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  1. Doc_Veritas

    The Great Turkey Shoot of 2020

    I'd like to be a TURKEY too -- happy to serve! IGN: Doc_Veritas (NA)
  2. Having trouble opening the DOCKYARD as well -- running the Game Center on my MAC. Thanks for sharing any info.
  3. Doc_Veritas

    Update 0.8.11 - Bugs Report

    Armory is now not opening properly for me (was working first day of update). Just see the SANAT face screen with no links and no buttons, etc. Sorry I have no test report to attach (running on my MAC). thanks, pdb
  4. Considering the hundreds of dollars I've invested in WoWs every year (for multiple years) as a MacBookPro user, you would think I could still play the game. Nope. Not this week. VERY SAD HERE. We need a better solution. Please keep trying. Thanks.
  5. For a month or so my MacBook Pro would play WOWS for an hour or two, then FREEZE and quit -- not to be restarted. I did a fresh install on Sunday, then the pattern repeated. Last night I updated to CATALINA, and today tried a fresh install of Game Center but is is not opening -- says it is incompatible. UPDATE: When I first try to open the WGC, it says "update available" and loads/installs that. (it says it is 3.1.13 <<<). Then trying to start the WGC, I get the Catalina euro message. So it seems I "have" the update, but still will not run. HELP.
  6. Hey DARK, I see you're in the upstate area -- would love to connect if you're ever in the "exit #9" area....  


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    2. Darksaint1071


      OK, Discord it is... my user is Darksaint1071 (CMDSC)… looking forward to hearing from you.

    3. Doc_Veritas


      Hmm, Couldnt find you in Discord - four digit numbers missing. I'm T PreacherDaveB#0315


    4. Darksaint1071


      Thanx... I've been looking for you as well... with the same results.

      My discord is:  Darksaint1071 (CMDSC)#0375

      It was good to see you in Clan Battles last night, I enjoyed playing against you guys... Please accept my heart felt apologies for sinking you... :Smile_honoring:

  7. Mac users need these software issues to be fixed. Thanks for promoting the cause.
  8. My solution -- did a complete uninstall and reinstall. Running fine on my MacBookPro using Mojave. Whew. Good luck fellow Mac users.
  9. On your MAC, using Mojave?? Looks like the next step for me to try too....
  10. And I *did* purchase a year of premium.... and have XP ready to buy the Alaska.... Holding out hope... Maybe @Femennenly or some angel will come to our assistance!
  11. Hey guys, Been running WOWS on my newest MAC, the newest update installed fine, but on launching the game it encounters an error and shuts down. Seems to be with the interface of the launching software and the game itself.any help?? would like to avoid uninstall and complete reinstall (and not sure if that would help).
  12. Doc_Veritas

    Well, well, well! The Alaska is real!

    Anyone know the DATE of the likely release?
  13. Doc_Veritas

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Question -- how can i tell which version I have on my Mac? thanks
  14. I'm ready to serve as a Turkey -- I'm ready to play an entertaining role for the fun of others, and see it as a great way to give back to a game i thoroughly enjoy. Pick me!