lot of practice), but you're on the right track :) As some others above me have pointed out, tech issues are behind a lot of the reason people don't move at the start. Some computers aren't able to load in before the battle starts, while other times the person gets disconnected and has to restart their game. I'd say that the majority of times people don't move immediately is due to stuff like that, rather than anything else (it happens to me more often than i'd like to admit). When it comes to people with MatchMaking Monitor, don't worry yourself over it. At the end of the day, it's a tool and people use it in different ways. Yes, some people can be toxic, but for most it's more like a supplement to the ship line-up screen. Even for those who do use it, interpreting what the numbers mean can be tricky and most that use it know that stats don't tell the whole story. Just keep having fun and try to keep in mind that the majority of people are nice and want to have a good time as well; try not to let a couple meanies spoil the fun. Also, keep in mind that it's Randoms, so people are gonna do things that might not make sense because they're tunnel-visioning, have playstyle differences, etc, so most of the time getting solid teamwork can be tricky and that doesn't really reflect on any one person xoxo
  5. I just want to get the Soviet permacamos for all the ships. I don't care about grinding; i'll do that, but if the camos are only available through loot box tokens, that's gonna suck (especially with the garbage they're pulling with the Moskva permacamo) xoxo
  6. MilonRouge

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Super excited for these! Also, Riga is one of my fav cities haha Still holding out for a Kirov skin modelled off the Red Alert airship
  7. Just git gud and never have to worry about waiting
  8. MilonRouge

    Wows is not for the younger generation THEY DONT CARE!?

    Not going to argue anything, but there's a lot wrong with the assumption that the 'younger generation doesn't care.' If you want to stereotype, be my guest, but don't get upset if people ever do the same to you. Not that it's gonna change any minds, but here's some actual evidence for the 'younger generation' caring: I run a WoWs community of over 200 people and it has an age range spanning 13-60's, with the majority being under 30
  9. MilonRouge

    New / Old T9 Premiums - For WG employees

    Props to you for clarifying and giving us some insight into what's going on ^_^ xoxo
  10. MilonRouge

    Premium Ship Review: Duca degli Abruzzi

    Oddly enough, i actually really like the Duca degli Abruzzi. I'm still getting used to it, but it really does feel like a Tier VII Duca d'Aosta (which, for me, is a good thing). The mobility is great and allows for trolling of people's aim and i personally have a lot better luck with the derps torps than regular torps. On the minus side, i'd agree the AP is nothing special; i was kinda hoping for the same AP/HE setup the d'Aosta had. The big kicker is, like Mouse said, the thing will eat damage from BB's like there's no tomorrow. I once even got dev striked before even seeing any ships :S. The upside is that, with the Repair Party, it negates this in a sense, as you can heal back soo much of the damage. I'd say, if you like the d'Aosta, the Abruzzi is a safe pick, but if not, then stay far away. I think that, like the aforementioned ship, this one won't appeal to many people because of its horrendously fragile playstyle. This is a ship that really needs a high-point captain to shine and a bit of time to get used to. All-in-all, i'd say the Duca degli Abruzzi is a solid second addition to the Spaghet cruisers
  11. Yassss ^_^ Many thanks, and an upvote, for you! Now they just need to add the rest of the Harekaze crew to the voice-overs :3 xoxo