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    Submarines are Coming

    I am VERY excited about Submarines coming! And I realize many of you don't love the idea and threaten to leave but before you do here are somethings you should consider. Not everything in WOWS is actually accurate.(gasp!) Like the Yamato and Montana fighting side by side, be able to decorate your ship to look like an American flag (which I do love ability to do that) or even the fact that ships went one on one which some did but some ships just did island bombardments or just protected their carrier with AA. But I am not saying I do not like Historical accuracies I'm just saying you can't always get everything detail you want. Like I think the US ship should be unstoppable but that's not fair and no one would want to play against them but I'm drifting from my point I can't wait to play either a random battle and be Submarine FREE or play a mode with Submarines. I challenge you to try submarines without a bias view and then critique them keeping in mind it is just a game. And if you not good then enjoy sending submarine player to port, what better way to say no to subs then destroying them in the game. P.S. CV's may have power but it feel great to get one sent to the port. I'm sure doing the same to a sub will be just as rewarding. A player not genuinely concerned about new game features.