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  1. FacePalming

    2 CV Battles need to go

    Just got out of a T10 battle with 2 T10 CVs in it. It was an absolute trash game, nobody wanted to do anything, the CVs just farmed damage all game, even under "AA Bubbles". This HAS to go.
  2. FacePalming

    Double CV Games

    If you are aware of your surroundings, you should be expecting the torps, and there is counter-play to it. If I get cross fired in my BB its either 1) I put myself in that position (my mistake) or 2) the other team played it well and I deserve it That's called teamwork, usually if that's happening, its your own fault, and there usually is counter-play to that too The problem with 2 CVs is that you are constantly maneuvering to avoid drops, and when 2 are focusing you, there is little time to actually do what I play this game to do...shoot other ships. If I wanted to just dodge stuff all night, I'd go play Donkey Kong or something...
  3. FacePalming

    Double CV Games

    When can we expect to have double CV games changed to just 1? I say this because I can go 5-6 games without a CV, then all of a sudden have a game with 2 of them in it, and the game with the 2 CVs is by far the worst game to play in in that entire set. Also, don't tell me they have been waiting too long to get a game because I have just had 5-6 games without one. This is not an anti-rework thread, I'm just frustrated when you have 2 CVS focusing a single ship taking all the fun away from that single ship for that game. We play this game to sail around and shoot things, to try and out play other players, but too many planes in the air completely ruins that fun. Please, for the good of the game, get rid of double CV games, one is enough.
  4. FacePalming

    What would you like to see in WOWS?

    I'd like to see a way of having 2 setups for ships, with the emergence of lots of competitive modes, it sucks having to choose either CW setup or random setup, or pay 1000 doubloons every time you need to switch.
  5. I don't know what you're talking about, I get 2-3 T9 games a night, out of 10-15...
  6. FacePalming

    Graphics update

    I did too. If I don't get it, I'm thinking of dropping my WOWS budget for the next 2 months into it
  7. FacePalming

    Can we quit having CV's ruin the game?

    Did you even read the complaint? I think it's valid. He's not saying "Remove/Nerf/Handicap" CVs, he's saying if they want to play, make them wait so we don't have the 5V5 matches.