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  1. You can't, you admitted that when you whined about the undetectable torp dds.
  2. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    Leone announcement

  3. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    I'm picturing a "weekend reset" type of thing here. No way they'd risk giving away too much value.
  4. As noted above, if you can't aim, you can't hit things with it. Dispersion helps poor aim by offering a modicum of RNG to that poor aim.
  5. And today in "I can't figure out how to use the WASD keys, so I'm going to complain about DDs....."
  6. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    So how do we feel about the supposed news of Deadeye being "reworked" and "possibly a completely new skill"? Any guesses if they'll give us another free respec just for one skill?
  7. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    cv haters and bullies

    Bro, you don't even have a basic understanding of how they work, let alone how to balance them. Imagine actually PLAYING something before trying to understand it? Seriously? You a WG dev now? Because you're using the same asinine "logic" that they are.
  8. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    cv haters and bullies

    Your entire post could have stopped there. You've done absolutely nothing to counter the multitude of arguments made by significantly more experienced players. In fact, you're arguing exclusively on emotion since you don't have a clue how they work. I mean, you've not even PLAYED them, so how do you even remotely understand them? Nobody with any knowledge of game mechanics can say these are balanced. They are broken in many ways, and your white-knighting them won't change that fact.
  9. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    No, more than anything they're looking to squeeze their playerbase. That's what the rework was about, that's what the early access "grinds" for tokens are about, etc etc. They want you to empty your in game and IRL wallets to get the latest and greatest.
  10. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    Dante, a perfectly balanced BB.

    Because it's the only way WG knows how to balance things in their current state.
  11. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    Just got the YOLO from RB. AA?

    This is how I know not to trust anything you post. If you think Z52 has strong AA.....
  12. It's a reskinned Gallant. Smoke, speed boost, DCP. Edit: Also hydro I believe? I haven't played Gallant in forever because it's just anemic at it's tier.
  13. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Describing WG's balancing department as "kind of sad" is being kind. They balance based on devs which have no understanding of game mechanics and let the players provide "spreadsheet data" to go off of instead of actually playtesting. Imagine that.... And I think you're correct in that you'll see less effect in coop than randoms as the bots don't play to their captain skill builds, so....yeah. Maybe we should all just become coop mains until they fix this disaster?
  14. Dr_Drunk_AKA

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    The same holds true for Grease the Gears. Changing to a percentage based buff instead of a flat numerical buff hurts the "have nots" much more than the "already haves."
  15. This is your current playerbase. There are multitudes of utterly awful, and I mean awful players running around at high tiers. It's terribly sad what the game has become, but get used to it. Asking someone to play with intelligence results in "yOu CaN't Be MeAn To ThE pLaYeRs LiKe ThAt! We'Re HaViNg FuN!" so you'll never be able to change it.