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  1. Players just collecting points.

    If you have a replay, open a ticket and report it.
  2. Mostly plays cruisers, especially top-tier and is good in them Deals an average amount of damage Often finishes damaged enemies Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Hindenburg
  3. Forget MM, CVs, OP, RNG, AFK, etc.

    I find when my night is going like that, I get worse every game...bad decisions, frustration whatever. It take a lot of willpower to leave the 20% WR and quit...
  4. Varyag SCs

    This ^^
  5. Please Match Radars

    This game was completely stupid, and completely avoidable. I would rather see equal (+1/-1) number of radars on a team than even number of ships. This is a WAY bigger problem...
  6. A Love Letter For WG

    This is assuming your team actually goes C => B and doesn't get lost touring the islands
  7. I believe the CV rework is under NDA. The stuff Fem posted was not.
  8. PT 0.7.4 Notes thoughts

    But that is where a Des Moines is strongest. She does not survive well pushing in open waters. If there are targets in range, she is doing more to help the team shooting them from behind an island than pushing into open water
  9. Move Kutuzov to Tier7

    Kutuzov at T8 is OP
  10. Ouch.

  11. Spill it...your most played ships

    Destroyers Gearing: 422 Khabarovsk: 201 Clemson: 145 Cruisers Hindenburg: 1097 Belfast: 564 Moskva: 322 Battleships Großer Kurfürst: 644 Tirpitz: 193 Bismarck: 182 Carriers Lexington: 172 Saipan: 133 Ranger: 117
  12. Survial Rates

    Yes, it you just login with your WG account and everything is there
  13. Survial Rates

    Community Assist for WOWS has a survived wins % stat, you can probably get that and go from there https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.half.wowsca&hl=en