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  1. coletrain_commander

    Good ships that you can't get to work!

    Very true on game mode. I used the Cleveland in operations and it was great for that. Yeah, I know that feeling. I think I didn't really understand how to play the ship and always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  2. coletrain_commander

    Good ships that you can't get to work!

    I could never get the old T6 Cleveland to work for me at all. Had such a poor time that I stopped moving the CA tiers and switched to DDs!
  3. coletrain_commander

    PVP player's time is not worth as much to WG as PVE player's time

    Saying that PvP should be better or more valuable than PvE misses the point. This is a game, PvE is one way to play the game, and it shouldn't matter how people play for rewards that are based on people simply playing
  4. coletrain_commander

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Of the CCs posting vids that's true but Zoup in his just-released vid said what I've been reading - the CCs are indeed split (and he views that as a good thing).
  5. coletrain_commander

    Wolf9 Now Hiring

    I'd join but am already part of the extended family :) It's true, WOLF clans are great for those of us who don't have the time or inclination to meet tons of requirements from other clans
  6. coletrain_commander

    Can you buy doubloons on the PT server?

    Why would you want to? Stuff on the PT server resets for each new version they are testing. Plus they give you all the resources you could reasonably need
  7. coletrain_commander

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    The CCs appear more split on Alaska then I've seen them be on any other ship in a while
  8. coletrain_commander

    Tips On Coming Back After A Month-Long Vacation?

    Glad I'm not the only one suffering after being away from the game for a while. Definitely playing like crap at the moment :)
  9. coletrain_commander

    Download WGC, I would if I could.

    That's unfortunate. When I hear they've improved their game infrastructure I'd hope that would include ensuring the new client wasn't a resource hog
  10. coletrain_commander

    CV Rework Feedback

    Looking forward to seeing more details. One initial oddity from the information provided today is the new CVs will have unlimited aircraft. That doesn't make sense to me. Even though being reckless impacts your next attack run (according to the dev blog) unlimited planes feel too powerful. Basically, a CV can just keep coming at you with impunity since losses don't matter longer term and that's not the case for any other ship type. Perhaps having planes heal up on the CV after a period of time so at least if you get all of your plans shot down there is an impact of your effectiveness for a time.
  11. coletrain_commander

    T-61 Engine damage?

    I've seldom seen ships with Smoke Screen Expert and personally would never rate it higher than Concealment Expert for one of the first 4 skills (10 points) you pick up
  12. coletrain_commander

    No Haida in the Premium Shop...I'm Pxxxed Off

    I'd rather have 10 DW torps as opposed to 4 standard ones. Plus, the DW ones are superior against everything except DDs
  13. coletrain_commander

    Well are you tired of F key Spam?

    Disabling the chat is drastic and deprives your team (and yourself) of game coordination - communications is key to good team play. I mute chat spammers one by one and that works fine. It's a rare game when there are several people who need to be muted.
  14. coletrain_commander

    Haida vs All T7 DDs

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who hasn't arrived at a good counter :) The consensus seems to be that Haida is a challenging general use DD - but the darn thing is a nightmare for other DDs. Now back to getting obliterated in my search for effective counters
  15. coletrain_commander

    Haida vs All T7 DDs

    I've definitely been obliterated by Haida -- it sees me so much earlier than I can see it. Any tips for how to play against it in a USN DD or the Gadja?