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  1. I've crashed 3 times today and that's very unusual.
  2. The flag you see is based on what flag each player sets on their ship, it doesn't matter if you own that particular ship. If one player uses the PRC flag on their Fushun - that's the flag you'll see. If another uses the generic flag, that's what you'll see displayed on their Fushun.
  3. Third! It is a step forward and a (helpful) visual but I don't believe it signifies any increase in XP rewarded.
  4. Next Round of Premiums

    I hope Monaghan doesn't come out next Wednesday, that would mean it's finalized. Like the idea of a USN torp boat (b-hull version) BUT the torps are too long reloading & too slow to compensate for loss of gun power in the current form we're seeing in CC vids.
  5. Prize for Prize code?

    Same here
  6. Cleveland First Impressions (Video)

    No more so than any other light cruiser. None of them can really take damage
  7. Ramming Mechanics

    The wiki is such a good resource for questions like this - http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Ramming
  8. This is excellent! It provides the most flexibility for those without 19 pt captains since the extra ECXP can be used things beyond a simple retrain.
  9. Tactical Tip Tuesday - Catapult Fighters

    AA bubbles can extend beyond the fighter's orbit range (3.24 km according to the wiki) - does the enemy have to be inside this range for the fighter to chase it or just inside the aa bubble (which can be greater than 3 KM depending)? Never read anything about ctrl-click impacting cat fighters but would love this to be true.
  10. Tactical Tip Tuesday - Catapult Fighters

    I'm surprised how effective a single fighter can (sometimes) be. In a recent game my fighter engaged a 4 plane enemy fighter squadron far from any supporting ships (over 7 KM away). I was sailing away quickly and my own AA was out of range within a few seconds. My fighter shot down the entire enemy squadron!
  11. 0.7.5 Public Test Feedback

    I would prefer to see the new "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign available below T8, maybe T6 and 7 or above. There are already two permanent campaigns available to only the high tiers.
  12. Casual Saturday - Low Tier Action

    T4 Shenyang - love that ship, often I feel like I'm in a motor torpedo boat
  13. Agree that F commands need some work - and I would hope that if communications were more relevant and useful they'd be considered less annoying. I can hope anyway :)
  14. so, are american cruisers coming in 7.5?

    What is confusing about this? They clearly state that... Update 0.7.5 will realign the tech tree of U.S. heavy cruisers, sending VI Cleveland to Tier VIII of the light cruiser line. Try out the new ships and find out more about the rules of replacement during the Public Test. The first round will involve the original tech tree of U.S. cruisers while the second round will see the heavy ships replaced and moved. The original / current tree doesn't have the Worchester so it's not part this first round. There's even a picture of the tech tree - no Worchester or other light CLs other than the new Cleveland at T8.
  15. Do you ever feel... Alone?

    I heard that's also true in random if you don't have premium camo (permanent or otherwise) or premium account time