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  1. No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    I'd rather have 10 DW torps as opposed to 4 standard ones. Plus, the DW ones are superior against everything except DDs
  2. Well are you tired of F key Spam?

    Disabling the chat is drastic and deprives your team (and yourself) of game coordination - communications is key to good team play. I mute chat spammers one by one and that works fine. It's a rare game when there are several people who need to be muted.
  3. Haida vs All T7 DDs

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who hasn't arrived at a good counter :) The consensus seems to be that Haida is a challenging general use DD - but the darn thing is a nightmare for other DDs. Now back to getting obliterated in my search for effective counters
  4. Haida vs All T7 DDs

    I've definitely been obliterated by Haida -- it sees me so much earlier than I can see it. Any tips for how to play against it in a USN DD or the Gadja?
  5. Haida vs All T7 DDs

    Really? I'm surprised to hear that, particularly since the HE shells used by Haida do more damage than those on the Gadja. Mysteries abound - Haida is significantly stealthier than Gadja, which I don't really understand the logic for since the Tribal class ships (Haida) are larger than the N-class (Gadja)
  6. Haida Shows a Unhealthy Trend in Game Design

    It's hard to get how Haida is significantly stealthier than say the Gajah Mada, it's smaller N-class relative. Haida is a larger DD, yet has basically a .5km spotting advantage over the GM. I'm not sure it's OP generally but it absolutely changes game play in and around caps. No other DD at T7 or below (and rare few at T8-9) really stand a chance against it because it's a stealth gun boat, unlike basically all other gunboats. I don't think that's good even if she's more limited than many other DDs.
  7. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Oh I've definitely read the Mouse's review (helpful as always) and watched 3 other CC vids. That's what's making me nervous :)
  8. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    I really want to like the Haida, but having played a lot of Gadjah Mada I'm afraid I'm going to be frustrated with Haida. I feel quite comfortable with the guns Gadjah/Haida have but I've gotten used to the Gadjah firing angles (pretty darn good) and having 10 torpedoes to ambush with or wreck ships rushing my smoke. 4 torps feels so limiting. Of-course I can't know for sure until I try it. Wish there was a way to rent ships to try before committing.
  9. Fighting Fridays - Enter HMCS Haida

    That seems extremely unlikely given that Haida is already being featured on the website, and is finalized. There's zero indication that's the case for the T8 Cossack.
  10. Destroyers above t7 are unplayable

    He's certainly not the only one. Plenty of people have noticed the significant increase in radar lately and the challenges that causes. I'm an average player with a 51% winrate overall - would be higher but is dragged down by my very poor CA play - but I'm definitely having issues when the enemy has 5+ radar ships, which is common right now. I'm playing T7 DDs now and patience is something I'm definitely struggling with - the 1/2 speed idea is interesting, need to give this a try! Appreciate the helpful tips and not a "get gud" reply :)
  11. Dev Blog-ST Pan Asia DDs

    This hardly seems necessary given the upcoming release of a while new line of light cruisers (the DD's natural enemy), most with radar. DDs play is getting more challenging as more cruisers are introduced. Even in T7 MM radar is getting more common, and I rarely get games without a minimum of 2 radar ships At the very least, they should wait until all the new light USN CLs are out and then evaluate things.
  12. USS Monaghan - Good bote

    Really want to get this bote but I dislike that the only way to get it is through a random chance in a special container. That's pretty challenging for some players given the missions are T6+ and the halsey campaign is T8+. The only T6+ ships I have are DDs and playing those now is beyond rough with all the cruisers - a DDs natural enemy - right now :(
  13. Radar has ruined dd play

    Agree, the "git gud" responses are irritating. Everyone talks about balance, but it's a fact that the game is unbalanced right now and the "git good" responses are forgetting that. Cruisers are the counter to DDs so tons of cruisers means few DDs. And yes, there are some players who have gotten really good (and great for them) but those who imply that all non-unicum players are potatoes are wrong. Games are played because they are fun and it's not fun to play DDs for a lot of decent players now until things are more balanced. And things will improve, but then the rest of the light CLs will hit and it'll get worse again.
  14. Omaha B or C Hull for Random?

    B hull - carrier planes aren't generally a huge issue at T5 and the extra guns are more worth it I've found
  15. Notser: HMCS Haida is a Dud

    A lot of people are going to compare this (and the Cossack) to the Gadjah Mada, also a T7. Been playing that ship a lot and love it. It has very good concealment, a powerful torpedo system, and great gun angles. I'm trying to think about how Haida will compete with the Gadjah when only it's concealment is better. @LittleWhiteMouse I know you have a lot of interest in this ship, am curious why the 360 turret rotation isn't higher on your list. If this ship isn't likely to get more fish - are there any other T7 DD with only 4? - it seems like Haida is intended to firmly be on the gunboat side of the torpboat-gunboat spectrum and the current usability of the guns feels like a very significant playability issue.